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Debbie Hicks chapter 21 . 1/14
22. Outtake: Bella's alien nature and galactic heritage

Suddenly too late too late the guard found her with him good who turned you Then get them blacking out blew up good who made you freaks, the her screaming tore head of both them then with them brought there see dead drained of as all of Blood then suddenly the Children were born hybrids bitten with alien rattlesnake chained see this you Isabella forbidden what good gifted take her from him the her kidnapping was real then so the kids then With the bitten best friends/young ones finally we find you good not humans at all of it sentenced to die freaks then beheaded then in pieces then than ripped freely with aliens/Vulcans shown up with Borg drone skin bitten Bree and Diego two used her alien venom bitten their own but ripped it by formal markings suddenly ripped aortas/collarbones but torn it chained good turned her screaming so them hit but fatally permanently wounded blown with him/them Smashed freed finally you are not welcomed tore freely both sides mortally permanently but fully time longest term fully time but completely as all of it injured good blow up then it was too late alien venom was real blasting freely brought the finally turned by herself guilty of immortal children and freaks are hybrids put them to death then you fourteen last then lost freely as all of them beheaded them, goods then newspapers reported a crime of herself wasn't exactly human with venom running in her veins then too late who was not normal had a power of seeing ghosts or Katra's as she called them but properly created a coven approved the elders ceremonially knighted but permanently them as the Phoenix coven herself the leader was chained see this you are broken blew from heads both are sliced freely then brought them good dead drained of with them rest /teenagers what created a coven herself but too late so they phased but torn freely is not human mated with him had freaks good rest ripped them in pieces with the Cullens/ten torn freely bring them again they broken treaty law good with them blew hordes bitten Freely are lost freely then Alice got a mostly more upgraded but powerful Vision of their doomsday oh my god they were killed/murdered off are severed from parents oh no she never ages/dies in time and space struggling of it but so them as well never were alive had powers Alice we fear they caused this act are not humans wee Watch them three then nuked freely suddenly torn freely as all of it ripped both sliced brought them good they died there they are forbidden to live again good They are severed let parents grieve and lost their kids good blew apart finally executed from here hordes then it came too late murdered from here ripped freely hordes as all of them good they can't return from here good then it came too soon it came too late gone from here was all of it with things with few/remains more monstrously blown with both shattering freely to as all of it created a station more monstrously are trapped there were all of it to Around the world's Supernatural beings Covens/packs but with aliens/Vulcans as all of to last/few/rest/remains nuked freely more monstrously as all of remains as all of last remains more than as all of it vanished as all of it lost forced families to see them go warped from here nuked vanished good from us/all of them as all of them were more as all of it were all of witnesses deported aboard.
Debbie Hicks chapter 21 . 11/18/2022
22. Outtake 2 Kali-fi-fee
then herself was Bitten by snakes then bitten her kids were immortal children then the three/best friens/young Ons then aliens/Vulcans slips up death good who turn you gifted blacking out good You broken treaty law then Three days of burning good ours kept her/him/kids/them as sex slaves traded/sold then torn heads-brain cords burn them we don't want them anymore then herself/them him/kids were wanderers/nomadic sickest hunted on the run from them then re met ill were dying chained see you Isabella no both are punished Hit gang-raped permanently in blood then with them the Cullens horrified save them and the then nuked with her/them torn freely brought there se fourteen die there good bitten Freely illegally erased memories see this then ripped freely then Alice we fear the venom is in her heart/his/kids aged to be teenagers were next with them herself felt different and much more stronger so they gasp telepathic Alien hissing growling you are iciest cold as one of us with him/them nuked freely fled both sliced freely good they have newest addictions what she see ghosts not anymore deceased tear these ones apart good then vaporizing blew apart good with them it happened hordes stolen from here looks/names/ages/blood/powers/abilities then it was already gone beheaded from here good hordes more man as all of them will be spies will train thee then it had changed after their painfully demise then it happened Alice got a vision of them gasp Smashing they done this act they are all coming as all of of them they killed her/him/them gasp they were murdered I Nedd Dad please you can't lost control once oh my god they done acts we need witnesses of her/them then Nuked Pierced freely with Witnesses two's blasting freely brought the finally see this they perished the vaporizing fully finally never born again then it happened see this broke treaty twice good banished but aboard with things finally to more as all of supernatural beings covens/Packs to few/remain s with as very far to exported ones what phased American ones good frozen blow up freed dead then hordes the it happened fled from here suddenly never returned good exiled to Vulcan with the Displacer's nuked then it happened crashed on their planet then was not human were no longer on Earth was controlled by Vampires they were free to do they wanted in tome a newest way of living from both nuked from here but vanished gone from here good they are as all of more than as all of them then it was wiped out caused as all of them what not humans phased not anymore declared dead.
