Reviews for A Chance Meeting
Araytigre chapter 35 . 10/14/2018
Moste Excellent, I have enjoyed reading it, and it might be nice to see how they have faired in their new Home, as well as the blending of knowledge, and technologies. Also the efforts to rescue the other remaining Colonials. I look forward to whatever you come up with next, as well as any I'm watching that you've not finished yet. Thank You. TTFN
lancelot-B chapter 1 . 10/11/2018
My compliments to your writing skill. You envision and write stories in a very unique way.

Thank you for your gift.
LifeIsAGreatAdventure chapter 35 . 10/11/2018
Really nicely done story with which I've just caught up. You do Xovers well. I'm not a big BSG2003 fan because of the dream sequences with Caprica6, which I think take far too much viewing time, so issues in the later episodes didn't even touch my radar. Glad you chose a relatively early time in the 2003 chronology to do the first contact. Speaking of Xovers, hoping to see more of Through the Wormhole soon. Thanks loads for your hard work on this, if there is a sequel I'll be thankful to read it when it comes out.
carick of hunter moon chapter 35 . 10/10/2018
all told a well develop plot bunny that has created a enjoyable story thank you
Guest chapter 35 . 10/8/2018
really enjoyed this story so a big thanks for all the effort you put in.
graynavarre chapter 1 . 10/9/2018
you combined the two best sci fi tv series of all time (B5 and BSG). Thank you and I will reread this many, many times.
Crys chapter 35 . 10/7/2018
Abrupt ending, but you are correct that this is a story of getting them out.

Overall, I quite liked it. Thanks for sharing.
dezoat chapter 35 . 10/6/2018
Thank you for your story and its complete.
Guest chapter 35 . 10/6/2018
Enjoyed the story. Keep up the good work.
Lol chapter 35 . 10/6/2018
Third paragraph. How many cylons did you find in the copulation?
Evitae chapter 35 . 10/5/2018
Absolutely enjoyed every single chapter. Outstanding story. Looking forward to reading more of your fics.
Dun1 chapter 35 . 10/7/2018
I love the story it is a very unique take on the colonials. However, you have made the colonials way too righteous which ignores a lot of the grey areas that made the show a gem in the first place. A lot of the characters are acting very differently from their personalities. For example, Tom Zarek all of a sudden agrees with everything Adama is doing and he is not scheming to get power, Kara Thrace is no longer a main character and causes no trouble, Lee is suddenly a confident battlestar commander, cylons even though they are A.I don't have the computing power to target and hit a whitestar. You should rewatch the show and do a deep analyses of the character dynamics and technology if you want to improve the story. Also, it doesn't make sense that the Narn are giving the colonials weapons tech and fusion reactor tech(which is way more fuel efficient and powerful than Tylium which is more like fossil fuel) and not getting the jump drive tech. The colonials are the ones in the most desperate situation out of all the powers which means they do not have much leverage (they need the Narn more than the Narn need them). Also the Narn already have gravity tech which they got from the Minbari even if it isn't as good it means that the exchange is not a fair one.
chloe chapter 35 . 10/5/2018
Nice chapter, so Laura goes back to being a School Teacher, is she going to spank Adama when hes naughty!
Guest chapter 35 . 10/5/2018
'so, how many Cylons did you find in the copulation from Copernicus'
Am I missing something here?
BTW, great story, well done.
chloe chapter 34 . 10/4/2018
Good chapter
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