Reviews for Healing Psyche
Fate's Eternal Tempest chapter 1 . 8/19/2018
I love crossover pairings, especially Norman/Jodie. (My ship name for them is Holmden or Nordie, though I prefer Holmden.) Are you going to leave this as a standalone or write more chapters? If you go for the latter, it would be nice to get maybe a flashback of Norman and Jodie’s first meeting/Norman finding out about Aiden, or perhaps something supernatural involving Norman (maybe he has some type of psychic gift?) The latter I suggest solely because I love supernatural or psychic phenomena, and it’d be nice for Jodie to have someone that actually personally understands the strange things she has dealt with since childhood (with Aiden’s abilities and Aiden being tethered to her); I feel like she would consider herself less of a freak because of it, even though she seems to have stopped thinking of herself like this at the end of the game, as Aiden isn’t tethered to her anymore and she misses him.