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Captain Imaginat chapter 9 . 9/9
RedXPete I'm really glad that you didn't do the pity party with Roswaal and try portraying him as sympathetic nor capable of reforming.
Captain Imaginat chapter 9 . 9/9
RedoXPete you really took a-lot my shoulders by eradicating Roswaal's existence and reign for good I'm really grateful for that as it's a huge relief for me. Also Theo saying that Subaru will lead Emilia into a better future and Roswaal won't means the you see eye to eye with me and know that Emilia doesn't need but a much better kinder and more trustworthy and reliable person. Not to mention you doing the morally right thing by executing Roswaal as letting Roswaal live and be off the hook from his crimes isn't. I'm also really glad and thankful that you don't see being careful with Roswaal as the right choice and that you rightfully chose to get rid of him.

Also I'm really glad that you don't have pity for Roswaal nor see any good in him as well as know that Roswaal should no longer live anymore end that his reign must come to an end. I'm also glad that you made Subaru realize that Roswaal being Emilia's benefactor is no good and Roswaal has no right to continue being Emilia's supporter and benefactor nor that Roswaal isn't the right person for her.
Captain Imaginat chapter 9 . 8/28
RedoXPete I'm really glad that your not making me or anyone else sympathize with Roswaal and that not making us believe that Roswaal has any good in him. I'm also glad that you agree with me that wanting to revive Echidna and wanting her back doesn't make him sympathetic as he was willing to destroy Emilia's world and everyone in it and that you also see him as irredeemable and a horrible person just like me.
Captain Imaginat chapter 10 . 8/16
RedXPete I’m Really Glad that Edan pointing out the flaws and hypocrisy in Puck’s argument he has no right to act like Subaru had done something wrong when he was following his conscience and had no knowledge of contract in the Re:Zero world. I’m also glad that we see eye to eye on things in Re:Zero like that Emilia shouldn’t need Roswaal as he caused so many problems for Emilia’s faction and that being careful with him is just wrong.

I also like agree with how you and Tiffania see the Royal Court a bunch of supremacist bullying corrupt and suppressive tyrants letting their power go to their head and who corrupt Lugnicia and ruin the country with their power. Also I’m really grateful that you know Roswaal isn’t the right person to help Emilia become queen and that there shouldn’t be any point in keeping Roswaal in Emilia’s faction.

Also really glad that you got rid of RBD that ability is no more and won’t be a problem anymore. I really like Theo and that you had him in the story wanting to end Roswaal’s reign and free Subaru from his Return By Death curse. Him not caring about using The Death Note is just how I feel about not caring about being careful with Roswaal it’s a necessity to end greater evil ( Roswaal and Satella) and that he hated and didn’t trust Roswaal and done research about as well as told Subaru the truth about him. Roswaal won’t be missed.
Captain Imaginat chapter 4 . 8/10
RedoXPete I'm really glad that you avoided being careful with Roswaal in your story and don't see it as a good thing as it caused so many problems in canon including arc 4 and that you hate Roswaal as just as I do and decided to get rid of him from Emilia's world by offing him really makes me satisfied and happy. When Theo said he didn't like Roswaal and being wary of him as well as Luctiana saying they should purge Lugnicia of Roswaal it meant that I didn't have ask you to do it as you were going with that direction already and made your story different form other in how you deal with him. Also Subaru worrying more about Theo using the Death Note than keeping Roswaal alive and losing all respect for him put a smile on face with Subaru no longer caring about Roswaal as I don't think Roswaal deserves Subaru's compassion and care at all. Also Theo saying that Roswaal won't led Emilia to a better future and that Subaru will the shows that you knew it was a really bad decision for Emilia and Puck to have Roswaal as their benefactor.

Also I agree with Theo and you in that Roswaal and Satella should really be gone from Emilia's world permanently and that they are bags of crap. Also I agree with Tiffania on the Royal Court they're a buck of heartless lowdown despots who abuse their power, oppress their own subject who aren't and rule with a really unfair and corrupt caste system those guys are some of the worst they didn't deserve Emilia's respect or kindness I don't get why Emilia wants them to be on their good graces since they're were going to mistreat anyway. Also while Puck had good intentions he was being irresponsible, neglectful and short sighted letting Roswaal be Emilia's benefactor without thinking it through while Theo was being responsible, smart and much wiser knowing that Roswaal supporting Emilia wasn't a good thing as it lead to many consequences for both her and her faction.

