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fla.polo chapter 3 . 10/20
keep spreading the love!
bealnum chapter 3 . 10/20
Greetings; I'm glad you can publish this beautiful story. Unfortunately I was unable to read it in full.
AliceJenny chapter 3 . 10/20
Where can I download it from?
readicted chapter 36 . 10/20
Full circle. I love that Edward and Bella met their friends at pivotal points along their hike, and then the hiked up to the northern terminus to meet them. A huge accomplishment for Edward after rehabilitating that leg. I imagine the mental part was almost more challenging for him than the physical toll. Yet, he could see that Bella felt disappointment. Rather than feeling hurt, he vowed to take that journey with her. I loved that all the couple became family and their children all hiked the AT. And I wondered what happened with Paul, so here we are full circle. Thank you for sharing your story.
readicted chapter 34 . 10/19
Wow, Edward is very, very lucky to be alive. It's too bad that CD's yelp of surprise resulted in Edward's accident. It was much, Much too dangerous for any of them to be on those rocks. But CD and M&M's experience and quick thinking surely saved Edward's life. Each one of the hikers worked together to ensure no hiker was lost or left.
readicted chapter 33 . 10/19
Oh, it's too bad the men decided to part ways, rather than wait together for Tator. Edward really had little to no choice but to proceed since the others would need the supplies. He almost made it. Damn. That fall sounds absolutely brutal.
readicted chapter 32 . 10/19
More and more it seems a blessing in disguise that Bella finds herself on this personal journey. She needed to find, discover her inner strength, her self confidence, build up her sense of self worth, reconnect with her roots so that she can forge a better, stronger future. With or without Edward. And Edward has realized that he took her granted. Always self focused, assuming his wants and needs were shared, and right and acceptable to them both. Like she didn't have her own wants and needs. Being unwordly and naive doesn't negate her right to autonomy and self determination as a full, grown a$$, brilliant woman. If Edward didn't take this personal journey of his own, he might not have been a suitable mate for her at the end. He needs to grow up too. He loved her, but didn't fully know her, or allow her the safety and security to blossom and open up to him. She will learn not to shrink herself for others and they will be stronger together for it.
readicted chapter 31 . 10/18
May Mr. Sanchez, aka, Stronghold rest in peace. I am so sorry to hear of his brutal and tragic loss.
readicted chapter 28 . 10/18
Thank you for including the reminders of what Bella is up to during the EPOV chapters. It helps a lot. I'm trying to figure out if Boy Scout is really convinced by Edward's lie of why he's out there hiking, or if he knows he's the infamous EC. I know he and everyone else there immediately made that connection, but did they buy Edward's story, or was Boy Scout just cutting Edward a little slack out of kindness. Sounds like Rella and EC have become quite the talk on the AT vine. If they do sort out their relationship, and stay in the area as Edward hopes, well they will be trail-lore legends.
Melissa Moyer chapter 37 . 10/18
I read a few chapters of this when you first started it, then I got distracted and life got busy and I forgot about it until it popped up on my updated list. I’m so glad I got to read it all today before you take it down. It was a wonderful story!
readicted chapter 27 . 10/17
So, at least Jake called Paul, as I hoped he might've, still salty about it though. I like EC's entry in the register, although he's being presumptive (or hopeful) that Bella will want to be business partners again. I kinda love that Bella has become a bit of a local hero for her brilliant mind and that she inspired her cousin Paul.
readicted chapter 26 . 10/17
So things are not as Bella believes, however, things also are not as Edward lead her to believe. Jake's actions may seem just, but I think they're irresponsible. You don't send a completely inexperienced, person out into the wilderness, without any preparation or guidance. He's laden him down with outdated and heavy gear and the wrong clothing and footwear. It may be funny to be petty and make him suffer. He very well may serve it, but unless he was planning on swooping in right behind Edward to make sure no harm or serious mishaps occur to him, the nope. I don't like his actions. Edward could sprain an ankle, get lost, encounter a rattle snake, or something, fall. Anything could happen to a inexperienced, unprepared, city slicker out on his own. Thank goodness for Paul.
readicted chapter 25 . 10/16
Even though Emmett and Jasper are trained marines, Bella stands firm and assertive about what needs to be done to ensure they all survive this storm. I don't get why the men left an inexperienced hiker behind to face those perilous boulders. I figured No Filter and Curly Dan would want to come looking for Rella. I guessed that Edward would not be a skilled long haul hiker. And figured this storm did not bode well for him. I did hope that either Jake or No Filter and CD would find Edward before he managed to get himself all broken up.
readicted chapter 24 . 10/16
Has there not been another Register since the one where she says goodbye to EC? Bella's abort to think logically and not panic has saved her more than once on this journey. And now her clear thinking will hopefully keep her friends safe through the storm too. Good and bad that the women opted to return to the trail rather than stay in town another day. While it's too bad that they ventured back onto the AT despite the forecast for severe weather, I believe that had they stayed in town, M&M and Ghost likely would've continued on hiking northward in a desperate search for them, thinking they were stuck out there in that extreme weather. If they had stayed in town, they would be warm and safe, but the guys might be in serious trouble. Similarly, I think that had Bella not insisted they turn back south and hunker down where they are, they would've missed crossing paths with the guys, resulting in them continuing north in their search. Now, hopefully Edward is not out there, hiking in Chase of Bella,inexperienced about to head straight into dangerous conditions. Hopefully if he is there, he's gone to find Jake and Leah and they will keep him from running off half cocked. I think Bella has a lot of folks worried or concerned about her safety at this time. Surely No Filter and Curly D have seen the weather reports. Also I wonder who's going to nab those two creepy predators. Hmm, has No Filter's real name been mentioned? I can't seem to recall his name.
readicted chapter 23 . 10/16
It's not great that Bella forgot to check in with Jake and Angela. Irresponsible since she said that she would and they'll worry when she doesn't. Plus they'll be hiking right into the bad weather that was forecast. How could she forget that? I guess the rollercoaster of emotions really distracted her. At least Jake has an idea of her last known whereabouts.
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