Reviews for Unfit
DisruptiveHarmonies chapter 1 . 4/2
People who leave awful comments that don’t even really pertain to the fic itself are stupid and should be ignored.
Eterna Ordina chapter 1 . 5/27/2023
What sort of traumadesire for forced drama make Uzumaki Kushina a BAD MOTHER!?
lordfyre94 chapter 11 . 5/21/2023
This story was shit and u could have Naruto beat the shit out of them instead u r making him act like a retard like his canon counterpart and as for kushina she should not have any happiness or be with mikoto she she have been left to die in darknesss and loneliness for being a coward and I hope u do a rewrite of the ending cause it was confusing as hell
Guest chapter 11 . 2/26/2023
Bastard how can you leave it behind just like that finish it do not leave us in the middle this is such a good story I am too anxious for the ending so complete it. The story is truly good
Guest chapter 11 . 2/25/2023
Kill yourself
DJzash chapter 10 . 2/24/2023
Damn man, I read this everytime I want to go on an emotional rollercoaster. Still hits the same after so many years. Hope you are doing well.
Bluecup22 chapter 1 . 12/29/2022
I am glad I reread this story.
ForMyselfInTheFuture chapter 11 . 12/8/2022
Wow I dont think an interaction has ever frustrated me more than the one between Tsunade and Naruto in this chap. What an absolute c*** and Narutos reaction was beyond unsatisfying
donttellthem chapter 11 . 12/7/2022
some things are better uncompleted, and this fic is one of them. I can't recommend it enough, it's a heart ache to read, but those small jabs and lines are so well written you feel a certain satisfaction with it. even though it's heartwrenching, it is such an addictive fic. The dialogues given are well placed and the timing is perfect. All in all a worth read even if it's an au...
Zeusisasonofawhich chapter 11 . 10/16/2022
Man atleast you could have gotten us a final epilogue
Hyperman15 chapter 1 . 7/17/2022
Painful as all hells
Hyperman15 chapter 10 . 7/17/2022
Reading this is like drinking poison. This is so sad man. Extremely entertaining. I couldn’t stop myself from continuing to read. After reading most of it, it went from drinking poison to eating extremely bitter dark chocolate. It’s well written, I don’t regret reading this.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/2/2022
My opinion but I feel likee Kakashi can clap atleast half the Akatsuki and Guy definitely can destroy them 8 gates included.
redfabricius chapter 11 . 3/20/2022
I'm sorry, but I can't give you 10k of likes. Even if it's worth it
Mr. Avocado chapter 11 . 2/22/2022
Just re-read it and it hit me hard, my goodness
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