Reviews for Naruto the Reluctant Hero
insanemaelstorm chapter 46 . 2h
Nice chapter. Like how tora just decided to quit. Like how naruto fought bakugo. Wonder what he wants to talk about with his uncle. Looking forward to reading more
fairy tail dragon slayer chapter 46 . 4h
Okay, time to point out flaws.
In NARUTO'S EYES, as they are right now, they aren't WORTHY of being heroes.
They aren't fighting for the people that need them, or even to help others, they are doing it purely for themselves.

It doesn't matter how "Strong" they are, they aren't worthy to be called hero by Naruto's standards, and HIS OWN standards are what he is judging them by.
Naruto doesn't know, or care, about their life stories. Their life stories don't matter in his eyes, not when they are trying to become heroes who protect the lives of others.

All Might forced extremely intense training on Naruto, and Naruto had to deal with Endeavor threatening to kill him if he ever stepped out of line as a child. Naruto grew up with the knowledge, that ANY day could be his last day alive. He faced mental stress, physical stress, and he OVERCAME it, so Bakugo and Todoroki get no sympathy from Naruto.
He was given the knowledge that practically every member of his family was murdered by one person or another, and that the only real family he has, shares no blood with him.
Guest chapter 46 . 4h
Naruto passed out and accidentally kissed Momo didn't he lol
Guest chapter 45 . 9/21
Is somehow Naruto becomes Saitama I will be very pleased
61394 chapter 46 . 4h
Naruto is not wrong Todoroki currently is being spiteful but not by choosing to be a hero by only using his fire powers because they came from the CHILD ABUSER
He beat the crap out of five year old Shoto probably Fuyumi and Shotos two big brothers one of who fans keep saying is Dabi
Shoto does want to be a hero he just needs to figure out the way

As for Bakugou let me make it clear I do NOT hate Bakugou I think he's an interesting character and the result of his environment (and partially Mitsuki Bakugou)
Bakugou wanted to be a hero like All Might someone strong who would never give up and would always win then he got explosion and everyone praised the heck out of him for having such a strong quirk

I'm not badmouthing Explosion it is a powerful and versatile quirk but the way the Horikoshi is writing the story Bakugou never encountered a quirk that was equal or stronger absolutely none
in a world where people can
Erase other quirks
secrete acid
discharge lightning
Create massive amounts of ice and fire
destroy and rebuild something on the subatomic level
or turn into a DRAGON
Bakugou never encountered a quirk that was equal to his so all of that praise and natural talent went to his head
It's why he's envious of Izuku's spirit no matter what Bakugou did to Deku he always came back for more he kept fighting

So yes Todoroki and Bakugou do have what it takes to be a hero even the number one but they just have to find the path to it
R-king 93 chapter 46 . 4h
Great chapter
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 46 . 5h
Good job keep it up
Markus-Antonius chapter 46 . 5h
Nice one, but how did he divert the explosion?
uchihaNaruto247 chapter 46 . 6h
What happened with Momo tho?
Rio Skyron chapter 46 . 6h
I'm just imagining Stain listening to Naruto's speech to Bakugo.
hawkeyestratos1996 chapter 46 . 6h
what happens with momo!?
HeavenSpire12 chapter 46 . 6h
grimreaper40045 chapter 46 . 6h
the classic talk no jutsu
Naru99 chapter 46 . 7h
Owo que buen capĂ­tulo :3
Engineer4Ever chapter 46 . 7h
You know, I was waiting for that speech, I had a feeling Naruto would throw that at Bakugo. nice one.
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