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mhihabak chapter 25 . 10/4
Do they honestly expect harry to teach them things other adults like Sirius can't? I mean no matter how much magic or personal combat experience harry has in their eyes he is still a 14 year old it's not like he is going to teach them how to make their magic reserves as large as his, he is going to teach them how to fight better which he doesn't have that much experience in doing you'd think an aurora like Sirius would be better at that than him
mhihabak chapter 23 . 10/3
I honestly can not believe how much I hate this mc, he acts in a way that is so wimpy, contradictory, small-minded, and just pathetic especially when he keeps on doing dumb stuff for dumb reasons and repeats the same lines about him not deserving happiness and he is planning to die with Voldemort or some sh*t like that like it's some mantra that he has to follow and I can't even blame him for it because his behavior would can be associated to his trauma which makes this whole thing all the more vexing, and i can't talk sh*t saying that harry is written wrong or something like that Without sounding like a dick because I know the author is trying to go for the damaged hero that can only be healed by the love of those he doesn't wanna risk loving but I can't for the love of everything that is a good read and entier paragraph of the mc monologing about how much he doesn't deserve love without twiching from how irritating it is no matter how good every other aspect of the story are which are in fact sublime in my opinion everything else about the story is just perfect it's only when it comes to harry and how people react to him that it gets irritating
mhihabak chapter 18 . 10/2
man it would have been fucking golden if the girls eavesdrop on harry and Malfoy when they were talking about them
mhihabak chapter 16 . 10/2
The guy literally ditched out more magical power than f*cking dumbledore so why the f*ck is lily insisting on having an aurora like bill who is infinitely weaker than he is as his bodyguard, it's frustrating reading this, it's like some cartoon where everyone completely ignores the outlandish thing the mc does and treat him like some kid who doesn't know better, and why does he even bother listening to the dumbas lecturing it's like everyone is dumbed down to having negative IQ just to make the mc look like the only only one with common sense not that he has much of it himself
mhihabak chapter 14 . 10/2
Bruh, I get harry is traumatized and scared to make relations but he is acting like a 13-year-old chunni edge lord, I mean really? "I can't lovestaying with me is dangerous" and "I am not a good person and I am evil" it really makes it hard to read this with a straight face, and him trying to push his friends away while saying stuff like"my enemy well go after you guys to get meI am fighting a war and can't afford to be distractedI am damaged and went through so many things in my life" it's like your asking them to try and find out more about you if you really want them to f*ck off then don't go to them yourself and feed there curiosity and stop interacting with them and why does he care about being low profile anymore at this point he might as well be the most famous person in magical Britain because of his fight with moody so him whining about some duel just makes him look like a man child
mhihabak chapter 12 . 10/2
why is he berating himself for not prioritizing catching moody over saving the students didn't he say that he will do anything to end Voldemort and that he won't let his emotions sway him in a way that would harm his end goal, this fic is so hard to enjoy no matter how good the other aspects of it are just because of how wimpy the mc is, I mean he keeps on pointing out how much worse he indurred with Voldemort and how much death he's seen and that his convection to stop Voldemort is strengthened because of it but a few minutes later he turns into an idealist that wants to save everyone just like Albus whom he doesn't like because those same ideals and start to guilt-trip himself into doing stupid things that go against his goals of stopping Voldemort and on a plus note, it's extremely hard and frustrating trying to understand what fleur is saying the way you try to make her sound like she is talking in a french accent is just painful to read
mhihabak chapter 9 . 10/1
This guy and his bleeding heart, it's really hard to imagine the mc having what it takes to beat voldy when he spends half his time self-hating and torn between the guilt and regret of losing his friends in his first life and getting back to them again and help them with their problems and spending the other half trying to help them any way
mhihabak chapter 7 . 10/1
so much for having muted emotions and a vastly mature mind, the guy turned into a blabbering mess the moment perenelle started asking him about girls
mhihabak chapter 6 . 10/1
so you are telling me harry can make runes that make a runemaster look stupid but he has to look for a teacher to show him how to shoot a spell properly bruh this just looks like a poor excuse to give harry a reason to interact with Sirius
mhihabak chapter 5 . 10/1
i got all happy thinking harry knows what's up and got a lot of magical knowledge from voldy but just a few chapters in he is looking for someone to teach how to fight what a buzz kill even Malfoy sure he wasn't the best but they both have the knowledge of when they were adults especially harry considering he got to fight moldy often in his mindscape I though the only reason he is struggling is that he has the knowledge and experience and that he just needs to learn to coordinate it with his body better because of how weak it is but now your telling me he is going out of his way to find a teacher wtf, and didn't he say that he doesn't act on his emotions when they don't push forward his goals, playing hero to save the Slytherin girls sure looks like and act done purely out of emotion wether its his overbearing sense of justise or his selfguilt pushing him to do it, it doesn't make his actions any less emotional, i mean I get salazar wanted harry to reform slytherin but all this hero of justing bs and self rightuse fury coming out of harry is so cring and cliche
mhihabak chapter 3 . 10/1
really, there are dozens of death eaters all around him completely slaughtering the other wizards, people were basically dropping like flies, but what gets harry to lose it and completely ignore everything in anger is seeing a woman get stripped, look I get it but the whole scenario was the mc loses his shit when he sees rape or child abuse and just completely loses his sh*t over it and does something stupid is just so overused and stupid I mean people are literally dying all around him but that one girl is what gets his attention, and what really annoys me is how he keep on emphasizing that his mind is so traumatized that he can't make irritation desitions or act on emotional impulse if they contradict his goals when they clearly do, I mean he went there with a goal a clear mission he needs to follow but instead of doing what he goes to play hero
raibinzamuar chapter 26 . 9/13
Please updates, it's such a good story. I hope you got your muse back
Lansydyr chapter 26 . 9/5
Even after seeing you reference "I'm still Here" multiple times, it took me too long to realize that I hadn't read your story yet. I'm worried that it might be abandoned, just like the other one, but seeing you have updated another story very recently gives me hope that you might come back to it sometime.

I enjoy the darker tone of this story and think you've done a good job of capturing a damaged Harry. His (absolutely not a) friendship with Draco really helps the story move along, as well as the slow burn between Harry and the three girls.

I hope you get a chance and the motivation to write more of this story.
Ricee chapter 1 . 8/22
it says he died and came back, so this older Harry dosent have the horcrux, wonder how that's gonna work out
Marcefriasu chapter 26 . 8/20
I just re read this and omg I hope someday this will be updated
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