Reviews for New Blood
ReadLikeHermione chapter 494 . 38m
I watched the video that was very helpful
alix33 chapter 378 . 49m
Maybe a better magical library architect designed the library at Beauxbatons than the one who designed the library at Hogwarts. If there is such a thing as a magical library architect...
alix33 chapter 377 . 58m
I loved the mental pics I got of those topiaries at Beauxbatons.
Tallfellapgh chapter 495 . 58m
Snakealy charming!
Tallfellapgh chapter 494 . 1h
That was fun, but now what is the subsequent impact on Arithmancy?
angel897 chapter 495 . 1h
oh that's one way to send a message love it. wonder if she will share that it will be a game of 4 not 3 this time around. funny she will end up knowing both champions from the visiting school and a past history with the bagger's chosen. looking forward to the arrival of the other schools
ProtectHelaena chapter 495 . 3h
Excellent chapter! I hope you enjoy your weekend.
clarelissy chapter 494 . 7h
I havenā€˜t read the chapter yetbut I am absolutely baffled by this video!
jascoe chapter 495 . 7h
As someone who got into a Lot of trouble for making the same assumption, I hope Hermione is prepared for realizing that, even though they are Slytherin, there are going to be people in the house who are afraid of snakes
Kirbilius Clausius chapter 495 . 8h
"My power is being able to do whatever I want...but only when I feel like it." - Rick Sanchez
Ari chapter 495 . 14h
Great chapter, can't wait for the result. Let's hope nobody has a snake phobia.
123a456e chapter 495 . 17h
...I hope no one is too trigger-happy when waking up with a snake in their face
excessivelyperky chapter 495 . 17h
Just a thought-since Snape has the Dark Mark, wouldn't he be sensitive to having a Horcrux around? Having Tom in Potions might not be a super idea here.

I am delighted that Hermione wants backup for a change.

Hermione admits that she's wrong about something and apologizes? Faints.

I love using snakes to deliver the message! That is truly inspired.
Rav3nsRemorse chapter 495 . 18h
Ooooo snakes. Nice touch.
Nissy Padfoot chapter 495 . 18h
Update soon!
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