Reviews for Democracy
Jessica chapter 2 . 1/24/2020
Here is the problem I have with this story I agree with everything hermione said she wasn't wrong at the same time neither was Neville it would have been better if they met in the middle by acknowledging the government screwed up and they want to make it better slowly and not by one not wanting them to change or the other by making too much changes all at just because what she said wasn't popular doesn't mean it was wrong or just like how she did spew. Like sometimes in order for changes to be made people need to hear things that they don't like at all. I hated spew not because hermione was wrong but how she went about doing things and now seeing jk Rowling on social media now I can understand why hermione felt so oc on she organized spew because jk Rowling wrote hermione as herself and then have other characters criticize her behavior and the thing is nothing has changed. Now with that being said here is what I don't like about it being Neville going against hermione because his speech sounds like something Lucius Malfoy would have said. Two the thing about them being wizards is also bad because it basically implies that hermione would never belong because she is a muggle born after she just fought for her life alongside Neville to defeat a madman with the same because everyone is agreeing with Neville changes won't be made and another Voldemort will come because the cycle continues which is why I think hermione was mad. Not because Neville didn't agree with her but that he didn't even try to meet her halfway and end the cycle of culture clash
Kknd2 chapter 5 . 12/29/2019
You know the thing I most enjoy about this is, it all resolves so logically that even if Neville manages to put in place a major majority in the new wisengamot, they'll be so used to the new way of doing things (and it would cost so much to try and go back) that it'll end up going the way his friends wanted it.

I could easily see a follow up where Neville has to explain to someone that having a majority in the Wizengamot doesn't mean they can turn back the clock. More tellingly I could see him having to explain that the reason he keeps leading the 'Old Families' is that without someone sane enough to see that riding herd on them until they die of old age, they'd start a VERY brief civil uprising that would be crushed like a bug and with horrible collateral damage. Which would neatly explain how he and his wife mended the damaged fences with his old school/war friends.

Everyone still stings about it, but they know he knows better now and that he's doing something important to keep the peace.

An especially funny break point politically would be the opposition party losing power over trying to get the statue of secrecy on the rode to ending. This being far too much change far too fast for basically anyone to feel is safe, foreign or domestic. It would lead to a one cause election cycle, flipping things to 'The Old Families' way for only that one election, and Neville would know it. But convincing other's of that would be great fun to watch. (Especially because Hermoine would at the same time be making the same argument to calm down the extreme reformist people, pointing out that it's only four years and this is a valuable lesson to them about speed of change.)
Silver88 chapter 5 . 12/15/2019
I love your story! The Wizengamot debates strongly reminds me of the pamphlet war between Edmund Burke (Neville) and Thomas Paine (Hermione) about the French Revolution: the ideas of conservatism and tradition vs. change and liberalism.

I appreciate how you chose to tell this story through Neville’s eyes, but never self-justified what he was saying or supporting. Most stories will make one side, either the pure blooded traditionalists or the muggleborn/halfblood liberals, inherently and morally right and the other side laughably wrong. I enjoyed seeing this conflict though the eyes of a realistic conservative making real arguments that would have been made against democracy at this time (politically Magical Britain appears to be in the 1750s-1800s.) It would have been much easier for you to write this through the eyes of Hermione as much of her ideas (Representative democracy, free open markets, etc.) are very much in the norm for us in the West and it would have appealed to your audience’ biases (as can be seen in the reviews with the strong support for Hermione and the anti-Neville people), but you chose the hard way. I applaud you for that.

I hope you come back to this with a sequel or one-shot, maybe with Neville’s faction coming back to power?
Trace Reading chapter 1 . 12/4/2019
another thing that Neville's missing, and a point Hermione could have made, is that just because you leave an inheritance for someone doesn't mean it can't be squandered.
A guest chapter 5 . 11/12/2019
This was an excellent story. I enjoyed the nuances on the economic and socio-political climate depicted and many decisions were very clever yet logical.

Thanks for writing.
threado chapter 5 . 11/12/2019
Very well done! What a unique piece of fanfiction! I have rarely seen politics si well written in a fanfic and i like how you used a likable charachter such as neville (at least likable in canon) To portray bad side
Kairan1979 chapter 4 . 10/8/2019
The crowd is shouting 'Down with mudbloods' and Neville doesn't raise his wand against them. So much for being a hero of Hogwarts. Frank will disown him if he ever get cured.
Kairan1979 chapter 3 . 10/8/2019
As always, Luna is the voice of reason, in her own unique way. As always, her words are ignored.
I'm not surprised that Hannah moved on. When you spend more time with the elder Greengrass sister than with your girlfriend, she is going to assume they are dating. I was hoping to see Hannah confronting Daphne, but I guess she is too polite for that.
Kairan1979 chapter 2 . 10/8/2019
Neville doesn't invite his girlfriend Hannah to the gathering just because her family isn't high enough in the pecking order. And then he wonders why his former allies see him as another pureblood bigot.
Kairan1979 chapter 1 . 10/8/2019
After the re-reading the first chapters, I noticed something about Neville. He keeps talking that Hermione and Harry don't understant the traditions because of their upbringing. But they spent years together at Hogwarts - and he never bothered to educate them. And, of course. he fails to notice his own hypocrisy.
demonicnargles chapter 5 . 10/6/2019
This might be the best HP story I have ever read. Seriously. Will done, sir!

Herdcat chapter 5 . 9/29/2019
I really enjoyed this story - Hermione was always more dangerous than people realised as they mostly focussed on Harry but she was the schemer and I can see the muggleborns and half bloods feeling unsatisfied with the old ways after the war had been won. Watching the conflict from the side of the pure bloods was also really interesting and unusual.
givemetoread chapter 5 . 9/23/2019
Actually surprised by the number of people bad-mouthing Hermione here!
John chapter 5 . 9/18/2019
Lay down with dogs and you get fleas. Sadly Neville does not really get that.

Hermione is really hard core and I love it!

I especially love all the reviews calling her a bitch. Same old story; a strong man is admired; a strong woman is a bitch.

Those sympathizing with the Purebloods- you would have been right at home with Hitlers SS.

The incredible corruption and inequality of Wizarding England is astonishing; and almost as astonishing is how many of those reviewing the story refuse to admit it.

What a culture is this badly uneven, revolution is INEVITABLE. Just a matter of whether it will be peaceful or not.
bones71 chapter 5 . 9/13/2019
THAT WAS BRILLIANT. I was gripped from the very beginning, Hermione was always going to want more no matter what and I can understand why as basically the Old Families have always used muggleborns as cannon fodder. The way you portrayed Neville was outstanding because everyone knew just how much tradition and the Wizagamot meant to him. For him to be shocked at Hermione wanting better things for everyone and not just the few totally showed just how much he really did not know her. In this You have basically described what is going on in my country at the moment. I really wish we had a Hermione in our government as Boris Johnson would not know what hit him. I loved the last few lines so much when it finally hit home to Neville just what had happened.
It would be awesome if a follow up happened. All the best Debi
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