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giant00 chapter 263 . 4/6
For som reason this version of Chuck and Sarah I see in the White House in 25 years with Chuck as President
LillyHalliwell chapter 50 . 3/30
This chapter was gold. Bryce and Neal although from two separate shows had exactly the same personality. Love it!
Guest chapter 189 . 3/27
It has been a really pleasurable and exciting read so far.. but I would just ask you to be more considerate and sympathetic to the true history between the partition of India and the creation of Bangladesh.

There was no " civil war" as you put it very easily in this chapter and the British were the true perpetrators behind sowing the discord between the Hindus and the Muslims. The damage that the British caused to the societal fabric of India still lingers on today. The horrors that let perpetrate and they actively committed is stuff of nightmare. Just read up on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the Bengal Famine ( a natural disaster made wilfully worse by the British government which lead to the death of 4 Million Indians. An action committed by the wilfully by Winston Churchill). The wealth that they looted from Undivided India and the country that they left in shambles when they finally left the country in 1947, it still lingers on today.

While India and Pakistan were divided on the basis of religion, it was only the Muslims, especially the rich Muslim landlords and Intellectuals class, that demanded a separate country for themselves, not the Hindus. In India, there about 10% of the world's total Muslims and they constitute up to 20% of the current Indian population. Ironically, the official name of India is " The Republic of India" while the official name of Pakistan is the " ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan". Hell, one of the the foremost scientists and former president of India was a Muslim ( Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam) and there have been several Muslim Prime Ministers and Presidents and Chief Ministers ( Heads of the states in India.)

Please do not trivialize and twist such facts as the descendants and the survivors of the the so called imaginary " CIVIL War" between Hindus and Muslims are still alive today. You are to politely put spitting on the trauma they had to face when they had to move from one side to another during partition. It was basically a group of radical, yet rich and intellectual affluent Muslims that created this whole drama. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, was one of those idiots.

And you yourself can see the dumpster that is Pakistan. It basically a an Army with a country with a very few rich families like the Bhuttos, the Zardaris and the Sharifs controlling the governments. They are now a basically a begging bowl.

Also, please read up on the genocide of the 'Bengalis' in East Pakistan which lead to the war of 1971 and creation of Bangladesh. I do not where you are from, but if you are in one of the western countries, they allowed pakistan to carry the genocide and mass assualts in the late 1960's and 70's. Very close family members of mine were subjects to the horrific crimes committed on them by the Pakistani Army while the west watched without batting an eye. Rapes on scale never imagined happened sponsored by the rabid dogs of the Pakistani Army. The haunted eyes of my family when they remember those days is something that is a stuff of nightmares.

It was the Indian Armed forces along with our own Mukthi Bahini brigade that finally helped escape that horror and create a new dawn for Bangladesh. Instead of condemning pakistan, they rather moved to attack India using aircraft carriers in the Bay of Bengal when it was clear that the Indian had pushed back the the pakistanis and had them on the run and were marching towards the captial of Islamabad. It was only when the Soviets came with nuclear submarines from Vladisvostok to prevent the British and the American Fleets from entering the war on the Pakistani side that saved India and Bangladesh.

The Indians then captured 90000 pakistan army soliders, and forced them to surrender and create the country of Pakistan. The current Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina herself has lived through those days, you can watch her interviews and you will know the truth.

Bangladesh on the other hand has far surpassed Pakistan and i set to grow even further. And there is no need to talk about India, the 5th Largest economy and soon to become the 3rd largest, eclipsing the colonial master: the UK. We are in awe of the growth and transformation that our neighbour has undergone to rise from the ashes left by the British in 1947. It was never a case of Hindus Vs. Muslims, just a few bigoted influential Muslim Families.

I am really thankful to my Indian friends that help us from the cancerous part of us called Pakistan.

I agree that this fanfiction, and you need to modify some aspects to suit your own story needs but do not history to such an extent. Or at least give a clear disclaimer that you are distorting the history as such.
LillyHalliwell chapter 41 . 3/23
Best. News. Ever!
JohnnyRayChandlett chapter 263 . 3/21
It's an unfathomably grand chapter. Willie is getting better with every new one. The writing is straightforward and stellar, the plot flow is perfect.

