Reviews for Hunters of Justice
Matt22152 chapter 78 . 33m
I can’t wait for this clash of universes to happen, you included the Mystery Incorporated timeline, along with the Anunnaki. Will you also explain how the Outer Gods knew about the RWBY canon timeline, and if you plan to use the Ever After or the Brothers? I’m sorry to bombard you with this much, but it’s been a while, plus the current state of the email notifications
Luffy L Deathwalker chapter 78 . 1h
You do realize that having a member of Mystery Inc swear is a Scooby DON'T right? I mean I get the ScoobyNatural callback but seriously it would have made more sense for Men or Jaune to say Son of a bitch. Beyond that good chapter
jrhenderson1 chapter 78 . 1h
The hallway chase scene had me legitimately laughing. I loved it!
silverhawk88 chapter 78 . 1h
I was able to see this update on app so that is how i am realizing the updates. Anyway this was a great chapter! Looking forward for more!
Jacob9594 chapter 78 . 1h
Nice twist at the end with elder gods. Looking forward to what happens next.
cvictorino708 chapter 78 . 2h
Man I did not expect this to get dark. Man JNPR got some explaining to do but that’s not important and it’s now time to call the Justice League. Man I can not wait but I must. Trestwho stay safe and stay healthy man.
AlexFalTon chapter 78 . 2h




"Son of a bitch."

That will never not be funny.
triscythe59 chapter 78 . 2h
Dang! Did not see this coming! Looks like secrets are now revealed. Hopefully JNPR and Penny finally get to fight the bad guys and the Mystery Inc. Will do something to help them.

Have you seen RWBY Beyond yet? It was recently released not to long ago. It should be out in the Rooster Teeth Online and App. Just letting you know they will be shut down by May 15.

Just because Rooster Teeth will be gone soon doesn’t mean that RWBY and rest of its creation is gone forever.

RWBY never dies~!

Can’t wait for the next chapter! chapter 78 . 3h
Great job with this chapter, I knew that Pickman is familiar from Lovecraft. Not to mention Nyarlathotep knows TEAM JNPR and Penny from event of RWBY Volume 9 and Mystery Gang from the finale of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. I had a feeling that JNPR and Penny will a explaining to the Mystery Incorporated. Same thing for Mystery Incorporated. Not to mention that JNPR will talk to Justice League about Pyrrha death and Jaune questioning about the Rusted Knight. Anyway keep up with the great work and pray that Volume 10 will be a last season and see it.
mrxavierdr123 chapter 78 . 3h
If you get the chance/if you want(it's your story) can you do tease to a Qrow/zatanna ship, i feel those to would go good together.
Mobian chapter 78 . 3h
I think team JNPR and Penny cover are blown but they have bigger thing to worry about. I just recently saw that episode of Guess who. Definitely time call in the big gun like Dr. Fate or Constantine. Nice reference to Mystery Incorporated. Good chapter.
Wolfpackersson09 chapter 78 . 3h
Talk about a wild ride, and I will have to wait to find the conclusion and the knowledge of how things are.
the mysterious Mr.E chapter 78 . 3h
That was an awesome chapter I can't wait to see what happens next
Jebest4781 chapter 78 . 3h
Great entry and will be fun to see how things will proceed further.
patrickthenobleman chapter 78 . 4h
This was a great little surprise.
Really do love the inclusion of actual Lovecraftian figures. Especially since we're a year after the release of the 'Doom that Came to Gotham'.
Scooby here just puts the Doo in the Doom.

(insert cricket chirping)

I'll see myself out and wait patiently for the next installment. No rush, we've all got real life to deal with and sometimes it just drains you.
Stay well and healthy until next time.
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