Reviews for You've Got to Use Silver
ChrisRoad chapter 31 . 10/21/2022
Could just make round trips. Get a ton of loot, go back to base, restock, go back and get more. No reason to leave a tonne of valuables there.
ChrisRoad chapter 30 . 10/21/2022
Infusion is honestly a crazy ability, potentially OP depending on what kind of materials use. Like, imagine a dragon's tooth or claw, or any mythical beast. I'd love to see that
ChrisRoad chapter 29 . 10/21/2022
A vampire in the rempnants of a plauge ridden village... a vapirism plauge? please be so
DoctorSurgeon chapter 4 . 10/17/2022
So I'm guessing that a lot of these earlier chapters have either been revised or rewritten, because somethings quite frankly make absolutely no sense.

Jaunes whole motive for going to Beacon is for the chance to impress the king and become a knight, something that he dreams of and idolizes. Yet, the second he arrives in Vale he just starts to introduce himself as a knight to anyone he meets. Despite not having been knighted or any mention of that being his "Class". Its your world and you absolutely have the right to make it however you want, but it feels like this would be some sort of identity theft or impersonation and you would be punished for.

As the chapters continue the only time knights are being mentioned is when Jaune is critiquing them and generally speaking bad about them. Why would he want to become a knight if he has literally said nothing good or redeeming about them?

I really enjoy this story, but these inconsistencies make it very hard to read and also makes Jaune sound like a hypocrite.
Guest chapter 61 . 10/5/2022
Plant based zombies?
Guest chapter 61 . 10/5/2022
I like your characters Sun, Ren, Blake and many others they are so wonderful. I love how your write Weiss and Jaune too you have these two really well written together, I find their relationship very adorable and gentle in their hearts I want to see how they’ll become. Yang was surprisingly strong she was invincible! Nothing can beat her except silver.
Baixiaochung2910 chapter 61 . 10/6/2022
i liked
Guest chapter 61 . 10/3/2022
Zommm… zombies! They took the top part and shared the bottom part of manor with walking deceases oh eww just how many down there?! perhaps this was one reason Torchwick family deserted the manor.
Finally there are some interactions between Jaune and Weiss but they were about ventures, armour and stuff around. Oh mighty author, there weren’t fluff but better than nothing lol.
Good chapter again I really enjoy reading this story, very nice. I am also glad you speeding up a bit next good to see the story move forward from manor arc since the story kind of on slow stalling since the dungeon volume.
Chuck B. Winanaki chapter 61 . 10/4/2022
It has to be tough for yang being half vampire around former vampire slaves, really reinforces the negatives of vampirism despite all the positives like increased strength and whatnot. At least yang helped shawshank lara's valuables.

Okay so yang is kind of busted, she's already immensely durable and strong with several abilities to make her more durable and stronger slap vampiric strength and durability on top? As well as insane regeneration and immunity from almost anything but silver? Yang is kind of OP, i suggest at least one drawback: yang has mentioned that she can go for long periods before having to sate her bloodlust, my suggestion is that her regeneration speeds that timer up so let's say she doesn't use regeneration at all, it has no bearing on her bloodlust but regenerating an arm and a leg could cut it down to say half the time maybe a quarter before she needs to feed. Just something to limit how much she can throw away limbs.

Clickers? Holy heck! Theres clickers in the cave system! Could they be intentional given the heavy duty door? Or are they the unfortunate result of people forced to survive on nothing but mysterious mushrooms for decades on end? Either way there is no way there isn't a bloater down there! Absolute worst case scenario theres not a bloater but a Rat King a horrible amalgamation of bloater, clicker and runner!

Sorry i haven't reviewed in a while but what a chapter to come back to! Seriously looking forward to more!
Ickbard chapter 61 . 10/3/2022
I’m enjoying seeing some shoes dropping while the others are tossed in the air. I look forward to seeing what happens next!
merendinoemiliano chapter 61 . 10/3/2022
Great portrayal of the group
Decaff78 chapter 60 . 9/22/2022
Absolutely love this story even if I am Mad I caught up in less than 2 weeks. Keep up the amazing work, and I can’t wait for Yang to just get tired of the will they won’t they before pushing them into a closet saying the both need to tell each other how they feel. Only then will Yang come out as a Dhampir
Zachary Wisky chapter 60 . 9/21/2022
Loving this story so far just got to the current chapter hoping to see this story to the end
Guest chapter 60 . 9/17/2022
I feel like this fic is getting further and further away from having any Jaune and Weiss interactions.

I understand that you need to develop other characters but I think you are spending way to much time on the housing portion and on the supporting characters.
MogtheGnome chapter 60 . 9/19/2022
Always glad to see you update! Best of luck in the job hunt!
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