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Dark Mage Chel chapter 1 . 6/19/2003
This offended me. Very much. Especially the line "WELL we dont want him! SO DEAL!" You are jumping to conclusions that all gays and lesbians reject God because they are different. That is not nesicarily true. I, for one, have become closer to God since discovering that I am a lesbian. So you really have no right to say something like that to represent homosexuals.

Now, I would like to comment on your "note to gay people." You honestly cannot stop being gay. It is the way you are, you can't help it or stop it. Do you think that if I could have "changed" and become straight I wouldn't have jumped at the chance? Puh-lease. Get a clue.

VampireZombieGirl chapter 1 . 6/19/2003
You are a sick, sick person, and I hope, for your sake, this is a joke - though it would be an incredibly bad one if it was.

And just because you said something does not make it "how it is".

And Matin Luther never "screwed it up", he simply saw things he believed were wrong and set out to have them corrected by posting the 95 Theses. When the Church acted against him for doing so, he seperated. However, this was not even the first split and, no, not all Christians were originally Catholic, they were originally Christian. The first split was into the Roman Catholic Christian Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, called the Schism.

And, if you think in your single-minded Bible-beating way, God has a plan for everyone, and, therefore, made people homo- or bisexual for a reason, and therefore does NOT want them to change.

I have one question for you:

Are you MAD?

Your way of expressing your views - which I COULD have lived with, except for your ways of expressing them - is ridiculously thoughtless and horribly written. You try to push your views on everyone and insist that, no matter what, you are right. Do you know what this would make you? I am about to do something Henry Drummond did in Inherit the Wind - a book you should read, O Close-Minded One. If you are always undeniable right, this makes you God, which makes you a blashphemer. You are a hypocrite. You are an idiot, on top of that. And you are the scum of religios radicals. But, of course, those last two things are only my opinions, though I couldn't see how anyone but other disgusting religios radicals could stand to agree with someone like you.

Use your mind, you fool!
spunkiegirl chapter 1 . 6/19/2003
::points at Lilac:: Thank you. People, we aren't all like this. No one is going to convert because of things like this. I respect you for having the courage to post this, but please try being a little more sympathetic/compassionate. This kind of writing will only make people further convinced that we are all intolerant and therefore less likely to convert, assuming that's your goal.

Not all gay people reject God. I'm sure there are plenty of gay Christians, and gay Buddhists, and gay Wiccans, and gay every other religion, because being gay has nothing to do with religion, OK? Maybe some gay Christians are afraid to admit they're gay because they're afraid of intolerant attitudes like this poem expresses and are afraid of how their fellow Christians, people who are supposed to be loving, might think if them and treat them.

To butterflygal, I think it's gay sex, not gay feelings, that are wrong. You can't control your feelings, but you can control whether or not you have sex, gay or not (I'm not including rape here, that's a whole different thing).

Again, these are just my opinions as a fellow (Catholic) Christian, feel free to talk if you want,

Christ preached love, let's stop preaching hate.
David Macintyre chapter 1 . 6/7/2003
If I didn't know better I'd say you were homophobic.

Oh wait.

You're an idiot. Whoever wrote the book of Leviticus was also an idiot; you have to realise that the Bible was not written directly by the hands of God, it was written by a bunch of sexist, homophobic white men. They changed what was actually said or what actually happened to suit what they thought was right because, let's face it, if you had the power to bend the behaviour of virtually every worshipping Christian in the world to suit how you wanted them to act, you'd take it. That much is obvious from your apparent lack of respect for people's sexual preferences.

"Pleasure before God"? Are you serious? Oh wait. Have you ever actually MET a homosexual, or do you live in some kind of redneck town where being gay will get you arrested? I know plenty of homosexuals and their morals are plenty high, probably exceeding mine in some cases, yet you seem to think they're all the kind of uninhibited whores you fucking Catholics make them out to be. That's not religion, that's fucking prejudice, and it's no better than racism. Do you hate blacks? It wouldn't surprise me.

Fun fact, no relation to the topic: Jesus is only portrayed as white because he was painted by Jew-hating Romans. You cannot honestly tell me that you believe a Middle-Eastern Jew was caucasian.

Okay, where was I? I remember; you're a fucking moron. Go make some gay friends and see if you still view them the same way.
Deana Bell chapter 1 . 5/10/2003
Hey...okay, so I am Christian, and I don't want to "flame" you, but I need to offer some advice here...

1st off, Martain Luther did not screw everything up. This could be very offensive to protestants (it offended me) and makes people want to disregard your message before you even read it. Look up what exactly Luther did and see if you still want to say he screwed things up.

