Reviews for Tea, Loss and Reminiscing
trixyflixy chapter 1 . 4/21/2020
I just started rereading the Girl Talk series and was so excited to read your one-shot. Great story! I loved hearing what the four were up to and how their lives had changed. I hope you’ll write more!
Drumboy100 chapter 1 . 12/13/2019
An endearing snapshot of a woman's complicated grief for her father. She apparently took on his same profession, so she misses him whenever she's working on a project (daily) and it of course dampens what should be a joyous occasion, wrapping up a song. It is quite evident how you enjoyed completing your characters' arcs, what each person is doing years after their fandom ends, both personally and professionally. What a terrific mom, so supportive even though there must be bad blood somewhere in that relationship that led to a divorce. It is a sign of character growth that our shields-up main character is now more willing to cry in public. Members of the BSC skinny-dipping, my childhood is ruined! :) haha, what an image of clogging up a canoe leak with a hairbrush. What a profound concept of "sheltered in progressive NYC," that is quite true, a liberal place like that also wouldn't have the xenophobia that comes from smaller towns that are sheltered from the full range of lifestyles. Glad to see that their "sketchy relationship" has at least partially healed from childhood; some of those tears are probably also due to the continued healing that would have taken place if he hadn't died. This concluding "huge family feast" honors her father by showing the priority and renewed commitment she has to spending time with family. Good exploration of a daughter's grief.