Reviews for Death Battle: Dividing your Detirmination (Frisk vs Baldi)
Soda-fiedPsycho chapter 3 . 3/14/2019
A kid with a knife walks in.
Baldi is like "oh hi" then dies.
bitch what?

Baldi is a teacher.
Teachers protect their school.

Frisk would get bitch slapped as much as the number of fireworks launched around and on the Fourth of July.

And still, that's a regular knife.
A real knife is just a knife capable of killing.

A single slash though? Bitch what? Frisk's strength is that of a kid when in a physical battle. I expect Geno Frisk to get hit a few times or even completely destroyed by Baldi's Instant Teleportation Kill Hax.
Soda-fiedPsycho chapter 1 . 3/14/2019
Frisk's combat experience includes the likes of moving a soul to dodge shit.
That's not combat experience.

Fuck you take me for? A moron?

You wank determination, as well.
What's the point of being determined to win if you can't win?
Argument over. Frisk looses.

Weaponry? Frisk's weaponry consists of shit that a 12 in. ruler would seem better in comparison. The ONLY weapons Frisk has that are DECENT would be the EMPTY GUN and the Frying Pan. Even then, I'd use a 12. in ruler because of the amount of pain I can bring as well as the fact I can BREAK it and use it as a knife.

Also, Frisk's armors are not armors. They're fuckin' shit. Baldi's a capable adult - fuck you saying Frisk is more physically capable than him for?

Baldi is FAR superior to Frisk physically. He's a GROWN adult.

Also, Baldi's walking speed is superior to Frisk.
Frisk's dodging speed is higher, though.
Sea Tea would not make a difference in walking speed due to Baldi's maximum speed practically dashing at the speed of sound (a feat that Frisk has NOT compared to as Undertale lightning isn't nearly the speed of sound ) and thus only dodging speed is superior. Which isn't shit to Baldi due to him being a grown adult and Frisk being a child with what, a toy knife?

Fleeing won't help you. Fleeing requires the use of the soul, mah dude.
This isn't soul combat so fleeing is useless.

Frisk's item menu is the equivalent of "wasting time" and thus using Baldi's items are out of the question unless Frisk has the time.

Frisk's combat experience is also very limited. When facing about 8 different enemies at once with one capable of instant killing you while also semi-teleporting with a swing of a ruler, there's very little combat experience capable of telling you what better way to deal with them other than to explode them or shoot them.

Both cases Frisk cannot do. Simply put, that's some major BS you got going with mention of combat experience.

Both have VERY little and Baldi has the clear edge in experience due to dealing with kids such as Frisk thus he knows how to kill.
Frisk has only dealt with soul combat up to this point. That's not the same.

Frisk is definitely not as smart as Baldi and is still a kid.
A kid that was controlled by the player thus has no real intelligence feat.

You clearly wank the undertale reset.
While Baldi is NOT Sans, it doesn't matter either way.

Baldi killed Frisk once, thus won the battle.
It is a DEATH battle.
A death is a death.

Even then, Baldi's rules work differently than a reset. He chases you around and the only way to beat him is to escape.
Frisk will eventually escape sure, but frisk doesn't fight back.
Soda-fiedPsycho chapter 2 . 3/14/2019
This is no death battle.

I'm going to put it bluntly.
Baldi would win.

Why? Yes, you do have some very interesting points but Frisk is a PACIFIST.
Baldi is a TEACHER who LOVES MATH.
You get a problem wrong and you're fucked.

Basically I'm saying that Frisk will die and thus the match is finished.
A death battle is a fight to the death - Frisk died.
And Geno Frisk is really just the Player.
If it is pacifist Frisk, then Baldi wins.

You can't call something a DEATH BATTLE if it includes no DEATH.

Frisk is by no means capable of dealing with any of the enemies in the game of Baldi's Basics as they do not rely on a system of pacifism.
Frisk's normal methods will never work.

I'm sorry but I just had to see your other stories and now I know even more that you're just a moron.
I'm checking the Batter vs Danny Phantom and if the Batter doesn't win, I'll say you're hopeless in Death Battles.
The Winged Merchant chapter 1 . 8/17/2018
Well I do have something else on the backburner that's RWBY related, but I wanna finish Super Saiyan New God first. This was made for fun and as something I'll do every once in a while. I hope you understand.
Treefrogger chapter 3 . 8/14/2018
When are you going to continue the stories with the rwbyverse. SOMEONE may enjoy them.
FriziArmy chapter 2 . 8/10/2018
Intervesting. I love an idea of Frisk vs Baldi. Very Interesting how it played out. 10/10 from me.