I'm really glad that Theo had Adult Fear since it showed that you shouldn't let your children around stranger who'll exploit and harm them for their own benefit him apologizing for not being there to keep her safe form showed it. I'm also glad that had Bishadaal reveal the harsh truth about who Roswaal really is and his true motives and colors to her since Ram's love for Roswaal is toxic and unhealthy and that she needs to move on from him and live her own life without him. That was really smart of you to not put in Subaru's bet with him and contract he made with him since it's immoral, unheroic and self-righteous it makes me think you also believe it's amoral, unheroic and wrong just as much as I do and that you also believe that being careful with Roswaal is unethical, wrong and not heroic like I do. You really make me proud that you did all of that showing that you follow your own morals and use common sense as unlike other Re:Zero fanfic crossover and fanfic writers your write what you beehive is right and don't buy that being careful with Roswaal is right nor a good thing. Also I'm really glad that you freed Subaru from Return By Death since it's a horrible ability that caused nothing but misery and trouble for Subaru and others and that Subaru shouldn't keep having it all.
Captain Imaginat chapter 4 . 7/13
RedoXPete I'm with Tiffania about her opinions of The Royal Court they're horrible people who oppress their subjects, treat royal candidates who are different awfully and abuse power they din't deserve Emilia's respect or forgiveness as they show to be despicable and corrupt. Why did Emilia want to look good in front of they were just going to mistreat her and judge her anyways was there any point in Emilia trying to save face and make good impression on them since they would discriminate and treat her unfairly anyways. Emilia shouldn't give them any respect at all.
Captain Imaginat chapter 9 . 6/29
RedoXPete I'm glad that Subaru's fox spirit I forgot who his name was pointed out the flaws in Puck's argument with Subaru about his daughter and the hypocrisy in it as well as calling him out fo all of it I agree with him following your heart and conscience than keeping a promise.

Also what I meant to type was RedoXPete on the last two comments I posted sorry about that that was my bad.

Also I'm glad Ram has gotten over Roswaal and moved on from him as Roswaal's emotionally, psychologically and morally draining on her and on her independence.
Captain Imaginat chapter 9 . 6/29
RedoXHealer I'm really glad that you see that Roswaal isn't the right person for Emilia to have as a benefactor and that it should be Subaru since he truly loves and cares about Emilia not to mention that you had something done about Roswaal and that you don't agree that we should be careful with Roswaal and that your pointing out in Re:Zero- Modernizing Another World that there's no reason for Emilia to need Roswaal since he would run Lugnicia to the ground and get everyone killed I do too believe the same well. Also I'm really glad that you hate Roswaal and want him to be destroyed and done for since he's a irredeemable demon who ha snow qualm about turning Lugnicia and Emilia's world into a apocalypse or a dystopia out of his own pettiness, dark, selfish, twisted and corrupted lust for Echidna and selfishness I do as well.

Like I said before I'm really proud of the death you gave Roswaal it was over the top but grand well deserved and fitting for him not to mention incredibly awesome and satisfying great job you make me so happy to see him exist no more and that neither Emilia's world nor Lugnicia have to deal with him anymore at all.
Captain Imaginat chapter 9 . 6/29
RedoXHealer I'm really glad and thankful that you had Bidashal reveal to Ram that Roswaal was a horrible person and made her realize that she was wrong to love Roswaal as Ram's love for Roswaal ins't healthy not to mention Toxic. Also I feel just as much the same about Roswaal as Theo does for the Death Note screw being careful with Roswaal he was a tyrant willing to destroy his own home country and even his own world just so he can get what he wants Lugnicia should be better off without him. Also I'm really glad that Theo knew that Roswaal being Emilia's benefactor wasn't a good idea nor choice and that Emilia shouldn't have or need him I agree with him there's no reason why Emilia should keep Roswaal around since he would likely driven her to suicide and ruin her life including her dreams.

