Reviews for Chuck vs A New Day
JohnnyRayChandlett chapter 176 . 5/23
Chapter 176 is all about dialogue, and it is among the most powerful conversations I’ve ever read. This chapter oozes total class from start to end. I really don’t have much more to say, I’m floored by the way that chapter flowed so easily and utterly fascinating.
Mpeter chapter 182 . 5/22
Great chapter. I loved Sarah telling her dad how he messed her up and how she fans sorry for him. I believe it went right over his head which is too bad.
The Texas two step is much better than the lichtenstein. Your arc is much better than cannon and more believable. Looking forward if Chuck and Sarah have to come in and save the day. Thank you.
arcaneobsidian chapter 56 . 5/22
Loved the realistic concept of a Vegas casino mogul in bed with a far right foreign faction. That old boy network is surprisingly durable. Personally I think it's because of the overlap with law enforcement agencies but I'm a cynic. The technical detail is rich and wonderful, as usual. Also liked the contact with Yuri mixed into another story. Storytelling conventions can become predictable.
arcaneobsidian chapter 55 . 5/22
Sarah has tells? Jack Burton would be horrified. Good job bringing the home neurosis into the situation, still trying to wrap my head around Sarah being THAT far along. I expected the packed suitcase and empty closet syndrome for at least a couple months. Not used to dealing with a Sarah this well adjusted. Loved the idea of back channel collaboration with Mei-Ling. It's frightening how completely the world would stop working if we had to use official channels for all international communication.
arcaneobsidian chapter 54 . 5/22
Damn this Graham is a stud. He's also a decent father figure to Walker and by including her in his family makes her human. He's no pushover though, as evidenced by the way he treats Larkin. Larkin and Delgado have a LOT in common, I may yet enjoy watching them work together.
miichal.kucharic chapter 182 . 5/22
I love Sarah's monologue
tiggerhk chapter 182 . 5/22
A definite improvement from canon. Even before I read the AN, it seems more real. Thanks for entertaining and educating me at the same time.
wilf21 chapter 182 . 5/22
Jack definitely needed to hear what Sarah had to say about her life with him, but I doubt if much of it penetrated very far. I'm not sure whether Chuck and Sarah are planning to help Jack in his latest 'business opportunity' and I rather hope not. However, I'm guessing that there is going to be more to it, as in canon.
lucavento chapter 45 . 5/22
Bro reading this chapter in 2022 looking at the new of the invasion. Chuck should have done a better job. :(
chucksboxers chapter 182 . 5/21
Yeah it was ridiculous but man, was that an entertaining episode! LOL
Beautiful speech by Sarah to Jack - well done WG!

The Texas Two Step - So how are Chuck and Sarah getting involved this time? :-). I look forward to that!

Thanks WG!
atcDave chapter 182 . 5/21
That was intriguing, obviously helped along by your own understanding of it.
I think pretty much any TV show will fall apart as it messes with stuff you understand better. Honestly, in a whole lifetime of watching aviation movies, I feel like the original Airport is the only movie that ever understood Air Traffic.
Of course the Lichtenstein is sort of the opposite problem, so obviously silly that no one buys it at all!
Ancientgamer chapter 182 . 5/21
Great chapter. Lots of good stuff. After the last chapter, I was waiting to read Sarah's response to Jack's assumption that she was still conning and conning Chuck, specifically. Her sadness for him and his life choices was very eloquent as was her deconstruction of his toxic views that he tried to instill in her while she was growing up. Luckily, for her, she wasn't completely assimilated into his mindset. Chuck reanimated her emotional center and certainly accelerated her embracing that fact (something Bryce was capable of doing and not interested in doing).

Your take on his con was excellent. A true real-life con instead of the shallow and silly one the professional writers created. They might have been professional scriptwriters, but their interest and ability to do even the most casual research was completely lacking. Your take is better because it's much more believable (it is real, after all), so it doesn't break the suspension of disbelief and immersion necessary to really get into a story/chapter. All that being said, I expect that something will go wrong and he'll have to deal with the consequences. It's still Jack, when it's all said and done. And I do hope he doesn't try and dig into her and Chuck's business. That would be unfortunate. Time will tell.

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us nest. Thanks for sharing, my friend.
fezzywhigg chapter 182 . 5/21
I like the revision especially since because of your experience it is based on real life. With Sarah's epiphany about her dad, I can't see them working with Jack but I can see the Ice Queen coming out to save him. Exciting times ahead I'm sure.
Frank Suppa chapter 182 . 5/21
Shane O'Neill just what I want to tell Jack how much she cares fir Chuck how sad Jack that love is nothing but false I find very sad I wonder with Chuck and Sarah help Jack or protect him by stopping it from happening keep it coming I flet Charah when Sarah squeeze Chuck hand
Guest chapter 182 . 5/21
Another great chapter to read on Saturday morning. The name Lichenstein will ALWAYS be memorable to those of us who love Chuck AND DIE HARD since that building is used in that episode of Chuck and the first Die Hard movie. I know that commercial real estate has always been complicated and now you have informed us and with help from DC you have educated us on the Texas Two-step con today. Can't wait to see what trouble Jack gets into and Chuck has to bail him out of and maybe he learns something this time.
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