Reviews for Ben 10 RWBY Volume 1: Dimension Twist
Jimmy K.I. 7 chapter 119 . 2/19
will there be another RWBY crossover animation or comics on Earth or Remnant in the future?

first DC... what might be next...?
UA Alumni 1998 chapter 7 . 12/28/2023
You know, regarding the team name and everything, i was looking into names for these 4 specifically on name generators and found one I think would work.

If you use Ben, gwen, Kevin, and cooper for a team name, you could spell their team as TGLC, which the generator defined as “intergalactic”

Follow up note, it also noted that one of their possible combinations was BLTD which was short for “battletoad”. No i am not kidding. Might get a lot of mileage out of that one too.
karatekid72700 chapter 10 . 12/11/2023
bro chocolate and carrots, that's a war crime
bucuriedragos chapter 120 . 12/8/2023
Finally getting through all 120 chapters of this story. You did a great job on this crossover and I apploud your dedication to it. I hope the next volume will surpass in quality. Some of the chapters that the remnant characters react to media end up feeling a bit filler-like but I still had some fun with the ones that I knew more about them. Ben really feels nice now that he is even older than canon but still being himself.
denisegalante1009 chapter 1 . 10/1/2023
I’m interested.
jerryagresor chapter 61 . 9/29/2023
If this was a Naruto fanfiction, Naruto would probably use some sort of seal. And Ben's only option is to repair her DNA with the Omnitrix
jerryagresor chapter 60 . 9/29/2023
whenever I read Doctor Paradox's lines I read it in his voice for some reason. but this is a voice from the Polish language version
segwayjon99 chapter 4 . 9/22/2023
crazy that this is actually better written than the script for the official rwby show
JustAngry chapter 15 . 8/27/2023
Ugh, just as i was starting to get interested in this, you pull the "Ok lets import villains now because reasons" card. Boooo.
TeamRWBY4Evr2346 chapter 120 . 8/25/2023
Dude... I read through the entire story... Mind BLOWN! To another Dimension.
Plains Pirate chapter 105 . 8/18/2023
Now see, *that's* how you dispose of a villain trying to Starscream his way into power. What a perfect end for Mikey.
TeamRWBY4Evr2346 chapter 91 . 8/16/2023
OH! BASHMOUTH'Stone Cold' Steve Austin!
TeamRWBY4Evr2346 chapter 89 . 8/16/2023
I LOVE METALLICA! Please Tell Me There's at least 1 Aerosmith song in this! They're My favorite Band of all time!
Nullblaster chapter 105 . 8/15/2023
We have got to get Team... Jesus that'd be a long acronym.
Nevermind. We have to show the Remnants Space Balls. A true classic.
Guest chapter 67 . 8/11/2023
Charmcaster? Or you meant Cinder Fall?
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