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Isinuelle chapter 352 . 1/18
Hermione's so jealous! I think this just proves that she's meant to be a New Bloodmuggles unafraid, accepting of her magic, even willing to participate in it to protect magic users: it might be a stretch but I'm just happy that the hedgewitches find her mom to be someone to look up to. Hopefully the boys feel the same way about her father!
LyraEllington chapter 352 . 1/18
Blaise has been really good at it, but he lacks the authority to make Hermione listen to him. Her parents, however... I can only hope they can teach her the importance of delegating duties with these experiences. Doing everything yourself will bound to get you in trouble, whether that is a ticket to the hospital or to court. Also, personally, I really love her parents interacting with the magical world. They're probably my favorite characters solely because of their reactions (even if a bit too biased, ala during the Jade situation).
Mustang's Inferno chapter 352 . 1/18
I love how you are including Hermione's parents in this arc! while I can understand her frustration with them (they aren't 'cool' and this is her plan) they are so supportive and they just genuinely want to understand Hermione. I can't wait to see how her parents react to the ritual!
KAlcibiades chapter 352 . 1/18
Loved this... Hermiones parents rock!
It surprised me that there wasn't a scene from the yard though o.o
kalikk chapter 352 . 1/18
Os pais da Hermione são os melhores
viola1701e chapter 352 . 1/18
Its kind of cute that her parents want to be part of her magical life ;)
SparklingSins2 chapter 352 . 1/18
this is adorable. have I mentioned I love Hermione parents?
miss.caiti chapter 352 . 1/18
No matter how advanced, all teenagers are embarrassed by their parents
Majerus chapter 139 . 1/18
"Of course," Daphne said, as if it were obvious. "You can't enter into a binding magical contract until your magic's fully matured."
This has major implications for the Goblet of Fire, once you get that far. I'm wondering how you will adjust that magical contract, or explain the differences. I'm mostly looking forward to Harry and/or Hermione competing in the tournament LOL
live-read-imagine chapter 352 . 1/18
Loved this chapter. That last line made me laugh. Can’t wait to see where this story goes. Your ideas are so out of the box and well planned out. Looking forward to Friday!
MotekElm chapter 352 . 1/18
RedCapsule chapter 352 . 1/18
Uh-oh! Thinking back to Chap. 284, I'm hearing Danger Music. ("a danger to the hedgewitches...Fenrir [Greyback]...purposely attack people...usually for a specific political motive...") And here all these tasty hedgewitches, plus their young benefactor, are conveniently gathered in one easily-scouted spot, for the horrible purpose of putting an end to Mr. Greyback's chances of happily hunting them for many years to come.

Mum & Dad Granger packing heat (with silver bullets?) seems rather out of character. And 'tis tough to get hold of such weapons quickly. Swords are far too short-range for safe use against a werewolf. (Though there's an extremely handy one, that they coulda grabbed when packing.) IF organized and well-discipline, a decent group of hedgewitches with pitchforks and torches could be pretty unappetizing to Mr. Greyback...

Or - at the "Awesome turned up to 11" end of things - a flying young witch and her pet fiendfyre basilisk (is "Toasty" a cute-enough name? "Barbie" sounds more Australian) could burn through werewolves faster than a Mentos-fed Coke bottle blows its top. The Ministry would doubtless take exception. But if Hermione seems to be playing on the Good Guys side, and looks to be nigh as powerful as the Dark Lord in her mere 3rd year, self-preservation instincts might kick in at the Ministry...

...but then she gets grounded AGAIN by her mum, for scaring her dad, and for burning up their refreshment table, and for talking back to the nice Aurors who rushed to the scene, and...
newt52 chapter 352 . 1/18
I spent this whole chapter smiling. Thank you and well done.
donutmariposa chapter 351 . 1/18
I just reviewed that like she's a real person! Chile help me...whew!
donutmariposa chapter 352 . 1/18
It's kind of cute Hermione's acting like a child. I don't feel like she gets to be a child a lot of the time. She has to put on a facade as the strongest one, and even though she's around her parents she feels like she still needs to do that. Meanwhile, one of the most important things about being a leader is that she learns how to delegate tasks. She literally almost died and destroyed her magical core, and that's not something she listened to. She has to learn this before it kills her or someone else.
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