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geranim0enimino671 chapter 165 . 7h
from a spare bit of dialogueloose cannon does light magic excellently. I don't recall if it's ever referenced again here. I've enjoyed this reread a lot. its almost time to sleep... zzzz
Light on the Horizon chapter 337 . 9h
Oh dear, Hermione, what have you done?
Bauhinias chapter 338 . 11h
Oh my gosh! This is so thrilling and such a cliffhanger. You are a very talented writer! Juggling different plot-lines and clues only JK Rowling could rival! Have you considered writing professionally?
rilkelee chapter 338 . 14h
AHHHH HERMIONE what a badass. I can't believe I forgot Hermione didn't know the depth of what Harry went through and continues to go through with the Dursleys. I can't wait to see where this goes...and what she does to or about the Dursleys now that she knows.
excessivelyperky chapter 130 . 16h
Oh, what fun!

The Ravenclaws deserve all this (fixes popcorn).
AuntCori chapter 337 . 17h
*snort! That was funny.
squeegybug chapter 338 . 17h
OMG Love the Star Wars references. And that Harry of all people is the one to teach her how to USE hate. Because He KNEW that the people that loved him would be horrified by what happened to him, even more than he was. And the last line? I could die, so perfect.
Dangerouse chapter 338 . 17h
confiding in and asking them for help is what one does with friends. by not doing that Hermione is treating Blaise more like a follower than a friend anyway. get your head out your bum Hermione!
kurokitty chapter 338 . 18h
I’m so hyped for the next chapter :D
Emers2021 chapter 338 . 19h
OMG. Awesomeness!
PhaedraZev chapter 283 . 23h
Ah, the irony of reaching this chapter this week during the re-read.
Guest chapter 338 . 23h
Yesssss! Fiendfyre finally we're getting onto the good stuff. Hermione hasn't had any badass moments or showed her true potential/power in a long time, and fiendfyre as a skill in her arsenal could definitely do this. Hopefully you don't make her never use it again...
Nex chapter 338 . 12/1
Oh yeah, there was/is a reason why Harry is so tuned and excels in DADA.
Funny how Tom does not want her to become Dark as he sees her being more powerfull if she manages to stay /balanced/, neither Light or Grey or Dark but balanced mix of all. He is fast to realize things and by now he must see that hers is better way to go about wixen wielding all magics and exploring and simply immersing themselves in magic than his way ever was.

For Hermione, when her head gets less hot I expect to realize just how freaking strong /Harry/ is and that she was underestimating him a bit. Hopefully this will open her eyes to the fact that you never know people completely and thus you need to plan with at least one possibility of person being "more" or having more connections or resources than what you can see.

I wonder what other spells are there that utilize emotions, this would definitely be neat scientific area for both the Hufflepuffs and Luna to explore and become masters at.

I also wonder if Hermione will ask Narcissa and /Sirius/ both if they think or know the souls sucked by dementors could become free if you do things properly. Souls are eternal but movable SO stands to reason if you can do wrong things to one in ritual, you could do in theory /right/ things with/to souls in ritual.
Gigipink chapter 338 . 12/1
Awwww sh*t. Hermione is finally learning just how powerful she is and the amount of destruction she can cause if she wants. Based on your reassuring warning, she obviously won't go completely dark but she definitely feels fully gray with flecks of darkness. Even Tom is impressed and that's never a good sign. On a lighter note, I enjoyed your Star Wars/Emperor Palpatine reference.
VdG chapter 338 . 12/1
Thanks for the latest chapter.

I did wonder if it'd turn out that Hermione was just too compassionate to ever master this.
I'm not sure it's a good thing that she did: it's clearly a lot more like the "Dark Side" than she credited. Will she be able to resist the temptation of delving further into dark magics? Because they don't /have/ to be used for evill purposes, right?

And of course she now has yet another cause: rescuing Harry from the Dursley's. Or is that punishing the Dursley's?
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