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a guy1013 chapter 12 . 9h
just keep updating
KingPlotBunny chapter 12 . 13h
you know i'm curious how do you come up with such twisted forms of torture not a complaint just genuinely curious
Xonjax chapter 12 . 13h
i really like Capella‘s character

by the way please let Harry, Daphne and Voldemort win I dont wont Grindelwald to win or one of them dead or Voldemort betraying Harry or some shit
TheOnlyKing chapter 12 . 14h
Thank you for the chapter
TheOnlyKing chapter 11 . 10/14
I applaud you on a chapter well done
KingPlotBunny chapter 11 . 10/14
the trap is set take the bait take the bait! TAKE THE BAIT! good ol'Voldie winning the war with style and damn he really does plan to wipe out muggles it'll just be magicals left by the end of this
moomoogoat chapter 10 . 10/14
Doing what is necessary requires brutality and I'm glad you don't shy away from it.

You've improved on your torture since your one-shot and that is evident. The way you are able to inflict pain and paint a picture is much better than before. I would still caution you against using the cruciatus curse as a throwaway, as the best torture scenes are written without it.

Darkness is hard to write and you've certainly gotten better. Improvement :)

I love the ruthlessness you channel, yet again another solid installment. Will be tuned for more.
a guy1013 chapter 11 . 10/14
just keep updating
KingPlotBunny chapter 10 . 10/11
well that was twisted...and yet I come back for more either way feels like the war is pretty much at an end Grindlewald will is bound to lose one or both of the twins will mess with his head due to the ritual and well after that it wont take much for Africa to fall
Truthandreality23 chapter 10 . 10/11
Harry and Daphne are further being driven into insanity, so aren't they bound to make foolish mistakes? In fact, they've already demonstrated that by deciding to wear their second horcruxes, effectively rendering their purpose useless. I don't see Grindelwald, who is strategically intelligent, allowing Padma and the Weasley twins ever getting far enough to fall into traps, unless it's for the purpose of springing their own trap; it's disrespecting his aptitude to allow him to fail in that way. Sure, it is Voldemort's plan, but it is being executed by the irrational Harry and Daphne. Grindelwald has an advantage over Voldemort considering his knowlege, experience, and power.

Also, at this point it seems like there aren't really any of our favorite good guys left; a victory for them is kind of hollow in terms of the characters. Everyone of importance is dead, dying, or probably soon to be dead. With how the story is progressing, Voldemort winning will leave an unsurprising, but bitter taste. However, unless there's a major breakthrough for either side, the war should still last a few more years considering Hogwarts and the whole of Africa are still free. It seems like either there needs to be a major successful operation or some time skips in place to make it more believable, as I agree with the other reviewer that it appears the war has progressed too quickly for it to be believable. Either way, it seems like we're heading for a story that ends with Voldemort winning and evil prevailing or with Grindelwald winning in a war torn society with a bleak future.
a guy1013 chapter 10 . 10/11
just keep updating
The Jingo chapter 10 . 10/11
The Jingo chapter 9 . 10/10
As intense as ever. It's been a while since I read this series and I wanted to binge it before I got around to leaving a heftier review. So now that I'm caught up I'll deal with that now.

This series really is excellent. The prose is solid and enjoyable to read, the characters are all fleshed out and the plot has just been ace. There are a lot of interesting elements that you've thrown in and explored that I thought were quite rare and interesting.

One thing that really sticks out at me has been, well, rapist Harry. Often even in dark fics there's a certain line that doesn't get crossed that separates dark protagonists from the truly evil. It's like people are willing to write about villain protagonists, but they're still not going to cross that moral event horizon. Dark Harry might torture his enemies, but those enemies are usually people that the audience is convinced deserve it, and he doesn't do it to the innocent or just for kicks.

But in this series the evil side is actually evil. Bellatrix is not 'the woman who went too far and who is a rival' but is rather a template for Harry himself. He falls to that level over the course of the series, and it takes place in a believable way. It doesn't feel edgy or irrational for Harry to just slowly become corrupt like that. And further, his fall doesn't just lead him down a morally ambiguous path. Harry is pretty out and out immoral as a person. Just overall well done and something that is rarely ever done without a fountain of bashing.

Another thing that got me is how you've handled Dumbledore and Grindelwald as the 'antagonists'. They have actually been developed really well, without absurd flaws to try and get the audience to hate them and accept all of the protagonists' immoral crimes. Dumbledore very much is relatable, and Grindlewald serves as an excellent foil for Voldemort. I'll actually be quite sad to see him go.

The only thing that I might criticize is that this story suffers a bit of what I'll call 'Rowlingized politics'. What I mean is that the war angle of it has really felt too quick and the changes in power too abrupt. Rowlings' seven book series confines the wizarding war to three books, which means that there is a distinct lack of actual warfare content and everything seems to tie itself off neat and tidy. You don't fall into the pit quite as badly as her since you didn't just have all conflict basically happen off-screen and we actually get to see the war, it's simply not long enough.

Grindelwald's War lasted for twenty-five years before he was defeated by Dumbledore. Voldemort waged a rebellion against the British government for eleven before he was defeated in 1981. It requires too much suspension of disbelief to accept that they can essentially conquer the entire world in the space of a couple of years. They shouldn't have even been able to defeat the British Ministry in that short of a time frame. So it feels too short and I think if you got bored of writing warfare you would have been better served to introduce timeskips to make the whole business more realistic.

Other than that, I would just raise a small quibble about your character tags. You should probably take Astoria and Draco out of the tags and put maybe Voldemort and Grindelwald in. Tags should reflect central characters and pairings, and Astoria has basically been a non-entity for the entire series. Draco was important early on but he hasn't really been relevant since the fourth year fic.
KingPlotBunny chapter 9 . 10/9
YES! thank you i'm actually kicking myself for being a day late to read this but hey Assassins creed Odyssey has been demanding it's all wrapping up now just Grindelwald Africa and Australia and the last bits of the Order so awesome cant wait for the next chapter
Guest chapter 9 . 10/9
This was a great chapter please update soon
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