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Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 12 . 9/16
Poor Seb... I already have an idea of how this story might go for the next few chapters, based on what Seb and Kurt are like, but I’m very curious to see how you’ll write it. Can’t wait for more!
brighteyes421 chapter 12 . 9/16
I am so glad that the gang was able to come over to see Sebastian. I am sure he needed the visit to lift his spirits. I love how protective the dogs are of Sebastian. I am very curious as to what memories are haunting him. It sounds like he had a very demanding and perverted piano teacher. I hope that JW has a good time on holiday. Stay safe and have a good week.
brighteyes421 chapter 11 . 9/12
I am so glad that Sebastian is able to leave the hospital and is staying with Paus and Marc. I can only imagine the grime that was coming off him while he was in the shower. He is definitely having flashbacks about something that happened to him. And from what has been written it was as brutal as what happened to him at the night club. I hope that being at Marc and Paul's and Kurt being there he will be okay. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 11 . 9/12
Awww. I really do love Marc and Paul. I’m glad that Seb has people there for him. So it seems Seb’s memory of the events is slightly... uh, skewed? I wonder what that’s all about. I knew he was taking this way too easily last chapter and at the start of this one. Part of me is glad that he’s actually registering what happened; it’s really unhealthy to not acknowledge trauma. Can’t wait to read more!
brighteyes421 chapter 10 . 9/9
I am so glad that Sebastian is awake and does seem to have any lasting injuries, or broken bones. It is a good thing that Kurt was able to get some sleep. I hope that he doesn't wake up alone in the room, he will be worried about Bas. I love how that nurse thought Marc was his father. He is more of a father to him than his own father. It makes perfect sense to have the gang come over to see the boys once they are settled at Paul and Marc's. Now to start to explore the memories that are haunting Bas. I am sure they will be uncovered and talked about later.
laura.mahaffey chapter 9 . 9/6
Sniff ! I am so so sad.
brighteyes421 chapter 9 . 9/6
Great chapter. It is good news that Sebastian woke up and was able to talk to the nurse, even if it was in French. It would make sense that he would answer in French. I am sure that Marc will have guilt about not being out there when the attack happened. I am so glad that Paul was able to get to the hospital and get things moving with Sebastian. I just had an awful thought come to me. I wonder if Blaine was behind this attack on Sebastian. I know he was banned from the bar an all but he could have hired someone to attack Sebastian like that. I would not put it past him with the way he was acting the last time he was in the story. Looking forward to the next chapter.
LegendaryBritinKinlor chapter 9 . 9/6
Wow these last two chapters have been intense. Poor Sebastian and poor Kurt too. I had a mild concussion years ago when I was a kid and I remember how scary it was that I didn't know who I was for three days. I do hope Seb recovers soon and that Kurt doesn't suffer from guilt for too long. I'm guessing if they continue the shows at the bar that there will be increased security? Anyway I look forward to more as always.

Well done!
Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 9 . 9/6
This was just as hard to read as the last chapter :(. It was very well written, however, and I liked seeing the little flashbacky bits. I’m just hoping that Bas is emotionally okay after what happened. I kind of have an image in my head of what Kurt and Bas’s reactions could be, so I’m curious as to how this will play out, and how much of the story will be centred around this event. As always, loved reading, you guys never fail to disappoint.
brighteyes421 chapter 8 . 9/2
OH my I am so worried about Sebastian. It sounds like it uncovered a memory that had been buried to deep down that I am sur even sure if Sebastian is still aware that it is still there. I am so glad that Marc is going to take care of Sebastian. He is such a good friend to him and the closest thing to a dad for him. Looking forward to the next chapter. Oh very cool about the charity being a real one. I hope it is able to raise lots of money.
Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 8 . 9/2
Okay, was not expecting that... I hope Bas will be okay. It was so frustrating as a reader, to read, when it was taking so long for them to get to him! I was like ‘come on save him,’ and I just want someone to punch the offenders. Great chapter, regardless. I’m worried about Bas but I can’t wait to read more!
LegendaryBritinKinlor chapter 7 . 8/26
Lovely chapter. Very happy to see you introduce Elliot I always liked his friendship with Kurt in canon. Hoping we will see more of him! I think I have to go back and reread teaser #2 because I am totally drawing a blank at the moment lol. As always I look forward to more.

Well done!
brighteyes421 chapter 7 . 8/26
Oh I hope that JW is going to feel better. No worries about the chapter not posting until next Sunday. Looking forward to the exciting Have a good week.
Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 7 . 8/26
Loved this! Elliot and Dani are both so cute and perfect friends for Kurt and Bas. I am still kind of waiting for the ‘point’ to the story, the problem as such. But, I am loving reading this in the meantime, I’m just super curious as to what will go wrong.
brighteyes421 chapter 6 . 8/22
Awww, A sweet chapter. I am glad that you didn't write out the engagement part because we can all use our imaginations to picture it as we want. I like that Steph wants her dad to give her away. It is nice that they have been able to mend the rift between daughters and father. I love that Sebastian was the one to sing Bonnie to sleep and how you painted the picture of how and Kurt looked while with Bonnie. They will both be great dads. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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