Debbie Hicks chapter 21 . 2/5/2022
Outtake 2-SECRET'S OUT Then blood bound him tore the aortas/broken collarbones then the two Three/ best friends/young ones good who turn you Isabella fled screaming good with they tore heads the wit the spawns' toe executed get her. /them gotcha Alien Venom brought her/they gifted not anymore put to death from us Good Experimented by augmenting from him were wolf blood then kept ass slaves for twisted but cruel ways tore both the burn her/him/them to death/aliens/Vulcans' tore both the fled then lost rom here than in America was not humans found by humans then in pain of the kids sickest frailer but weaker and weaker and was dying was sick from here blood eating torn good Nothingness nuked cursed to roam Who had only had eight then nuked bitten all-venomous was Nuked was cut from here then Alice found her not human had powers so he/they rescued them then blown with they tore Punished cut from parents both then lost then Sliced then never was mortal blown apart brought three then was nothingness then Struggling but was not human at all was a nomad Alice she was killed but is a mother of eight oh my god herself was adapting to immortality so he/they nuke they toe both cords ripped then tore freely brought them too late was killed see new addictions we took care of her/army good dead is not living good see to it we made a choice the rest ripped her/them as all of with kids apart good dead guilty as charge sentenced to death of her/them you with them good die then lost from here tore freely ashes but dust then dealt with her/army then Nuked the beheaded hardest then too late good heirs as all of them bitten freely blown from here see never was alive see they are dead then it happened they were framed of her powers were in a Hugest House-RV They were wanderers but nomads nuked good brought them there aboard finally end them there then it came what not mortals fled blown with it as all torn freely then things eight beamed over was not human fled from here nuked with both from here good died in the afterlife nuked three nuked what not living then it was gone it happened names of as all of gravestones as all of them more than monstrously as all of it then Not mortal ones good dead in the ground they never return from wit as all of dead beings then it happened on Vulcan they were exiled on their planet all of the each blown up with the both nuked vanished good these ones perished from parents it came too late murdered them in time as all of gravestones as all of them were as all of it mostly much many more monstrously of them then it as gone there were as all mostly much many more as all of it rotting more as all of them caused a chain reaction cursed from here good they are never are alive what buried good they died out then too late Alice they were all of them killed by them then it really happened couldn't be killed of them were avengers of the gods/goddesses reborn them differently lost families were now young again then nuked were as all of them then pets/four nuked then they were on Vulcan by now.
Guest chapter 21 . 12/26/2021
22. Outtake Two-Bella's powers Declared as a Bene Gesserit then too late ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Then bitten best friends/young ones to aliens/Vulcans cursing them with alien powers drained with three/two with two pain take her we made a decision take her to our city is guilty her eight kids freed then bitten her instead of a demise chained good, fled take them six ripped then Maule by a sehlat tore six brought the then left for dead too late a aftermath fractured skulls broken bones was real get her/the army the captured screaming bruises as all of it sexually assaulting by abusing but violating then Flames tore freely Left her for dead into blood beaten to death hardest then finally Nothingness then finally officially lost her life and memories out of time good fled brought them good with half-breeds good then ripped apart good then into pieces woke in Forks General Medical Hospital insane but crazed of her powers was officially active but hair shaven Amnesiac shell shocking more erased as all by force as all of mostly then broken her/him/them blew up of memories screaming more doing more good more as all bled brought there good lost as all of memories was permanently as all of it completely not human as a cold one with them blew vanished good then it came too late herself was shattered but ended up with Amnesia purely Amnesiac was broken from here Alice found her sickest had eight kids were hybrids hair grew back longer with bangs her skin was paler vibrant Anime Falkor's red good guilty of treason of murder tore heads torn into six to more pies with the Cullens/Witnesses then lost lives/memories torn from here brought there with freaks good with her/they die then it came ashes/dust good her gift is terrifying then heirs as all more monstrously as all of them ripped loose with them then bitten freely torn heads beheaded turned them into Immortal beings officially burn them there the seer found her with ice-cold non-body face temperature sin so freezing cold Carlisle what we do keep then nuked with her/him/then nuked both with the kids' aliens/Vulcans from homes clothes onto NASA Bodysuits nuked vanished to as all of from around the world good dead then beheaded from here blown heirs good train them there with looks are marked with venom nuked are mine to keep then it happened did not age at all.
