Reviews for New Blood
pinks99 chapter 351 . 1/14
Really like this chapter-Draco's having to do some growing up!
Niris chapter 351 . 1/14
Must be hard for Draco to open his eyes about his father! Very interesting chapters to read and I can't wait for what's next.
Stephanie MRV chapter 351 . 1/14
Wow. Lol. She flew off like she was a Phoenix about to "flame" out .? Lmfao!
Magical are such drama queens! There's so much pageantry.
It's hilarious really.
How could Draco not know.
I mean he had to have had an incling.
Marie-S-Raven chapter 351 . 1/14
I LOVE this series~
KraZiiePyrozHavemoreFun chapter 351 . 1/14
Hermione Granger, just absolutely upending everything Draco thinks he knows. I will neeeeeever get tired of this
Fast Frank chapter 351 . 1/14
And Draco is given much to think about, very good chapter.
usual-reader-0815 chapter 351 . 1/14
Wow, what an grand exit - awesome !
maximusrexmundi chapter 351 . 1/14
Just gonna casually skim over that she flew unaided - a theoretically impossible skill according to the general populace - in front of Drago? Lol cool cool

But seriously loved this confrontation. Long overdue
mionepls chapter 351 . 1/14
oh draco, getting the blinders taken off for him
Lily-Sisi chapter 351 . 1/14
Thank you, it was time someone opened Draco's eyes!
I love that Hermione made a famatic exit. I guess the Malfoy castle makes people quite dramatic!
I love that she is low-key arming the house elves, the hedge witches and the goblins, all by herself, completely outside of the ministry's knowledge! At one point, someone will notice and oh boy will they be surprised! Can't wait!
Thank you for this amazing story
SpSt chapter 351 . 1/14
also prepare for Lucius to more openly move against Hermione.
SpSt chapter 351 . 1/14
Draco was basically crapping himself in shock. this is going to have very heavy consequences.
dennisud chapter 351 . 1/14
And now another one doubt's the Agenda set up by the Ministry and Tommy-boy!
ReginaSlytherin chapter 351 . 1/14
Oh, wooops. Yeah, this is good. Really good. Draco needs to grow up and this might help a lot. Y'know. Make him start actually using his brain. I've never understood why he didn't, he was always so blunt and impulsive he was almost a Gryffindor himself... heheh, interested to see where this leads. :D
LeightonWD chapter 351 . 1/14
Hahahaha I'm just imagining dracos face as she took off hahahahaha brilliant
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