Reviews for Forged in Fire
Mad about the Boro chapter 8 . 8/16
Odd, but suprisingly good. Keep it up!
fdean80090 chapter 8 . 5/31
Great job. Can't wait to see the rest.
SakuraKoi chapter 8 . 5/20
eructo666 chapter 8 . 4/22
Great job! Are you going to continue this story?
Guest chapter 8 . 3/22
plz update soon. i am completly addicted to this story
Kid Coheed chapter 8 . 3/19
Wait Raza/Lucius/Diary!Riddle are all one character now?

I think referring to it what ever this combination is as One New Name perhaps something like 'Zauberer' Which is Wizard or something similar in German. Sound obnoxious enough for both Malfoy and Voldemort's Egos.

why would 16 year old Riddle Bow before Raza/Lucius or was that like a symbolic thing of Riddle granting Raza's body use of his Core to cast magic?

I expect Pepper and or Tony to tear into Harry in the morning, what he did was reckless and done without the proper gear. I hope Tony begins to Get Harry kitted out as he builds his own Iron Suits. Simple items like a second Gauntlet for Harry's left hand, Chest armor, boots and clothing that can handle his flames perhaps even helping him mass produce his tricky potions like his bugeye potion

Hope Kalkofen gets turned into a Werewolf or something
Jostanos chapter 8 . 3/18
I have one word to say about that announcement, D2: COOL! *eye smiles*
I'll be sure to check them out soon!

Speaking of soon... Please continue when you may, my friend.
Addie Lover of Stories chapter 8 . 3/10
Damn, this is an interesting world you've created! There's much intrigue going on, as well as badassery, and every chapter is just one fast paced rollercoaster ride after another! I'm loving it! And there's so much more I look forward to! SHIELD's reaction, how this will affect all the marvel movies from this point forward (though I'm really excited about thoughts for the Avengers), as well as the Harry Potter side, since this is such a drastically different world than the original! Thank you much for writing this! Reading it has certainly been an adventure!
Fallow55 chapter 8 . 3/9
xxx Kudos xxx : )
Zentari2238 chapter 6 . 3/9
...the amount of pure stupid in this fic is off the charts. Forget plot holes, this doesn't even have a general outline to follow.
ILoveGeorgeEads chapter 8 . 3/8
I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
Halo Star Wars X-over fan chapter 8 . 3/6
Yeah... after reading this to the end, it’s just one of Those story or more like series that just goes on forever ridiculously. There was a good idea behind this story but that idea his been twisted to much and is just unrecognizable at this point, so well good luck continuing this I guess.
Halo Star Wars X-over fan chapter 8 . 3/6
... what the fuck... like seriously? I figured that horcrux thing would end that chapter I reviewed on. But now this? Sad I thought this would be a good story guess I have to drop it because nobody wants to read a story where the exact same villain gets killed but then miraculously comes back alive again over and over. It’s the reason most Tv series and movies that does this quickly find themselves short on funds after the first 5 or so movies or 3 or so sessions.

Because honestly me at least, I do not want to read a story with a overdone pathetic character that keeps coming back again and again when that’s just not how magic works. Even if it’s AU.
Halo Star Wars X-over fan chapter 7 . 3/6
Ok um the thing with the horcrux is just plain getting utterly ridiculous, the killing curse should of removed it from him since it removes a soul from whatever it hits, or well it violently rips it. Anyways it targets the least attached soul which would be the horcrux.

So plainly speaking it should be gone and dead from him... I know this thing with the horcrux’s sounds like a good idea however it’s not realistic and shouldn’t be possible at all especially with the book because once whatever that’s holding the horcrux gets destroyed and magics erased it causes all of the horcrux magics to fail and the object just becomes like very other object

I know it’s AU and you probably thought of this idea however you don’t get how unpractical it is, because even with warding, rituals and runes if you destroy the source everything else gets destroyed.

Then there’s Harry’s Horcrux which shouldn’t of been possible to even possess him since the the soul fragment is only 1/128th of Voldemort’s original soul and that’s if it’s the 7th horcrux which is what it is, since the snake was his 8th, although it was meant to be his 7th but since he didn’t know about Harry’s it became the 8th.
Tetradical chapter 8 . 3/7
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