Reviews for New Blood
starlite22 chapter 348 . 1/14
Forgot to say, now she knows about Neville’s parents, I hope she finds a way to help them or someone who can, maybe the goblins she’s not seen them for a while, do they still use her money to rebuild
starlite22 chapter 351 . 1/14
I’m surprised she left without saying goodbye to Sirius or finding out what the plan was, she sort of abandoned him there. She’s seems to be so perfect and have so much power and control
Guest chapter 351 . 1/14
Love that Hermione told Draco off. I was fed up with his nonsense about blood superiority; it always rubbed me off the wrong way, especially with his willingness to align with her despite of his prejudices. Though it was a risky move to offend the Malfoys just when they were getting along.

It was interesting to see Sirius interact with them. Based on canon, it seemed like Sirius would never associate himself with certain darker relatives. Really curious what Lucius’ reaction will be or will Narcissa take charge and protect Sirius.

However, not too sure about Bellatrix and Narcissa’s forgiveness for her crimes—is this something that will lead to discussion of mental illnesses? If so, I’m not sure Bellatrix would be the best place to start...
Deadly Mother chapter 351 . 1/14
That was a lot that Hermione just dumped on Draco. Poor kid… what will he do with all of that?
Forensica X chapter 351 . 1/14
Lol I love how much of a teenager she still is. I wonder if Narcisa or anyone else noticed her flying away. I hope Draco comes back to school having grown up a bit.
roon0 chapter 351 . 1/14
What a fascinating chapter. I just love the twists and turns of this story.
RogueJMS chapter 350 . 1/14
This one chapter on the Black madness really did it for me.
Sure its awfull what Bella did, but with so much precedence behind it it puts things in perspective. Madness, especially the magical kind, is terrifying for sapient beings, you are losing your own sense of self. So of course she would visit her sister, because she is mentally ill, was sent to a prison with soul sucking demons and needs support.
While your waky but seemingly utterly sane cousin goes about killing people that makes him the person you'll take away from the Xmas card list.
JustReadingNewGuy chapter 351 . 1/14
Oh my.

"So Draco Daddy dearest was a terrorist, you are, in fact, a biggot despite you not acknowledging it, and here is proof. Now I'm gonna fly out of this place, with a halo of fire around me and all bc I can. Goodbye, bitches!"

I'm still laughing
so perfect it hurts chapter 351 . 1/14
What an excellent chapter! I wonder what Draco will choose?
Also more hedges 3 can't wait to read more.
Thanks for writing.
teresa.mcadam chapter 351 . 1/14
Love this story and all that, caught a couple typos if you’re interested:
Chapter 5: Subject manner probably should be subject matter

Chapter 351: chamber or secrets should be “of secrets “
Dutchess of the Depraved chapter 351 . 1/14
oh girl get him thinking right. hopefully this gets Draco on the right path and opens the door for endgame dramione. yeah, I'm still holding out hope lol
leez-bee chapter 351 . 1/14
Ohhhhhh really loved this! I’m so glad little Draco got put in his place because he can be so pompous. A lovely chapter all-in-all. Can’t wait for the next!
Zolar33 chapter 351 . 1/14
Probably unwise to tell Draco about the Horcrux, he could very well spill everything to his father
Isinuelle chapter 23 . 1/14
Is Madam Hooch part harpy? Enquiring minds would like to know!
ashir chapter 351 . 1/14
Love this. Thank you for updating.
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