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SirenitaElsaXIX chapter 227 . 2h
Draco celoso
Just Altais chapter 226 . 3h
I’m not sure why, but your Cedric reminds me a lot to Jeremy from Phineas and Ferb. Kind, handsome and gentle. The date was amazing, I really like Cedric. So please, I beg you not to kill him. Thank you for your amazing writing.
Guest chapter 227 . 5h
Happy 24,000!
AussieSweet chapter 227 . 7h
Wow, Cedric! What a nice gesture! He surely knows how to woo this girl :)
Poor hedge witches! I'm sure a lot of them do have enough magic but don't have enough money to get a proper education. I thought there would be a fund for that, to allow poorer children to attend the school as well. If not, I hope Hermione will establish the Granger stipend to help them. She has enough money to do it, though, it would be better to ensure it is running on charity, so as to not attract too much attention to her financial situation.
AussieSweet chapter 226 . 7h
You shouldn't be embarrassed. It was bound to happen with the amount of chapters already posted. A lot of people read in chunks anyway, so it's not a big deal.
I wonder what was so important that Cedric's father interrupted them? Or was he just unhappy that Cedric was declaring his intentions so openly? I hope we will get an explanation soon.
I'm also happy that they covered the parseltongue thing. Now there are no loose ends. I understand why she felt uncomfortable when Cedric praised her kindness. He doesn't know all the details but it's important that other people might perceive her the same way.
bookwormH.M.327 chapter 227 . 8h
Awesome chapter, but NOOOOO Cedric x Hermione
Duchess67 chapter 227 . 9h
Did Draco honestly think he was the only one trying to woo Hermione? He HAD to have known better, so why is he so surprised? Like I said before, I'm rooting for Cedric! :) LOL

Um, did you leave something out of Hermione's last half of her last sentence in her speech? Because as is, it sounds more than a tad arrogant. Perhaps, "and make sure my best is the very best we could possibly get." instead, maybe? *curious* The rest of it was spot on with the theme Cedric set and she sounded personable to all. Well, I'm betting her haters wouldn't like ANYTHING she said, regardless. LOL

Looks and sounds like she was a hit with the "hedges" and I hope she actually CAN do something to help them!
rilkelee chapter 227 . 12h
AWWWW! That was such a lovely plot twist. They couldn't have done it better themselves. And that was so freaking cute! OMG I can't wait for the next chapter!
Just Altais chapter 225 . 13h
I adore Milan and Jade, and this dumb magic society is infuriating! But I love your writing. And the story is magnificent.
Just Altais chapter 224 . 13h
Sometimes Hermione annoys me, but most of the time she makes me smile. This is genuinely nice, wanting everyone involve. And not letting anyone out. You are an amazing writer!
Gigipink chapter 224 . 15h
I like that little hint about how the Hogwarts representative is able to make it to their classes. It sets up how Hermione would get a time-turner in this universe.
leez-bee chapter 227 . 16h
I’m swooooooningggggg! This is SO cute & perfect & I never thought I would be shipping Hermione with Cedric, but I am! It’s so beautiful. But also, I’m now worried about what will happen to him in later chapters. I will look eagerly for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 226 . 17h
That's ok - I don't mind rereading the next chapter again.
TaylorMade chapter 227 . 17h
If it makes you feel any better, I know someone who somehow managed to post six chapters in reverse order once. It was a very long time ago. This person had moved and wasn't able to get internet service right away, but kept writing. Then, when they got it connected, they were in such a hurry to post everything - I guess they got mixed up somehow, trying to make up for the delay. There are worse, far more embarrassing mistakes to make that a chapter mix-up, anyway - I have a cousin, for example, who is prohibited from touching superglue ever again after an incident involving a phone and a fork.
11morsmordre chapter 227 . 20h
OMG... that was just bloody perfect. 3
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