Reviews for Phantasmic Forge
superpierce chapter 4 . 18m
dang man that was good though now I worry about Taylor and how this will affect her and though's who've known her for so many years.
evo123457 chapter 4 . 1h
O.M.G! That scene felt so fucking epic for some reason. Can't wait for more chaps :D
PasiveNox chapter 4 . 1h
welll damn that was epic as all talks at battle tends to be and great information
thestorymaker2 chapter 4 . 2h
Good chapter, I hope you don't turn Tyler into a prophet or some sort of religious figure in the fic but in saying that have you heard of the Al-Burāq it's from Islam it could be a rider type noble phantasm.
What other weapons from mythology are you going to make?
Suzululu4moe chapter 4 . 2h
Ouch no turning back now . Well on the bright side at least she didn’t useGenjo Sanzo aka Xuanzang Sanzang’s things Ie if she had someone gainges that head band used to bind Son holy instead then the AsainBadBoys will really be gunning for her. What with her being Caucasian n cultural misappropriation issues .

Right now she only has to worry about extreme religious related backlash from the Empire eighty eight .

Are there any Jewish super villains in Worm that might take offense enough by her actions to target her? And are Taylor n Danny actually Jewish?
Zaralann chapter 3 . 17h
PasiveNox chapter 3 . 9/19
Synchronization is it the noble phantasm most likely yeah great
PasiveNox chapter 2 . 9/19
Yeah great great hmmmmm experimenting yes
PasiveNox chapter 1 . 9/19
Hoop damn great it's good
Guest chapter 3 . 9/18
David's sling?
ultima-owner chapter 3 . 9/18
oh boy. The Noble Phantasm will be needed for this encounter
superpierce chapter 3 . 9/18
time to be a hero.
Separ chapter 3 . 9/18
Very nice chapter again!
Why did the sync value drop at the end?
N0SF3R4TU chapter 3 . 9/18
the synchronization stuff is a bit unclear. Is it synchronization with individual noble phantasm, which means the 59 is avalon and the 14 is the slingshot noble phantasm?
FreeTraderBeowolf chapter 3 . 9/18
First off I am enjoying the story. I do have to ask why the synchronization went from 54 percent to 59 then down to 14. Did you mean for the last one to be 64 percent?
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