Reviews for A Discordant Note
AquiFaltaImaginacion chapter 23 . 5/3
I would like to think Harry's views about women are only parte of his character and not what the author really thinks, because otherwise it would be a ridiculous way to see the world for this times. It ignores the fact that not all families are heterosexual, that not all people are cisgender, that not everyone is part or has the desire to form a family. It crushes individuality. And that is without talking about gender ideology, though I would like to say that even if gender and biology have their influence, in the end what really determine an individual are their experiences and choices.
bloodlesslaw chapter 28 . 5/3

I just finished your had story. Firstly, I realy like. Thanks for your effort.
Entry to the Warcraft. This case excidet. However, I hope, I will read 'crossover HPxLOTR' from you sometime.
ireallylikenoodl chapter 28 . 4/28
ehammer's content on thank you for making such great content and working so hard
Homarid chapter 28 . 4/18
Well here we are again. I am going through this entirely too fast, but that's a good thing because it means I like it. I wasn't quite as enthused about this story as the last. I am not sure if it's because I never quite picked on up the insane hype that was game of thrones or the story wasn't as appealing. Either way I did enjoy watching your characters absolutely wreck whatever went on in the canon books or tv show. Having Harry and Luna ascend to godhood was very satisfying, even though it took forever. Luna's character got a lot of work in this story and I stopped resenting that she was the only surviving wife by half way through. Luna is such a darling and she offsets Harry in a nice way. Thank you and your beta reader for the excellent story.
Hold777 chapter 11 . 4/13
lol, Edwyle is such a simp.
all forms of fluff chapter 28 . 3/27
First time through.

Not sure I liked this particular story. I'm not saying it was bad. In fact it was quite entertaining, but having never been interested in game of thrones it was all sort of just Bla for me. That being said I have seen enough youtube clips to get some of the references and I had the Wikia time line page open for most of the time reading so I wasn't completely lost. I will say that I'm not surprised that the style of your writing would pair well with the show that seemed to mainly be about exposition delivered during sex scenes. Honestly the only thing I disliked about this particular story was the sex scenes. Thankfully there weren't nearly as many as the previous story, then again this one was less then half as long so that might be the reason.

Things I did like.
I really liked the whole divine territory angle you went with. It was really the only way you could have nerfed this version of Harry to make the conflict more then simply summoning a wall of fiend fire and letting it eat the frozen hoard.

I liked that gaining the power to deal with this Territory had consequences. And I'm pretty sure that if you hadn't decided to continue the story the sightlessness would have been permanent. But not only did you get Harry his sight back for the next story you did it by using the rules you had already set down in the story previously.

I also like that you aren't simply rendering everything Harry has learned about Magic obsolete when he jumps ship to a new world. He is still a Potterverse Wizard, He is still a divine being, but thanks to the idea of Territory those aspects can be suppressed until he can figure out how to acclamte to the new world. As he is a student of magic I can't wait to see how he is going to be intergraded into the Warcraft universe.

Things is didn't like. Its not really a list so much as I think you might have missed an opportunity. You could have had Riddle's soul being thrown to the same world long ago an become the 7 as 1 god. I know that it couldn't have happened as his last vestige was destroyed when he tried to sever his link with Harry. But it could have been cool if idea to have the God Harry had to face in the new world was just an ascended Riddle. It would have likely tied you down to using Riddle as the driving force and probably made Fate a much larger part of your story.

Thanks again for sharing this story. It was fun to read. Now I'm off for the next part of the story.
Diobrando44 chapter 1 . 3/21
wtf is this entrance?
ElementalMaster16 chapter 28 . 3/14
This sequel is absolutely amazing, I really enjoyed it. The focus of the story had shifted in a fun, completely different direction, which made it all rather new and refreshing. I always love stories that dive deep into things like magic, lore and even political maneuvering.

The only thing in this story that I was not as enthused about was the long absence of Harry whilst he was doing his Allfather/Gandalf impression, though the consequences of it have since convinced me of its necessity.

Anyway, off to Azeroth I go. See you there.
guest chapter 28 . 3/13
I enjoyed the story for the most part. The only things that i disliked were:
Harry's sex life
It looks like a 12yo wet dream as in: godly attractiveness, big dick, makes girls almost orgasm by just touching them, can literally choose every girl there is in the world and they beg to be fucked by him. Can fuck everyone outside relationship, but if someone else in his relationship wants to, he gets mad.
This all makes me roll my eyes and want to quit the story but I keep going on because I hope it gets better (it does most of the time).

What I really liked was the rest of Harry’s character; the powerful being who didn’t take shit from anyone, didn’t 360 noscope every ‘bad’ person or fix every problem they had, and if they put aside their pride, Harry would learn them what they wanted. This original take makes it interesting.

Something else; Harry has some pretty controversial opinions about men and woman, voting rights, immigrants and stuff. As long is you had arguments of why it was it is ok (sounded logical to me but I doubt it’s like that in real life) but I can’t understand how Harry is on one side a Strong independent male character, and on the other side a simp when it’s about his wifes
Insaneauthor050701 chapter 16 . 3/8
that's pretty much exactly how Robert is lmao
Guest chapter 28 . 3/5
Guest chapter 25 . 3/5
Nice dos2 reference. Phenomenal game.
Zonnyied chapter 1 . 3/2
ok, I have to say, the story was fine, excellent storytelling, but the amount of misogyny I found, ruined much of this story.

Another thing that I did not like, was that you made Harry too powerful and sociopathic and therefore many chapters are boring because the story goes flat. This is because we already know that whatever weird or bad you put in, Harry is going to fix it easily. Besides, Harry was written so disinterested in some parts, that from my point of view, he doesn't seem like a protagonist :(

Anyway, I liked the idea of the story.
ryanwilbert622 chapter 23 . 2/21
I'm reading comments here with popcorn. This is amusing as heck.
Guest chapter 21 . 2/16
Im very surprised westeros isnt worshiping harry and luna cuz they ride on freaking clouds and break reality whenever they visit castles and im sure the commoners would see glimpses of luna or harry riding on them in between point A and point B
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