Reviews for Force Without Balance
Guest chapter 8 . 9/12
This is the absolute dumbest, most poorly written story I've ever read. I seriously can't even begin to talk about how many things are wrong with it. I tried, but I can't finish this.
The Harrinator chapter 1 . 9/14
This was a surprisingly interesting read. It was marketed on the first chapter as being super comically edgy but after the slow time chapter it got very... Introspective. There was a sort of melancholy going through it and I would like to pretend that the last chapter simply doesn't exist and it ended with Seth abruptly dying. A mostly effortless life filled with effortlessly gained power ended largely effortlessly. It's poetic. I quite like this story.
badboyelsanto chapter 2 . 9/6
If you are going to create stupid reasons as to him not using his powers, wtf is the need of creating this fic? I honestly don’t understand. It’s almost like you are a closet masochist and you want people to curse you while reading this
badboyelsanto chapter 2 . 9/6
This is high school DXD, you’re making this too deep and it’s giving me angst. Nobody gives a fuck about the shit going on behind. It is an anime where every fucking character is animated, you are comparing it too much to actual japan, dxd is nowhere near realistic, you doing this in hopes of “creating something new” has an opposite effect as it is . *sighs*
markie0445 chapter 19 . 8/22
damnnn niw I'm hyped going from hero to zero...
Seth is back and now with spite(Д)彡
markie0445 chapter 12 . 8/22
yeahh F the death threats.
why did they even read this in the first place knowing it'll be dark?
markie0445 chapter 11 . 8/22
gahahahahaaha what have I just read
Malchior chapter 2 . 8/21
Honestly, I can't stand to read thus anymore. Your MC comes off as a self-insert of an author who wants their MC to be edgy, and badass, and too-cool-for-this-world, and so strong he just doesn't have time to deal with all kf the petty bullshit... but doesn't know what any of that actually means. Instead, you liberally rely on shoving "Fuck" and "Shit" anywhere inside his inner thoughts or verbal speech, and hope that makes up the difference. Then toss in some "edgy hot take" commentary on Highschopl DxD and that's all you've got going for him. Like, I honestly expect your MC to say something like, "Fuck you motherfucker, I don't fucking give a ahit about your bullshit! Just fuck off, you fucking piece of shit!"

The swear comes off as forced and unnatural when you compare the internal monologue of the character describing the world, vs when he is having inner thoughts reacting to the world. Because this story is written from a first person perspective, the description of everything going on is *also* the MCs thoughts. So when he describes a location without using any fucks or shits, but then swaps over to giving a narrated thought on the location, but nurses fucks and shits, it feels very forced. Like a 12 year old that just learned what a swear word is and wants to use it because it's "naughty."

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you write in a scenario where the MC tells Sirzechs to fuck off, and then you describe him as having an aura thar conceals deep pools of unfathomable power that makes Sirzechs five pause. This then makes Rias and all of the other girls think he is so cool and powerful and badass and their panties just get instantly wet because as weaker females they are instantly subservient to the overpower male power he is radiating.

I hope my sarcasm was apparent in that last statement.

This story is nothing more than a self-insert wankfest of some weeb Otakus super OP OC that is totally the bestest and most powerfulest, and all of the girls will instantly fall in love with his mysterious, dangerous aura, and will be slaves to his mighty 12 inch bitch-breaker cock.
Inv0ke chapter 3 . 8/18
You need some help man. Not sure why you need fuck or shit ever other bloody sentence but it's annoying as hell to read.

The rape fantasies that you have had in all three of your chapters so far are pretty disgusting. Rias is 17 at the start of DxD and you wanted to rape her when your in your mid 20s...

I have no idea how so many people liked this at all.
teriontaylor1029 chapter 19 . 8/16
what the fuck u didn't do half the shit you said you would
Teemz007 chapter 12 . 8/3
This chapter is way toofuxking real. I'm tryna escape the real world and youre pulling me back. Not that I'm not appreciating the peak writing skills. I'm just conflicted
Teemz007 chapter 3 . 8/3
Why does he say "fucking" every fucking sentence?
Seimika chapter 1 . 7/18
So is this story dead?
Star-Vader Omega Glendios chapter 19 . 7/2
Cool story, awesome plot and insane MC but this chapter and the previous battle with Leo was quite admittedly, bad.
I see that you found yourself in a corner. Seth was too OP which is why you had him lose so badly by nerfing him and having him forget or lose many of his skillset.
Still, hopefully you would go back to this story (if you're still alive I hope) and either update or make a revamped version of it. Loved your Mr. Five story as well.
x6568tank chapter 19 . 6/29
man I was liking the fic up until now
but "not a rewrite, just a reskin"
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