Also I really like that Theo saw that Roswaal being Emilia's benefactor wasn't a good thing while yes what Puck did had good intentions it was still irresponsible, neglectful and short sighted of him to let Emilia be supported by Roswaal and lead to so many consequences of it Theo on the other hand was being responsible and knew that Roswaal was danger to Emilia and make sure that Roswaal would be gone for Emilia's life Roswaal's still a stranger and that it isn't a good idea to trust nor be taken in by him I really like that you put in stranger danger and used it very well in the story and very effectively. Also I'm really glad that you adapted out Subaru's good nothing bet with Roswaal I really hate that part of Re: Zero to me it's not morally right and unnecessary as I only gave Roswaal a minor slap on the wrist and made me wished the plot it had avoided if Subaru and those wanting to stop him in Emilia's faction had him exposed as a fraud and monster to the Royal court, told Emilia about it and need Roswaal's reign once and for all not to mention kept out that scene of Subaru making a contract with Roswaal I really hated that as they should of had Roswaal banished from Lugnicia and destroy him if he came back I wondering do you hate the scenes of Subaru making a bet with Roswaal and a contract with him as well.

Also I'm glad that your putting common sense in this Re: Zero fanfic crossover and not make it like canon as well as get rid of it's problems ( Roswaal and Satella) and fixing it much more than having git's problems be ignored. Also I really like and glad that Theo sees Subaru as good choice to support Emilia and not Roswaal and eradicating him so that he won't be a problem or burden for either Subaru or Emilia and it's really that he supports them and wants to help them with their relationship.
Captain Imaginat chapter 9 . 5/15
Finally a Re Zero crossover where Roswaal's reign has come to end and is gone for good it's just so cathartic. Not only that but Subaru's not going to make a contract with Roswaal which something that bothers me from canon and other Re Zero fanfic and fanfic crossovers and not to mention Emilia doesn't have to keep him around anymore as she shouldn't have him as a benefactor. Theo shares my exact sentiments about why screw being careful about Roswaal he nearly had all of Lugnicia killed and was willing ti both Subaru and Emilia's life why should I care if Roswaal's a noble he abused that power and neglected and ignored his duties as one not of mention weaseled his way out taking responsibility by making pathetic and lousy excuses as well as had no problems stomping on Emilia's rights, felelings and freedom for his own Gian.

Theo's right never had Emilia's best interests at heart and was exploiting her for his own interests why should Emilia be supported by guy who was plotting behind her back and saw her nothing more than a tool Why should Emilia be supported by a person whose is only in it for himself and would other a spawns. I'm really glad that Luctiana suggested solving the situation by ending the biggest instigators of the problem Roswaal and Satella and Theo deciding to do so with a Death Note is so satisfying to read about. RedoXPete I'm glad you eradicated Roswaal fork the Re:Zero universe. Also I'm really glad that Ram has overcome her love, devotion and loyalty to Roswaal and moved on form that's incredibly refreshing to read about.
Captain Imaginat chapter 9 . 5/13
RedoXPete I'm really glad that you had Theo kill Roswaal and that karma had catches up Roswaal in one of the best ways possible. Not to mention Roswaal's death was so over the top yet epic committing suicide but not of his own choice with no control. I'm also really glad that Theo doesn't trust Roswaal nor likes him in the slightest and that he managed to find out everything about Roswaal's plan before Roswaal revealed it to Subaru and told everything about it to Subaru. Also it's heartwarming to see Theo reunite with Emilia and apologize to Emilia for not protecting her from Roswaal as well as killing Roswaal to keep her safe and doing the same too Satella and Betelgeuse . It was so satisfying to see Roswaal be powerless and helpless against the Death Note and see it rid him from Emilia's world done and for all.

RedoXPete you make me proud that got rid of that sleazeball Roswaal and took care of him finally no more having to deal with that guy and it's glad that Lugnicia and Emilia's world is free form him and that he won't be around anytime soon nor threatening the world anymore now that he's dead and gone for good.
ZeEinKaizerIA chapter 14 . 8/5/2020
Pls update
XDNOVA13 chapter 1 . 1/14/2020
you need to space everything out, as it stands this story is a nightmare for anyone with dyslexia, please get a beta reader to help you edit this into something digestible before you work on any further chapters.
DewElr chapter 1 . 9/24/2019
i got lost what happen to Saito around the end?
RedoxPete chapter 1 . 6/4/2019
Due to the magic that is already available, the industrial/adaption process would take only two years, rather than 10. Magic helps speeds it up quite a bit. :)
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