Reviews for They said Beauty is a Gift
Grace Mcclurg chapter 1 . 6/3
I liked this fanfic. Here is my alternative version if Cappy did go out with Ratchet:
It was a typical day at Bigweld Industries and Cappy was halfway done with work until a hand fell on her shoulder.
"Hi Cappy," said the voice she least wanted to hear,"I just wondering if we can go out tonight and have some time for us."
Wishing for the best Cappy answered,"We can talk of this another time, Ratchet, I'm quite busy with my work."
Knowing Cappy, Ratchet offered,"Maybe we can to the cinema and watch the new horror film that came out. I wont mind if you get scared but I'm will allow you to hide in my shoulder if you do get scared."
Cappy said,"I'm not really sure if I-"
"Why not do you want to go? It'll be fun and we can spend quality time for us." Ratchet interrupted.
"I don't really want to get a bad reputation with dating you, Ratchet. It'll cause gossip and I don't really want to decline your offer."Cappy answered.
"I'll make sure there will be no rumours here. So, will you come out with me tonight?" Ratchet answered.
"I will go with you." Cappy reluctantly answered.
"Meet me at my house at 6pm. I'll see you tonight." Ratchet said.
That night:
Cappy was wearing a casual upgrade with her hair down. She locked her house and started walking towards Ratchet's house. When she got there, she knocked on the door.
Opening the door, Ratchet said,"Hey Cappy! You do look beautiful tonight!"
"I'm not that the way it's just a casual night with me and you."Cappy insisted.
They both walked towards Ratchet's car and got inside ready to go to the cinema.
At the cinema:
When they got to the cinema, Cappy said that she and Ratchet should get their tickets and some snacks between them. They both went to the cash register and bought their tickets, a large bucket of popcorn and some bags of sweets.
Watching the film:
During the middle of the film, there was a certain scene which Cappy was terrified in. She clutched on Ratchet's arm and burrowed her head in his chest.
Ratchet whispered,"I'll tell you when its ended.", then Cappy climbed over and surprisingly sat in Ratchet's lap.
Feeling shocked that Cappy did this, Ratchet soothed her and after a few minutes he whispered,"Hey Cappy! Its finished. You can sit in your seat now."
Not moving, Cappy sat in Ratchet's lap with Ratchet feeling flustered but also happy that Cappy's safe.
After the film:
When the last scene ended, the credits came on and Cappy and Ratchet started making their ways to the doors. Until something bad happened.
"OMG! I don't have my keys on me!" Cappy shouted.
"Are you sure you might have them in my car?"Ratchet suggested.
They both raced to his car and searched everywhere.
"I might have left them back at my house. Gods what am I gonna do?!"Cappy muttered.
"Don't worry Caps. You can stay at my place tonight. I'm sure I have a spare bed somewhere." Ratchet soothed Cappy.
At Ratchet's place:
"Hey Cappy, I'm not sure if I have a spare bed anywhere. I hope you wont mind if you might have to sleep in my bed with me." Ratchet said.
Although Cappy didn' to, she had no choice and answered,"I don't really mind much. Is it a big one?"
Ratchet said,"Yes, it is."
In Ratchet's bed:
Ratchet was settled on the right side of his bed watching Cappy sleep on the left said. Thoughts were racing through his head making him wonder if he doesn't feel lust anymore but care, happiness and love for her. He wanted to protect her from everything that will get in the way of hurting her and he swore he would be her protector.
He then saw Cappy stir and he then knew she was having a nightmare. Probably of the movie.
"Hey Cappy! Wake up!" Ratchet whisper-shouted.
He then saw Cappy's jade eyes open and she then started crying. Ratchet put her in his lap and started rocking him and her back and forth.
"Do you want to talk about it?" Ratchet said.
"I-I-I do-don-don't real-really wan-want to-to-to talk ab-about it." Cappy stuttered.
Ratchet continued to rock them back and forth until he felt Cappy relax in his arms.
He felt sympathy for her. Care for her. A need of protection over her.
He slid back down on the pillow with Cappy's head on his chest. He finally went to sleep.

I enjoyed writing this alternative version and I do hope viewers will like this too.
Cory chapter 1 . 2/25/2019
I always felt like Cappy probably looked the same before her upgrades. Same appearance just with no gray and white color palate like in the movie.
Bigweld chapter 1 . 2/17/2019
See a need, Fill a need!