Reviews for How Eating a Strange Fruit Gave Me My Quirk
partner555 chapter 16 . 2/4
-Kurogiri looked at the scene in worry, as they had brought Stain here on a spur to help Kurogiri grow.

Help Kurogiri grow? I think you meant Tomura at the end of the sentence.
RandoFox chapter 2 . 2/1
Just wanna say that working out doesn't make you taller
Guest W chapter 37 . 1/30
Lol, I liked the mirroring Izuku and Katsuki had in the battle. Just like Luffy and Zoro did in the Baroque Works battle.

Guest chapter 36 . 1/28
I hope when Izuku finally becomes a hero he has like a crew lol

Maybe he should train up his harem a lil more

Maybe teach them Haki and martial arts if possible

Make a justice league or a yonko crew
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 37 . 1/30
A lot more bodies this time.
shirousagi87 chapter 37 . 1/26
The move reika uses in the last chapter remind me of the one rock lee uses against gaara, btw when are we seeing the jet and giant variants?

He can actually uses primari lotus of lee if he uses his fingers or the black ropes that would be amazing an now more that he learned float from nana

Still waiting for some soft lemons with deku and his girls...
Guest chapter 37 . 1/23
So, Nine has a weaker version of All For One’s quirk, correct? Why was he given it?
InfinityMask chapter 37 . 1/25
Well the girl learn the hard way about the child that cry wolf.
4thwallbreak chapter 37 . 1/25
OMG Heroes Rising was probably my favorite movie of the franchise! Deku and Bakugo vs Nine was so awesome, especially the art omg
I actually stopped hating on Bakugo that movie. Like he actually had character development and seemed slightly better to me.
Guest chapter 37 . 1/22
Awesome chapter keep up the fantastic work
Nathan Ramos chapter 37 . 1/22
I like idea that class 1-a team up with class 1-b and Melissa and Mei. I wonder who is hooding figure? Is new villain or one we are familiar?

I hope deku get conquer haki and gear 4 because he will need it to had good chance against nine. I can imagine face that nine gonna make, after see deku is immune his lighting, but later think deku had rubber quirk (not actual quirk).

Please that nine doesn't had goro goro no mi fruit. Because he is already dangerous with his whether quirk and other quirks!
djinn chapter 37 . 1/22
great new chapter
Yellowpikmin88 chapter 37 . 1/24
Well this is gonna be interesting. Sure 1B is in on the fight, but the villains have two more members with them as well.
animecollecter chapter 37 . 1/23
finally! Deku calls out my state attack!
Monster King chapter 37 . 1/23
Awesome work
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