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mrs. morgan 35 chapter 13 . 1/10
More please
cwild032200 chapter 13 . 1/8/2022
I absolutely love this story! I remember reading the original many years back, and I always find myself coming back to this story because of how good it is. Hope to see an update soon!
BlueEyedPisces chapter 13 . 5/29/2021
I'm so invested in Ren and Sirius! I love this story. I hope your finally year at uni is treating you well. Stay safe and I look forward to the next update. :)
SparksAdrift chapter 13 . 5/1/2021
Ahhhhhhhh! I knew it!

I just spent the last few days reading your series and I'm absolutely in love with it! You're an amazing writer and I really hope you know your worth.
Ren and Sirius are lovely, as well as the rest of your characters (or they way you portray them, I mean).
You're doing a wonderful job and I hope to see an update sometime soon!
Guest chapter 13 . 5/1/2021
So I've read this series over the last couple of days and I love it. Only bad thing I've gotta say is that the way Sirius talks about girls is disgusting. But I just assume you wrote like that so you could see him change over time with meeting Ren. And then in this story he's back to his old self with sleeping with so many people which is kinda sad because he's not really learned anything. Also it kinda seems like he just changed for Ren and now she's gone it doesn't matter no more. And I know you probably didn't mean it to come across this way but it's not a girls job to change a boy and make sure they aren't sleeping about. But I also guess he's just being like that because he knows no one can really be as good as Ren like she's it for him. Not sure if you've read the books but I always thought that Sirius was really childish. Like the time he wants to sneak and meet Harry and Harry is like no it's too dangerous so he just gets mad at Harry. His reaction was very child like. And I think it was Molly that said Harry isn't James. I do think he acts a lot like Harry is James and that Harry is more of a friend rather than a godson. And I think he's very childish/immature because he lost his friends at 21 when boys do tend to be immature then he was locked up for years so when he finally got out he was bound to still be quite immature. Because he's not really been in a place where he can grow up and learn lessons. And I do think he shows himself being childish in this fic like when he literally runs away from Ren on their first meeting. Most adults would just face it because they know it's not something that can be avoided and then Sirius just hides like some kid. I really hope he grows up while becoming a father. Tends to happen when you have kids. I swear Sirius still thinks he's a teen. And also the sleeping around thing again could be him catching up on the years he missed. But then if he wasn't in jail he should have still been with Ren?

Honestly though I've never got the whole Sirius playboy thing I see it in nearly ever fic he's in and I'm judt why do people make him like that? It's definitely not canon but everyone thinks that's how he was like and I don't know why? This is not me digging at your work ws I'm talking more general but it does get really boring when people write him like that. Like can no one be a bit more creative and do something else. Anway I just assume people write him like that because he was a bully at school and there was that bit where jk was like Sirius was too busy for romance but people just ran the other way with it. I also think because so many fics portray Sirius like that a lot of people see it so often they think it's cannon and go write him like that themselves so it's a ongoing cycle. But yeah would be interesting if someone wrote Sirius a little differently the playboy act is just boring and it makes most stories predictable. Also it just seems to be a thing to write most boy characters like that even though lots of boys aren't like that. No boy I've been friends with or dated have ever been like that.

Sorry for the long review
Bennie chapter 6 . 4/21/2021
Me again just thought back to this chapter and does Tonks know that Ren and Remus used to have a thing? I think if I was her I'd want to know rather than find out from someone else and be like why didn't he say anything
Bennie chapter 13 . 4/21/2021
Ah a baby this is exciting. Me I'm hoping it's twins because this will probably be her only time she has a kid given her age. I do wonder though if there was eber some magic where it can be made easier for someone to get pregnant something like that. Exciting times but I sense some angst at first. Maybe Sirius freaking out or not being happy. Or mabye one of Sirius 'girlfriends' being really jealous and bitchy with ren because they want sirius and she's there with his baby. Hope it isn't long for the next update. Hope you're well.
EmHunz chapter 13 . 2/19/2021
I’m OBSESSED with this.
can chapter 13 . 2/15/2021
the plot just got real intense
CrackHeadBlonde chapter 13 . 2/6/2021
Omg no way! Wasn’t expecting that! Excited to see where this story goes! Update soon!
LozzaJ chapter 7 . 2/4/2021
sirius locking himself in a bathroom to avoid ren made me chuckle and you already know i cried
LozzaJ chapter 6 . 2/4/2021
I have always loved ren and remus friendship and their reunion made me cry! I LOVE the story so far, I'm so excited for the ren and sirius reunion! Ive got my tissues ready!
Love.Fiction.2023 chapter 13 . 2/3/2021
Great chapter
matildeub chapter 1 . 2/3/2021
Welcome Back ! with a bang...or more of a puff... Congrats on school...
PadfootCc chapter 13 . 2/3/2021
Oh my! Love this update. I can't wait to see how Sirius reacts to the news.
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