Reviews for Long Road Home
HelenTheMoon chapter 5 . 9/23
Actually, Tatsuya DOES mind hugs. In EP, he rebuffs Maya's hug and even when be doesn't he doesn't hug back. He feels like he doesn't deserve them.

You need to watch a walkthrough of EP. I know a great one. However, you may dislike it because it ends with Tatsuya kissing Maya (and then knocking her out and leaving for good. It was a now or never thing). Overall, because that Maya is another person who merely becomes aware of the events in IS, she develops romantic feelings for Tatsuya while IS Maya did not. And according to the world book (the IS one) Maya was Tatsuya's first crush while they were kids. Tatsujun is still treated as cannon in side material, but overall the books present everyone as being something between family and lovers (except Eikichi who is just family. Miyabi and all).
HelenTheMoon chapter 4 . 9/15
Ah, yes. The "most awkward love confession EVER" scene. I actually find it hilarious in hindsight in Eternal Punishment. I can imagine Katsuya's shadow going "you're in love with that woman" and Tatsuya being like "why is this happening again" and "thank god I'm not at the receiving end this time around" and Maya being like "so sorry Tatsuya, now I know how that felt like".
HelenTheMoon chapter 1 . 9/11
I found this in AO3 and I'm very glad to see it's here too. Please continue it! (I commented as Lermis)