Reviews for Life Happens
zeeulove chapter 10 . 4h
Christian should have thought of Elliot in grandma's tutu and his hard on would have come down instantly. Great chapter. Looking forward to more.
Guest chapter 6 . 9/18
As always this chapter was so cute. Loved that there was love match all the way around. Keep going great story.
tullochsophia chapter 10 . 9h
Ha, ha, ha, ha poor Christian... meeting a daddy's girl father you're so screwed. Fantastic chapter, thank you.
BlueEyes55 chapter 10 . 12h
Too funny. I love this story! Keep going, you got this!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/18
So far interested in this story. Will keep reading.
fundays chapter 10 . 14h
Thanks for the update.
daytonalay chapter 10 . 16h
I like that 'man tanturm', couldnt stop laughing as in so many parts of the chapter too, it is great! Ros and Ana kindred spirit, yes, please. What a way to meet Ray for the first time. Must be hard for Christian, drooling over Ana at the gym in Ray's presence. Ray is not too joyful over it. That stunt on Luke is more than impressive. Still hope Ana and Christian have their special private dinner at his place and the question he wants to ask her, can't wait for that, so does Ana. Thank you for the wonderful story, love it. Xoxo daytona
zeeulove chapter 9 . 18h
Great chapter. Looking forward to more.
AlettaJohnson chapter 10 . 20h
I loved the updates! But I wanted Christian and Anna to have some alone time. Please, don’t let Ray cause problems.
TLynnson chapter 10 . 20h
Things are really heating up.
AndreaRobson chapter 10 . 20h
Oh wow I have to say your story is brilliant. Just what you need to read a fun and loving story to brighten up any dull day. Can't wait for more I'm well and truly hooked.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 10 . 21h
I was so thrilled when Ana handed Christine her arse and Ros was so proud of her too since she was listening to the entire conversation. :) For a virgin she's a riot! She wants to be Adonis' slut and Christian wants her to be just that. LOL

I forgot to mention that was so astute of Ana to realize that Christian has a touching problem and that she had one after her ordeal. Thank goodness that one of them isn't having that problem anymore, but it seems that Christian's touching problem won't last much longer either?

That was AWESOME that the CPO Taylor and Christian assigned to watch Ana just so happens to be someone they've know for years and are very close with, none other than Luke Sawyer. Loved that one.

Guess Ana really is a bad ass taking down Lukey sparring. LOL BUT the best is Christian getting all hot and bothered and Little Christian wanting to come out to play and Ray looked down to Little Christian and they back up to Christian's eyes not pleased. ROFLMAO

Can't wait to find out how dinner with the Steele's and the CPO's turn out? :)
susancollins522 chapter 10 . 21h
I love this story can't wait for more
joan.goldman.9 chapter 9 . 21h
Ana is a spit fire and didn't care for the way the hostess was eyeing Christian and sticking her chest out. Although Christian didn't care for the hostess at all he only has eyes for Ana.

I know that Ana and her inner voice made a deal but are they going to keep it? LMAO Somehow I don't think that her inner voice will shut up. :) Then there's Christian's inner voice calling him an SOB and him agreeing. LOL
daytonalay chapter 9 . 9/19
Thank you for sharing your AN and Thank You for sharing your creative talents. Still love your writing very much. Love how she captures Taylor to call her Ana. Me too, like Christian, wants to know her nickname for him. They're falling in love, it just falls naturally and they're perfect for each other. This chapter Ana is leading with being bold, love that. Look forward to read further when you're ready. RL comes first. Xoxo daytona
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