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excessivelyperky chapter 416 . 12h
Doesn't anyone in the coven know about cooling charms? Asking for a friend...

Draco knows better than to show up early to a party-Narcissa would send him a Very icy Howler if she knew. Bad Draco! Sit! Stay!

Tracey has a point, though, Hermione really is too busy to color code things.

I see the party is getting out of hand (Hermione and Bilbo Baggins could compare notes).

But yes, Hermione needs to decide what she wants the world to *be*.

"Where do you want to go today?'
excessivelyperky chapter 415 . 11/26
Of course Zorro should be for bandito! (of course, if Hermione was in the States she would have been exposed to the Frito Bandito, snicker).

And Harry already kind of lied with knowing Parseltongue, but not the way he was supposed to know. He'll definitely need to lie to Dumbledore about having the Horcrux when that little bit of knowledge floats to the top.

Still saying the 'charlatan' isn't Tom or Snape here.

I like that they have plans for if duels break out. Though they might set up a dueling room and bring out the rule book for the formal ones.
Guest chapter 419 . 11/26
Best wishes to you and your daughter!
HelpmeHermione chapter 419 . 11/25
I check every week to see if there are new chapters. I totally understand that you need some time to take care of yourself and your baby. You have created a story that is beyond incredible! I have recommended it to many people as it is my favorite HP fanfic and I make no secret of my love for Harry Potter. I would love to know if you are alive and well. Perhaps you could post a tiny update on your page so we can all worry a little less?
excessivelyperky chapter 414 . 11/25
Hermione already bargained desperately to save a life-she herself was blackmailed in order to do so.

Posing as mentor? Oh, I don't think that one is Tom at all...

Harry was raised by the Dursleys. If he didn't learn how to lie from them, I mean really?

And of course Blaise's prophecy is the most mysterious. Because.

I like Luna having friends the most.
A big fan chapter 419 . 11/24
Thank you so much for this incredible fic! Hope all goes well with you and your new bub's recovery. Sending lots of love and support! I was 5 weeks premature after an emergency c/s- there is hope!
excessivelyperky chapter 413 . 11/24
That was a very interesting tour of the Hall of Prophecies (and Moldy Oldy could have collected the one about him rather easily, hello Polyjuice and a few bribes from Malfoy. But noooo...).

I can see that Luna is a little bit surprised that she'd made *that* many prophecies...
yellowclarinet13 chapter 419 . 11/24
Hope everything goes well for you! Take all the time you need! 3
Nise Tucker chapter 231 . 11/23
Rereading this to hold me over until your back to updating and I completely forgot about the random fan mail and the beginning of the hedge witch and Cedric storylines! Can’t wait to see how this all comes together. Hope ur doing well!
Happy thanksgiving!
Rowan Mikaio chapter 415 . 11/23
It is taking me a lot of self-control not to take to google translate on the Italian prophecies. I enjoy seeing things from Hermione’s perspective and see what I notice that she does or doesn’t, and she’s not really supposed to know.

I can’t decide if taking a serious read, through the lens of the amount of French that I know, would be breaking the spirit of that, so I’ve avoided too much of that, too. Hermione also has a spattering of French and there are some places with clear similarities, so she could pick up on some of it if she really tried.

If it were about my own future idk that I could accept so easily that I wasn’t supposed to know (or rather, that finding out for myself is or isn’t the same as Blaise telling me).
ladyofsilverdawn chapter 372 . 11/23
Fabulous chapter! Your Severus is so fantastic. I adore Hermione's interactions with him.
ladyofsilverdawn chapter 371 . 11/23
A very interesting conversation between Blaise and Hermione. He cares for her, he worries for her, but he's still a Slytherin.
ladyofsilverdawn chapter 370 . 11/23
Hmm. I sense some concern from Blaise whether Hermione's possible suitor is coming to Hogwarts. Sally-Anne seems nice enough, but she comes across a tad too perky.
excessivelyperky chapter 412 . 11/22
Um...weren't the prisoners fed before now? Asking for a friend...

Speaking of food, couldn't there be a potion for the food to keep the prisoners a tad quieter? It's not like they have to follow Amnesty International guidelines here.

Mmm, is it just me or is Riddle corrupting Hermione? Oh, wait, I thought that was already happening.
Kaitlyn Phillips chapter 419 . 11/22
So I've been reading this the last couple weeks and finally reached the last posted chapter! Just wanted to say that I love, love, love your work - what a cool twist on Hermione's story! And congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I hope you get to hold her soon and have a smoother recovery at home! Take your time, we'll be here when you're ready :)
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