Reviews for Infected
TheGoldenYoshichu chapter 8 . 9/18
Well, this is certainly a much needed bit of Mabel and Ford bonding that was severely lacking in Season 2. The premise of Stan and Dipper being put into comas from gas station pizza was a bizarre conflict but very fitting within the nature of Gravity Falls. I love how it was down to Mabel and Ford to save them and how their drastically different personalities both conflicted and meshed together. Seeing an unlikely duo such as those two succeed was awesome and it was sweet to know that they, as well as Dipper and Stan, will be bonding more in the future. -TheGoldenYoshichu
Ahmed Samy chapter 4 . 9/13
Eh...idk,Ford seemed really OOC,his outburst kinda came out of nowhere.I really thought this was just going to be a dream or something...The story is good,but Ford's outburst could have been a little more justified and less forced,other than being mad at a harmless joke(like if Mabel mess up something in the mission)
Angelwings2002 chapter 7 . 9/14
Awwwwww this was so sweet I love this!
Guest chapter 4 . 9/10
I hope there is an explanation on why Ford utterly lost his mind on Mabel
Carcer14 chapter 4 . 9/10
So far, I'm loving it! Also, why did you have to put this at the end of the chapter DX

Your writing has been constantly improving! Keep it up! (more comments and thoughts on Twitter)
alwright1286 chapter 1 . 9/7
Really interesting so far. I’m genuinely concerned for Stan so I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Also, 10/10 do not reccomend gas station pizza. Starving is better. XP