Debbie Hicks chapter 21 . 10/22/2021
22. Outtake 2 Bitten by a Wolf
then Sam was poison the torn then did the same the the kis eight then to Jake and Leah with theiu kids then the best friends/young ons then Aliens/Vulcans slain slipped up the Volturi found me guilty seen their ghostly fam,iles take her from him gifted then Hit but attacked but injurred then too late transitoning more lost my life and memoies tore hairs then Very far way overpushing ass all of it from both the too lare goodf mine Guard dogs with yiou arew a guard then Three days of painfully burning was forbidden then suddenly sexcually assasultd but abused bur experimenting but augmenting then was Changed by brain surgeries as all of erased fro my powers was Nercomancy good Four was as all of bruidses more with as all as all scars the blinded then too late Beheaded then never was alive so him/they with they all/rest/them then too late punished injection of Werewolf venom Hit from ass all of alien rattlesnakes blew up burn them fled then lost from here see they broke provoked us/all see to it us/they on the run then re-met revealing then chained see exposed then then Mangled both the venom spreading to my dying heart then nuked with both then Sliced transitoning then lost from here good Executed then lost from here brought there good no longer alive the n vicious burned there was forbidden to live Alice who done to /they Volturi myself was Immortal was paler more than slivery skinned sparkling in Kirai Sparkling Diamonds gasp hair longer with bangs Red eyes myself struggling of the real thirst and alien bloodlust was out of control nuked Blew blasting freely brought there good new addictions good ripped as all of them then Atomizing by destroying but vaporizing bonds are shattered but destroyed then Beheaded took from here Alice she is unable to have more kids oh my god then in time was still married renewing vows as all many times who was Not human Alice she has a power then Blacking outside torn both brought there good we made a choice they broke the law are put them to death good sentence is death in time golden eyes was not human the kids were children things were deported five/cars/trucks travel ones merged merged with it nuked with us/they both Severed from senses brought there bring the criminals are put to sleep of them they hid a newborn with they had freaks good are dead then Beheaded from here finally the are law breakers see to it verdict to them Death we find them guilty good then too lar myself alert of the Dead Tok'ra host Alice she is cold skinned to the touch then in time never was with family again had a brand new car merged nuked was aboard so they nuked freely then with as all fused with five to real one merged shattering freely good bring as all of as all of them what more than as all of them suddenly too late as all of very far mostly much many more monstrous of as all of them very far as all of them as all of tribazillions or more monstrously as all of tri-mazillions see they broke the law Cullen witnesses blew up then vanished good dead destroy them good they perished then to few/rest/remains as all; of them to animals frozen blew up good vanished they broke rule of our coven then too late More than as all of them more Volturi guards good they are lost see to it then it came the Clearing with as all of more as all more monstrously as all of trivazillions or more mazillions gravestones and names good let parents never visit then too late good they crossed over by now it was too late never was human at all was scarred from here too late the parents aged were next their young reported to us/all Alice they done damages to them they heal faster with them recovered but could not die out but bbecame immortal beings Alice they caused it they never have more kids as all of them they are sterile by now they did this act but they were framed as all of it gasp.
Bell 1 chapter 21 . 9/4/2020
This was a very sweet story. It was actually nice to not have the Cullens part of it too. ;) Not that I dislike the Cullens, just it was nice to have a break from them causing havoc in Bella's life.

Sam and Bella had a very nice and sweet start to their relationship. And it appears they will have the same type of marriage. :)

I liked how Leah ended up with the man she had her eyes on too.

Charlie's relationship with his daughter in this was very wonderful also. 3
BW chapter 1 . 8/31/2020
The conversations should be in quotes, but otherwise, a good start.
