Reviews for Any Means Necessary
Guest chapter 9 . 4h
I can picture it already. He wont point his finger at coil for sure, cuz that would paint a target from his back. Nah, he will accuse Piggot herself. Possible bullshit/reason would be social engineering the city (Eidolon can simply clean the street within few hours, but she didnt call for backup. Its bullshit if they cant atleast spare a few hours), or due to previous reason that 'triggered' them so they can be 'recruited' by the PRT. Oh the madness~
superpierce chapter 9 . 5h
oooh this just keeps getting more exciting.
iRogue III chapter 9 . 5h
"You've just activated my trap card!" just about sums this chap up.
PasiveNox chapter 9 . 5h
hmmmmmmm yes yes yes great hehehhehee
FerunaLutelou chapter 9 . 6h
duskrider chapter 8 . 19h
Rather interesting chapter and good story overall.
PasiveNox chapter 8 . 9/16
Ihoooooooooo damn yeah great
frankieu chapter 8 . 9/16
thx for the chapter looking forward to more
suzga chapter 8 . 9/16
So good! Thanks for the update.
FerunaLutelou chapter 8 . 9/16
Lol, he needs to meet Coil when he will be in the PRT building. Agate probably should be able to detect him his power.
PasiveNox chapter 7 . 9/15
Yay problems more entertainment for us yeah
PasiveNox chapter 6 . 9/15
This is nice
PasiveNox chapter 5 . 9/15
Good job
PasiveNox chapter 4 . 9/15
Yeah great
PasiveNox chapter 3 . 9/15
Yah nice great
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