Reviews for Wizard and Demigod: Double Trouble
Tantei-Otaku-kun chapter 14 . 10/19
budhayes chapter 14 . 10/19
I would much rather see Harry/Rachel than Harry/Annabeth. Maybe people who can see through the mist are actually squibs...
MagmaLich chapter 14 . 10/19
Rachel could secretly go to ilvermorny and transfer.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/19
That was rather bad.
If you are going to have a ch shoet chapters then they will need to be very well written so as not to give a bad impression.
The longer the chapter is the more likely it is that people will be drawn in by the content and story and if it’s interesting enough it will compensate somewhat for the quality of the execution, or lack of.
Guest chapter 13 . 10/18
joliet536 chapter 13 . 10/15
you are an amazing writer and I love this fanfic so much please continue writing this and just writing in general because you are an amazing writer cheers mate
Guest chapter 6 . 10/13
It just sort of bugs me this is the book where nico shows up and so far bianca is here but nico hasent been mentioned once even though harry and nico where brought to camp like a day apart
MerlinGryffindor chapter 12 . 9/21
Please, I need this to be a Harry/Percy story. It's just perfect!
Guest chapter 12 . 9/19
Annabeth is just like Hermione and Ginny super bossy b*tches. Luna, Susan, Hannah, Daphne, Tracy, and Rachel.
LocaLoba chapter 12 . 9/18
I can't help feeling that something needs to be pointed out to those who are so against the Harry/Ginny combo and for the Harry/Hermione. The most common reason I have seen for this has been that, and I'm quoting here, "He's fallen in love with/marrying his mother." The problem with this is that Ginny may LOOK a lot like his mother (who he doesn't really remember), but the one most LIKE his mother is actually Hermione. Muggleborn (Lily and Hermione), "Smartest Witch of her generation" (Lily and Hermione) [Please note that Hermione and Ginny would be of the same generation], Hot tempered (Lily, Ginny AND Hermione). As for Ron and Hermione needing marriage counseling, think about what was said about the dynamic between James and Lily.

All this being said, I have read and enjoyed stories with Harry paired up with girls other than Ginny. Some of my favorites have been Harry paired off with Daphne Greengrass, Luna Lovegood, or Susan Bones. Yes, any story I wrote would probably either stick to Harry and Ginny or Harry and Luna, but as long as the story is well written and the justification is more than it can't be Ginny because he's marrying/in love with his mother, I can read and enjoy virtually any other pairing...except Harry/Voldemort...No, just no. :D
Guest chapter 2 . 9/15
Please do harry/Percy, I couldn’t stand harry/Annabeth.
k0327 chapter 11 . 9/13
I'd say more of a prophet than a seer but great chapter
Guest chapter 11 . 9/13
Good story who know you could have harry be the great grandson of Hecate through his mother
Fangtasia chapter 11 . 9/13
Trelawney had only two real prediction. One Harry and Voldemort before Harry's birth, although the label was only after Godrics Hollow's attack, the other on Voldemort's return, and Pettigrew's escape.
Dusk the Cybertronian Fox chapter 11 . 9/12
IDK how to answer that since she made two real prophecies, but she was a HUGE fraud the rest of the time.
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