Second off, I know you had good intentions, and it could be turned into something very meaninful. You just need to write it in a way that will appeal to people, so that even if they don't like your message they can respect your work.

I'm going to stop now. The end.
Sierra Nichole chapter 1 . 4/29/2003
Well, you're definitely right on.

However, I think you stated it poorly. I don't think anyone actually took you seriously, next time you should consider proof-reading and trying to put it in a more eloquent way.

ArchArtistWriter chapter 1 . 4/24/2003
Despite people using the word sexuality a lot, they make homosexuality and hetrosexuality seem like such different thing when they're not, they're just means of expressing sexuality. Ta-daah!

At least with the medieval church, they said that ALL sex was a sin. And at least the Old Testament only says no to bisexual acts... Whoops! Me and my big mouth!
Glowsy chapter 1 . 4/20/2003
Um...OK then.
Imaginary Freind chapter 1 . 4/20/2003
How it is huh? Don't make me laugh.

Why don't you hurry back to preschool. You disgust me, never in my entire existence have I felt such all-consuming contempt for somebody.

You can't spell. If someone says "Grammar" you say "What is that?"

My brain-damaged seven year old cousin makes more sense than you. *Grabs up staff, pointy hat and grey cloak* GO BACK TO THE HOLE FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!

I laugh in your general direction
Puzzledhermit chapter 1 . 4/19/2003
Not sure if you knew this but many gay people belive in and love god just as many straight people do not thats not always the issue
Dory15 chapter 1 . 4/18/2003
what the hell is this? sorry i am cathloic but not a very good one seeing as i practice another religion also i dont agree with some of the thigs they teach, too. but god where did you get this from? so people are gay or bi that's their chose not yours. and also it's their life not yours so they dont have to change because you THINK that it's wrong and that is how it is. truth is that no one really knows how it is. come on this is crap. and sorry for any one who doesnt agree with me, i respect your opinion on the matter but that doesnt mean that i agree. you need to accept people for who they are and stop trying to change them. seriously if all you have to do all day is go around telling people how to live their lives the way you say is right then you really need to start looking for a life because it must have ran off or something. power to free chose and to the people! ( please change the title or something to maybe how you think it is because you dont know. oh and you will be happy to know that i did think first before writing this) any one want to argue or say that i am the devil himself then feel free to e-mail me at .
The End of Infinity chapter 1 . 4/18/2003
For some odd reason, you remind me of my friend who likes to try and cram Christianity down my throat. It's either your religion, or you're some anti-christ heathen.

Judging by your pathetic attempt at poetry, numerous spelling errors, and one-sided, close-minded view on the topic.. I'd say the ONLY reason you posted this was to provoke the wrath of viewers or to try and make your view understood.

#1: Just because you want homosexuals to change, doesn't mean they'll suddenly stop in knowing god still loves them. And, you contradicted yourself. If god wills always love them, then why change?

#2: PLEASURE BEFORE GOD - Now this is just ignorant. I won't even bother to comment on it.

#3: AND IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY THINK FIRST BECUSE THIS IS HOW IT IS. Yet another dense, overly opinionated remark. Did you WANT to be roasted alive by flames? It seems that way. And just because your really hope something to be true, and if you keep telling yourself what you believe IS RIGHT (And above all other religions/thought/opinions etc) then you will certainly live a sad, lonely life. You might as well drive away potential friends with your extremist views.

I suggest you open yours eyes and learn to accept what you don't understand, as you obviously don't know very much about the world yet.
dirgesinthedark chapter 1 . 4/16/2003

Your ignorance astounds me.

"No we can't!


This makes absolutely no sense.

"Part Dos:"


Not even gonna discuss the bad spelling and horrible grammar, but you are an idiot.


Obviously (did you learn THAT word in preschool yet?) my response is more well-written and thought-out than this...piece of herbivore waste.

Oh yes, but you MUST be right, "becuse" you said so. This has no point or convincing lines. I REFUSE to consider this a story, or even acknowledge this as composed in the same language as the works of greater and wiser people, because doing so would shame everyone from the great literary masters, to the first scribes, to the most untalented struggling writer.

Email me if you have anything to say that's more intelligent than this.
Amy73 chapter 1 . 4/15/2003
If God loves the gays and will always love them then why do they have to change? And as you say pleasure before God? well some gays don't do like pleasure or w/e u wanna call it some of them just accept who they are and get on w/ thier lives but don't act on it. yea i kno hard concept to believe but it is true and plus what right is it of yours what people do in thier private life? i didn't understand any of this and i really don't think i agree w/ u on what i did understand. and also another note God forgives us all no matter how big or little our sins are and no matter how many time we do it. No is perfect so before critizing others maybe you should take a look at your own faults.
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