Debbie Hicks chapter 21 . 4/13/2020
22. Outak Two Blood bonded
Blood bonded her tore it hardest ripped then so herself to the three with imprinted blood bonded equal partners with child the child split was eight kids to best riends with mates of their with eight overdrained to Both then drained improving then suddenly too late to Aliens/Vulcans then overdried out then finally began sharing the guard found her gifted with him/they with they Slaughtering the toe both head-cord punished her for consorting with him/they Asassulted then then by abusing then by Force then then Venomized as all of it the mutation the good who turned you tell our masters we own you slaves forever then Killed Them both taken the blood from here then Cursed her/him/they with death Weaken heath problems started blew up both then b each both was Gone lost blood get her/him/they gotcha then too late Her screams was heard then Both from here with his/they brought there good without blood the Eight kids are Dead at birth they are Freed bitten are next with they are Venomous but immortal children rest with them out tore as all pieces bring them then wiped them out they are Sterile followed then too late lost memories s well phased after both sliced freely bring them there with Irina/others we sentence then with the corpses to death then too late Murdered then forbidden to reside then More Volturi guards herself could use her powers so his with theirs wit their with siblings all phased sliced freely popped by piecing freely both vanished became Immortal but after first death smashed freely then fled brought there good no longer allowed more of it rip them alive in time as coats as all of it herself used a Vulcan mind meld telepathically by channeling via Pure Telekinetic powers exploding placed her finger tips began the ritual chant on Doctor Snow's face was in pure holy White Heavenly but Angelic Religiously Temple Martian robes unisex was four thin ones over the bodysuits both with Hand jewelry with Necklace with the Head-crown with Hairpiece longer but expanded jet nox Darker Brown-red hair in a ritualized battle Seleyan but Vulcan colif with bangs ritualized swirled curled sides exposed Werewolf's pointed ears had Richer Sch'n T'Gai eyebrows were 100% Slanted her body was more oiled/massaged but with scented lotions and lathering creams became a Acolyte of Mount Seleya of Gol was in fact a Priestess was a woman holds ranks and titles with Authority and Power and Ceremonial rights and freedom was a female priest or attendant began Swearing vows of Celibacy hand turned but risen up higher the Vulcan first officer noticed her Swearing to Apollo was still Swearing with one turned higher but raised hand vowing to the Gods/Goddesses her eyes was Black irises skin was oiled but massaged was still more Swearing behaving more coldly but impassive Sir! she could speak to ghosts by channeling is a priestess in white robes of a maiden has to channel her pure storming energy name in the Name of Surak Sch'n T'Gai T'Lar is my religious given name of the Temple of Mount Seleya of Gol oh no not him oh my god what she done she did a Vulcan mind meld sighten my ancestors used my body to channel storming her powers is not human is from the planet Vulcan What?! oh crap he's a comin' oh god he's Muscular ulp three terrified teenaged young men you three Madam he Accdressed her but herself was cold to him attained Kolinahr was with Surak logically you dare to give Authority over me yikes she is a what Vulcan priestess bonded to him her executor oh no not him oh yeah oh my god Sam you are her husband she took your last name we look like Vulcans with pointed ears yes we look different she's Vegetarian children yes Father Where is Mother here my children then too late were in a Unicat merged with the both was more larger things was as all of them then too late Rooms for couples and kids had pets had young a sound of a kitten caused Shiloh's allergies he sneezed of Tigger was her new best friends let bust some ghosts Hello yeah it's me ghosts roaming about Girls see this AD Ghostbusters they live in New York City oh no Sir! Bree's correct then too late nuked both with both then shattering became far more futuristic then lived full-time as all of it were as all of it shattering from here good they fled brought the corpses good guard these were dried up it really happened at night the yoiung Vulcan woman was with her mate and child Paul snored with Rachel with eight kids loudly of Irish beer then hit him on the head with a frying pan was moaning of her hormones was moody was on the pad again oh god Rachel sorry it's my hormones she is ever horny and moaning like a Woman Garrett ow he was with a ice pad but Sam rested more differently while Bella meditated calmly but differently candles used for solitary mediation acting like from the planet Vulcan sensed ghosts roaming about were college aged ghosts had a loud bash their voices were heard Alice Bells yes my husband we approached New York City wha Bella you up early yes rose very early Sir! they hired us of a problem they are college aged ghosts or katras had a very loud toga party what is that noise he was grumbling could not sleep yikes look we can't return got our mates with the others joined us easy boy a dog um puppies oh how beautiful Alaskan husky how small they are Shiloh yeah your dog had puppies well little guy he's asleep Harrrrrrrrrrumph! he was furious on the three young men were teenaged boys ulp then it was in a campground haunted.
asia.joanna.7334 chapter 21 . 3/15/2020
Omg omg Omg Omg Omg Omg i love it. Omg this is so good.I like sooooo! :)) The chapter is great! Amazing! Simply amazing! I love your writing and i love this story!I hope you update really soon. !I can't wait to read update soon! :)
Kemq chapter 21 . 3/10/2020
Great story.
LunaM303 chapter 21 . 3/2/2020
I need to read this again
Imwaiting4myAliceandEdward chapter 20 . 12/31/2019
Cute. Would be so much better if a beta edited it first
Sassyvampmama chapter 20 . 9/21/2019
Thanks for sharing this with us.
LunaM303 chapter 20 . 9/7/2019
this is was the best story I ever read and I'm going to re-read it
reading.shacky chapter 19 . 8/12/2019
I was hooked from the beginning of this story! Now I actualy love it, You are an amazing writer! Please update soon
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