Reviews for A Wolf Amongst Lions
benjjiiiii chapter 24 . 8/31
Im fancasting Lady Genna as Jennifer Saunders (fairy godmother from shrek) lmao
crazedmadman05 chapter 77 . 8/17
Cant believe i am actually shipping Jaime and Arya right now…
Guest chapter 108 . 8/12
Wow what a terrible ending. You ruined your own story
Guest chapter 36 . 8/12
This is so fucking stupid I hope you never write again
Guest chapter 35 . 8/12
Absolutely stupid direction to take this
heavenssadi chapter 107 . 8/5
I love this story. From beginning to end 10/10.
JoinMyInsanity chapter 55 . 7/29
Arya: *is severely injured*
Tywin: *cares*
Tywin: oh no. An emotion. Repulsive.
Tywin: *cares resentfully*
JoinMyInsanity chapter 54 . 7/29
Can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone being this sour about being deeply traumatized. Like, this horrific mental and physical trauma is a Major inconvenience to Arya. It’s getting in the way of all her plans.
JoinMyInsanity chapter 19 . 7/27
Jaime: tell me, did your family have any deep dark secrets?
Arya: no. We loved each other very much. We were happy.
Jaime: the audacity! How DARE you be well adjusted!
theDancer chapter 108 . 4/21
this story was amazing. thank you for writing it
julia2332 chapter 108 . 4/18
Thank you for the story! I loved the way the characters evolved and enjoyed each chapter!
iloverogan07 chapter 108 . 3/17
Dude….you made me cry. I love the way you told your tale, and I read it at first because Arya was my favorite…by the end I was crying over Tywin…I’ve never cried about a fan fiction before, but I did tonight
mattias.thunberg chapter 108 . 3/16
This was phenomenal!
thatonecomfychair chapter 108 . 2/27
A true masterpiece. It was my honour to read it.
PoisonKing The HedgeHog chapter 108 . 2/25
Well done. Genuinely, this was well-written from start to finsh. I enjoyed every second of reading this. I tip my hat to you sir.
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