Reviews for Reflections on darkness
Guest chapter 1 . 9/25/2018
I don't know how I missed this beautiful little piece of perfection as I'm always on the look out for new Itacest content. But I did, and now I feel a bit ashamed that I'm only seeing and reading it now. Yet, completely and utterly happy that I have seen it and read it now too (especially after running into something unpleasant when I got up).

I can't even begin to describe what a truly beautiful little piece this is, nor do I think my words would this justice if I had them. It was simply perfect. From beginning to end it had me gripped to the spot I was standing like I was glued there. The characterizations, I think Letsnottalkaboutitaye described them best, and I truly got no words other than I loved and thought caught them perfect. And the equality! The only really minor down I could think of was the brief hint of Gerita, but that was very easy to ignore. I just, oh I just loved it! And the steaminess too. Thank you for bringing more Itacest to the world, we really need more lol.

But really this was fantastic.
2shy2call911 chapter 1 . 9/23/2018
this was well-written and the mood was set very well 3
i love the use of first person perspective, as well as how you managed to pull it off so well. most people, including myself, struggle with it. finally, i love the use of imagery without going completely overboard. the techniques you used weren't overdone and contributed to the writing as a whole rather than taking away from it.
this comes across as somewhat emotional and tense yet erotic at the same time, which i've personally always found enjoyable to read. it's short, but i feel like it's length only makes it even better.
Letsnottalkaboutitaye chapter 1 . 9/23/2018
I half expected a roof cx

This was cute, though. Like the fact that there's something of a schedule involved points to a consistency in their relationship. It makes me wonder how long they've been at it, really.

I love the little bit where Feliciano compares Ludwig's loving touches to Lovino's less-than-so. It's strange that he's decide that the line would be drawn at "but he ain't gentle" rather than "so, we might be brothers." Cx

I like the metaphores that you used in this. Really took be back to that Gilbert-opening-a-knob scene you sent me. One sec, let me see if I can find it:

"His pale fingers ghosted over the smooth metal of the knob, ever so teasingly, before a slender hip followed the motion of his arm, pressing against the cheaply painted door as if into a lover's body. And then his muscular but still delicate figure slipped between it and the frame, ever so sensuously, the air moving sweetly and soothing into the room, following Gilbert's light steps."

For all the Gil x door fans out there. I know it's personally my otp.

"...because I enjoy torturing him and I know he can't take it..." Every author writing for Lovino ever, though. It was nice to see the differences in characterization between 1) this and EoI and 2) This and BMA. Though, I mean, Feliciano in EoI is definately gonna get here at some point in time.

GO READ AN AUTHOR/READER'S TOP PICK: END OF INNOCENCE BY LILYOFFIRE It's got the smut (on AO3) it's got the politics, it's got a bitchhhhh face Lovino, a stupid spainyard that can't flirt, a wonderfully arched Feliciano, a Ludwig that could even be swoon-worthy if I was so apt on murdering him. CHECK IT OUT

Oh, and Lovino's cheeky smile was both appreciated and also very much appreciated.

Speaking of appreciation: one thing that stuck out to me beyond many things was the fact that these two are ON EQUAL GROUND. Like, there's not *whatever writers call the weak and er not weak ppl during sex*. It was two people goin at it and they both fucking respected each other through it. Like, of course, Lovino's a bastard, but Feliciano wasn't putting up with his shit and I live for that. I really do. And the fact that Feliciano's has so much of a...say? I guess, in this is wonderful. His voice sounded like an adult (not some over the top innocent kid) and he was fully aware of consequences and pleasure and others.

And, of course, the 'Whore' line is my love. Reminds me of this peice of gold in which you attempted to say otherwise but then failed:

"Feliciano is not a whore, precious, he's just a shameless tease."

Idk, I think Lovino might actually be onto something (for once) ;)

Anywho, Alli, I enjoyed this very much, thank you. When you told me that you-well you know what you told me-I cringed because I thought we were going to go into some haaaaaard core territory. Like, I was lowkey scared to open it (I also lowkey thought it was Spamano) but this turned out to be sweet and funny and makes me happy.

(Though, next time do consider kicking Feliciano out of the bed. Lilyoffire will never fail to bring it up every time anything smut-ish comes up.)