Reviews for Superhuman Gifts
Advait2003 chapter 4 . 9/15
so now you are gonna act like houtoru 2.0 and become an energy conservationist and MAKE US DO THE DIRTY WORK OF NAMING HER PARENTS !?/

thats quite smart of you.
bladetri chapter 4 . 9/15
like XD
XxMysticalLunarxX chapter 4 . 9/15
How about Reiko? Or Yōko, whoch has the beginning of the word 'cheerful' in japanese.
shadefeuer chapter 4 . 9/15
I think Rumiko would be pretty good.
Scottish Weeb chapter 1 . 9/15
I’ve just read the entire story and ice really enjoyed it so far, as for a name for Ochako’s Mum how about Kafein, Uraraka’s babe in Japanese and Kafein is the Japanese word for caffeine, which is a big part of tea, like how Uraraka’s mother is a big part in her life
Robert chapter 4 . 9/15
Does Keiko (軽子) make some sense? I don't know anything about Japanese names, but I do know that Horikoshi likes quirk puns/references more than anything else in his weird names.

Otherwise, curse you for this multi-chapter cliffhanger, you rotter.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 4 . 9/15
My, my, and so the wheel of fate turns in an ever more unusal way.
KahunaLagoona chapter 4 . 9/15
YEAH... SORRY I'm not crossing that bridge there - I've been obsessed with the idea of Ochako's parent's getting names (seriously, even Jirou's parents have been named, yet the parents of the female lead - who were the second set of parents that showed up in the story by the by - THEY'RE STILL NOT NAMED?!) that honestly it's gotten to a point where I want to haphazardly ask Horikoshi via Twitter about the subject (But I'm not that good at Japanese...)

Unfortunately, it means I'm not participating in this little 'contest' of yours, but I will look forward to the results as well as the story - As long as it's IzuOcha, I will love it. (And yes, it means I'm being just as lazy...)
JaDe In NighT chapter 3 . 9/14
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 3 . 9/14
...Holy shit this just got fucking deep into the danger zone now. I’m VERY interested in more.
ILiekFishes chapter 3 . 9/13
I’m calling it - All might isn’t dead, Ochako saw him as all might enter an alleyway while he transformed into small might, getting blood on the card in the process, and then left. Ochako follows him in, only seeing the card, and comes to the conclusion that he’s dead. Conspiracy theorists, out
Ralph Lionheart chapter 3 . 9/13
Okay you have my attention. This has been a very intriguing start. I am looking forward to the next update.

Izuku does seem to have a little dual personality going but it’s not that different than his normal confidence/ability under crisis vs his shy demeanor outside of battle. Perhaps it’s more noticeable because he is capable of switching into a head space that lets him confidently interview pro hero’s. Where as almost any social interaction was enough to trip him up in canon. But this dosent particularly bother me because people often behave differently in professional settings. ie interviewing for his blog vs casual interactions. I imagine izuku might not do well if backdraft invited him to a casual meeting to hang out as friends rather than the working relationship they currently have. Or at least I’d imagine it that way.

I am looking forward to see how your going to integrate ochako into the story and learning of all might’s untimely demise. Your doing a great job and this idea feels fresh and unique from other stories at the moment. Keep up the good work!
Dday chapter 3 . 9/12
Well that just took an interesting turn, this is really good. There is only one problem I have, Izuku’s personality is all over the place, one minute he is super confident and analytical the next he is his original shy self, it’s like there are two different people. Other then that it’s all really good and can’t wait for more!
bladetri chapter 3 . 9/12
like XD
EllePi chapter 3 . 9/12
Well that escalated quickly.
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