Reviews for Chuck vs A New Day
Tempe4Booth chapter 262 . 3/10
Roark is more then nuts, he is just plain STUPID in his insanity remember what happened in Meadowbrook with the buggy intersect
chucksboxers chapter 262 . 3/9
You do write crazy ass Roark well WG! He is frightening for sure! And somehow I don’t think firing up Orion’s code with everybody there is a “genius” move. lol
I sure hope he doesn’t try to kill Ellie but I suspect if he does he may meet significant resistance!Love it WGthanks for writing!
PS: loved the “I’m too old for this shit”
Ancientgamer chapter 262 . 3/9
OK. Well, Roark is an egomaniacal nutjob and he has no understanding of technology. The Intersect is a form of database server. A database server needs a database to do anything. Without the data, it's just an empty container. No database, no magic super-agents. Makes sense that he'd murder one of the scientists who could create the database too. All for the crime of doing what he told them and terrorized them into doing. This is going to work out well.

At least Stephen lives for a while longer. And that gives the not-so-distracted Team B more time to find him and deliver some major hurt to Clown Car Roark and Co. Ordering all of his obedient little fishes to willingly swim into the barrel will just make Team B's job that much easier. Chevy ain't as smart as he thinks he is. We already knew that didn't we?

Gotta wonder if/when Smith is going to try and save his own ass. Is he really that blind or is he just biding his time? We'll have to wait and see. The tension meter keeps getting turned to a higher setting. And we haven't gotten an update from Colt and his men for a bit. More to look forward to in the next chapter and beyond. Thanks for sharing, my friend.
atcDave chapter 262 . 3/9
Oh yeah, Roark is good and nuts! In the most terrifying sort of way.

Very funny about a database. Gee, did Orion do that on purpose?!
tiggerhk chapter 262 . 3/9
Roark is so crazy, Smith must be an idiot or equally nuts. Orion is cool. Supernova, wow, doesn't it mean self destruction? Can't wait to find out.
GWALKER12 chapter 262 . 3/9
Way to go Roark. Psychopath isn’t a strong enough term any more. I mean, bring everyone together, really ! Great chapter building us up nicely. Thanks again.
chainguns chapter 262 . 3/9
Roark is nuts and what did Stephen sneak into their intersect? Isn't it time to save Orion? Looking forward to next Saturday.
Frank Suppa chapter 262 . 3/9
Great chapter Shane O'Neill I like the fact of Stephen doing what he is doing with the intersect cube but Ted Roak is something I just don't care about I just want Chuck and Sarah and the team to take them out
jwatkins chapter 262 . 3/9
Glad that Orion lives another day and has made provisions in case he doesn't make it out.

Putting all of one's eggs in a basket, especially when you have no idea if any of this will work, is lunacy. Roark is seriously unhinged and delusional. Seems to remind me off someone... :) Let's hope they meet a similar fate.
Captainrick944 chapter 262 . 3/9
The tension continues to build as Orion is driving a high-stakes game of poker that Roark hasn't yet figured out he's playing in. Hopefully the bluff works and gives Team B enough of a window to come in and save the day. A consistently enjoyable and reliable Saturday read...Love it!
JAG'ed Bones in the Casckett chapter 262 . 3/9
"Discipline when it comes to chain of command" Is he really? seems to me Fulcrum has abandoned the chain of command long ago. At any rate I think it's just about time for team B to take them out. Keep up the great work!
Dillwg chapter 262 . 3/9
If Roark keeps killing his minions, the other minions will run for the hills. For an evil genius, he can be pretty stupid. Was there a hint in there that Orion may have figured out how to de-intersect Chuck? Using sketchy Fulcrum code?
Marc Vun Kannon chapter 262 . 3/9
Obviously Ted has not read the Evil Overlord handbook.
merendinoemiliano chapter 262 . 3/9
Mpeter chapter 261 . 3/8
Brilliant and well executed plan by Team B and Sarah. What's not to love 75 prisoners, no casualties, and not one shot fired. Just Brilliant. Chuck showing his pride and love towards Sarah getting her just due. All the motivational posters were hilarious. Great chapter once again my friend and thank you.
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