Reviews for Team 7's Secret Motto
groggarioth chapter 2 . 2/3
An entire brace of shuriken...

So two shuriken is an onslaught?

Did you mean barrage, or is this the third doing that Shadow Shuriken clone thing again so he doesn't damage the walls too much?
Lord Vaserious chapter 20 . 1/27
Fantastic chapter and even better detail
alsdjhfgljkwebgh chapter 8 . 1/26
Stop switching tenses. Why is this so hard for you people to do?
Lord Vaserious chapter 19 . 1/26
Utterly hilarious
mandorakat chapter 15 . 1/25
oh man... the karasu scene. just... so good man. so good.
Spinman413 chapter 20 . 1/16
Amazing story, but chapter feels a bit disconnected, unless that was intended with the POV swap?
KvAT chapter 19 . 1/15
Freaking masterpiece.

Would've even better if the last sentence was about how Gaara is STILL sleeping.
KvAT chapter 11 . 1/15
Zabuza was right, they fed the leaf genins something trippy
KvAT chapter 8 . 1/15
Apocalypse is coming
KvAT chapter 2 . 1/15
"They were perfect!" Indeed.
Alehhandro chapter 20 . 1/13
All of the nineteen chapters have been filled with fun, laughter and games and now that you finally get serious, i manga to stumble onto the last chappie of this bingeable story.

what a time! Amazing!

plz giv moar?
Greatazuredragon chapter 20 . 1/6
Nice chapter, good work.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/4
Just started, can't wait. Good job
DarkBan chapter 20 . 1/3
Okay, i'll admit it, this might just be one of the best ff of this series i have read, amazing work!
karen1025 chapter 20 . 1/2
So many many laughs. What an awesome story, can't wait for what comes next.
Cracky but full of plot, loved it
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