The first part is probably the most romantic scene he has written in these hundreds of chapters. I don't say anything more as I couldn't do it justice anyway.

Then, starting at zero, the plot flow quickens with every new paragraph. There's no action yet, but from the wondering over the message to the talk with Malone, to the decision not to look a gift horse in the mouse, the pace of the story and the reader's breath pick up. This second part of the chapter should be used in writing classes!

I agree that “Wake up the President” is a brilliantly placed goosebumps moment, once more emphasizing the magnitude of the events unfolding. Immediately followed, as Willie never forgets about the individual, personal approach, an equally stunning moment for Graham Jr.

Yeah - we love Willie Freaking Garvin!
ddbadger chapter 263 . 3/21
Man you build the suspense, with a little calm and romance to start the chapter. But I end up at the end of my seat, not sure how long I can hold my breath but I will try. Until next chapter, oh by the way love this arc.
Mpeter chapter 263 . 3/20
I really enjoyed this chapter. The beginning of the chapter through Brian's eyes was well done. Somebody outside of Team B and the "family's " eyes. Brian doesn't know much what Rachel's job is or what she's doing but he's able to piece it together and understands the important work she and the team are doing.

The quote from Napoleon was perfect. It seems to good to be true that Fulcrum will all be at the same place at the same time. They have to be ready and take advantage of it. Looking forward to the big meeting. Thank you my friend.
PYROminiYAK chapter 260 . 3/20
Reading this chapter in bed, sick from eating bad tuna salad yesterday. Praying Zondra doesn’t meet the same fate.
LillyHalliwell chapter 35 . 3/19
Great story so far! Im glad i stumbled across it and gave it a chance.
scorpio38457 chapter 263 . 3/18
everything is lining up for the fireworks show. lol
jwatkins chapter 263 . 3/18
I really love to see these glimpses from other people's perspectives. In this case, Brian, who has uprooted his life, moved across the country, to support his fiance and her new career path. Despite her crazy work schedule, leaving little time for "them", he doesn't seem resentful; if anything he's proud, in awe. He's put the pieces together and understands (at least to a small degree) how important her work is. A lot of people wouldn't be so supportive or understanding, it might even drive a wedge between them. Rachel's lucky (they both are).

Casey is right to be suspicious, they all are. But they would be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity, carefully.

As for Kevin, walking into an impromptu meeting with that much brass, before your first cup of coffee? And with his dad, no less. This is either a really good or really bad start to a day. lol
Greg6419 chapter 263 . 3/17
Great chapter! Glad to see you're back in the swing of things. Slainte' to you this fine evening! Have a fantastic week!
Ancientgamer chapter 263 . 3/17
Great peek into Rachel and Brian's life together. Really enjoy how you've moved beyond focusing on using and tweaking canon characters. Your OCs are a blast to see. Of course, any longtime friend of Sarah's would have to be a force in her own right, personally as well as professionally. She's super busy but made time to come home and destress and sleep for a little while. Then it's back to the proverbial salt mine. Something big happened that pulled her back in.

Roark did it. He had the call go out. Too bad "FULCRUM Assemble" doesn't have the same panache as "Avengers Assemble." It sounds more like, "Come home little fishies. All of you swim into this nice comfy barrel like the good little guppies you are." So Team B can blow them all to sushi. Not very awe inspiring for Team Lever's leadership, but what can you expect when you go second rate?

The meeting teased at the end of the chapter is interesting. Getting Major Graham involved seems to be pointing in the direction of an air-to-ground solution to the broken-down Chevy problem.

Looking forward to what you've got planned next. Thanks for sharing, my friend.
chucksboxers chapter 263 . 3/16
That was a nice interlude with Rachel and Brian, reminding us there are other couples incolved in this mission. Langston bringing in tye big guns now eh? Can’t wait ro see what they cook up!

Protocol 7 huh? Well whatever gets all these traitors in ome spot works for me! Wonder what Orion has up his sleeves for them as well. Thanks WGonly 237 chapters left to make 500!
AwesomeCasey chapter 263 . 3/16
I enjoyed the description of the interlude between Rachel and her fiancé. You do a great job at weaving normality and human relations into your action packed stories.

And I’m looking forward to this meeting of VIPs as those three combined can quickly direct a lot of pain and destruction to the enemies of the United States.
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