Reviews for Adaptation
ZhaWarudo chapter 74 . 10/3
Sloppy. So many flaws...I'll just list a few. You say that Danny's grandfather invented kamehameha after 50 years and then died by being repeateadly run over by a steam roller.
Saiyans and half saiyans don't need fking 50 years to build up chi and experience to do kamehameha, it comes to them naturally as with anything to do with fighting. Also who the fuck would wait for a steamroller to hit them, especiall someone with strength to do a kamehameha?
The empire's torture was pathetic writting and nothing but a shallow excuse for a power up. No taunting, no gore, nothing to actually express the scene.
Taylor gets into the Wards, kills capes during the press and Piggot and Armsmaster aren't even concerned about that aspect and Taylor is suddenly bloodthirsty.
I know DBZ fic aren't good in general, I guess I was hoping for something here...well it's not bad, but neither is it an exception to standard DBZ fics.
Levonia chapter 74 . 9/24
Awesome story and incredible writing style. I'll be sure to check out your other work. You have quite a gift!
ArkhCthuul chapter 74 . 8/19
Please please write her entity hunt. Would binge it as fast as this, dang good fic.

Thank you!
ArkhCthuul chapter 73 . 8/19
Well, that just happened.

If there ever was a sequel to this, I think anyone would avoid earth for fear of that incredible amount of energy...

Nicely escalated, Taylor :))
ArkhCthuul chapter 71 . 8/19
Aww, too bad. I had hoped for some more exploration oc c53s and maybe eidolon return.
And of. Course failed ss2 tries. Ah well, let's see how it ends.
ArkhCthuul chapter 70 . 8/19
But also oh so much worse.
Mastering eidolon to use the end ringers would be a good khepri replacement, no?
ArkhCthuul chapter 69 . 8/19
Sooo, genki dwma coming up, going ss2 or higher 0lanned, is there something blue in the near future? :p
ArkhCthuul chapter 67 . 8/18
Surely there is no way this is going to bite her in the ass...:))
ArkhCthuul chapter 66 . 8/18
Splatter ahead.
You don't need them anymore, with the possible exception of Contessa with a path to ultimate sayan.
ArkhCthuul chapter 65 . 8/18
Well, let's see how this goes.

Grumpy vegetable guy has to be good for something at least...
ArkhCthuul chapter 63 . 8/18
Lesson one in super fights: unless specified otherwise, thermodynamics still work. :p
ArkhCthuul chapter 61 . 8/18
Ha! :)
ArkhCthuul chapter 58 . 8/18
Remove her. They have to do it if you insist, so there is no reason to allow Emma fucking Barnes to continue to torment you.

Damn it taylor...
ArkhCthuul chapter 56 . 8/18
Sorry, you are cracking me up.

Thanks for the funny parts, the story needed them.
ArkhCthuul chapter 55 . 8/18
Hahaha hah... Kh man, this cracked me, I laughed so loud my neighbors noticed.

A Chinese vegetal, kakkarott, hahaha...
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