Reviews for P5 Shipping Round Robin Challenge
Skye Maxwell chapter 23 . 10/10
This gave me some major feels. Yay for brave Futaba! Lol at her proposal speech and the experience points and leveling up.
Skye Maxwell chapter 22 . 10/10
Their fans are mortal enemies? Because of best girl wars or something? Well, I like both of them. Poor Makoto though, I haven't gotten that far in the anime yet, so I was surprised when she actually passed out, haha.
Mage chapter 23 . 10/10
Asdfghjkl ahhhhhh so cuuuuuute! ️️️
Skye Maxwell chapter 21 . 10/7
Gah, this is my favorite pairing! I love the "developing the nervous habit because of his crush" thing. So cute. I love simple little things like this that have big implications.
Skye Maxwell chapter 20 . 10/7
Bahaha, is goat yoga a real thing that people do? But yeah, I could totally see the two of them living with Billy.
Skye Maxwell chapter 19 . 10/7
Futaba is so cute and happy in this one! I wanna go bow to some deer now.
Skye Maxwell chapter 18 . 10/7
Ah, I was wondering who your favorite pairing would be. I do love the simplicity you presented here, plus the exploration of Makoto's character-the passionate moments versus the calm ones.
Skye Maxwell chapter 17 . 10/4
I like this a lot! I think both of these characters' struggles can be easy to gloss over, so I'm glad you got into them a bit. Ann calls Akira her light in the game, so I like how you flipped it and he reciprocates the sentiment.
Skye Maxwell chapter 16 . 10/4
Ahaha, I like their dynamic a lot. I agree that they're pretty cute! And I like Punch Ouch Slam, haha.
Skye Maxwell chapter 15 . 10/4
I love Motorcycle Makoto! My favorite part is how casual Akira is about hopping on, and then she hurts herself with the helmet, lol.
Skye Maxwell chapter 14 . 9/30
Hmm, I think it's a bit of a leap for Ann to go from realizing she likes him to immediately taking her clothes off. And I don't think he would have nothing to say about her declaring she was his girlfriend. She can be flirty, and he can be clueless, but perhaps not that much, haha.
Skye Maxwell chapter 13 . 9/29
Flustered Akechi, I approve. I honestly thought Akechi was gonna kill it and surprise her, and then I was a little concerned that he might try to take off his tie and be TOO sexy, but I like what actually happened, haha.
Skye Maxwell chapter 12 . 9/29
Catching up on reviews! Almost done! Hm, I can't say I've ever really considered this pairing (and I have thought through a LOT of pairings). I like how you covered the interactions they did have in the game, and how Yusuke realizes how he was harsh but she appreciates it because it helped her grow. But yeah, the stunt she pulled with Kaneshiro was real dumb, haha.
Skye Maxwell chapter 11 . 9/29
Ah, I like the ending with the "waiting to work his magic just as she had" thing. Nice.
Skye Maxwell chapter 10 . 9/29
Ohoho, now they're all true, that's clever.
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