Reviews for Fate: Hammer Time
tf330129 chapter 54 . 5/20
Keep it up :)
ArashiNokitsune chapter 54 . 5/20
and it stops right where it's getting good again... still though passive conversation mentions a person of note and Shiro happens to run into said person I can't stop laughing at that...
Storyliker chapter 54 . 5/20
Thank you making this chapter
Shiki no Yamada chapter 54 . 5/20
Finally a chapter after almost 5 months of waiting!
R-king 93 chapter 54 . 5/20
Awesome chapter
Genesis Draconian chapter 54 . 5/20
Another awesome chapter, glad to see you are back again and can't wait to see what you have in store next
Thyrokio chapter 54 . 5/20
Repairman Shirou doesn't bow down to authority! I was super happy to see an update on this. Thanks for the chapter.
sorcerer86pt1 chapter 54 . 5/20
please, don't make the spider themed clan being obsessed with O.R.T and a member being Daybit...
aadijo13 chapter 54 . 5/20
let's gooooo, another amazing chapter and the next chapter is already done!? you're the best m8
Saurian.Mp4 chapter 54 . 5/20
Loved the chapter, it was great to see Shirou’s reaction to Arcuied, I felt that moment was absolutely spot on. And despite no Noel in sight, I can’t wait to see what you will do with her (if she even appears) since I rarely see her in any sort of fanfics.
Starfall Shadow chapter 54 . 5/20
Good to see you again. I’ve been missing this story so hopefully the next chapter comes sooner.
MEleeSmasher chapter 54 . 5/20
Can't wait for Shirou to accidentally seduce both Lorelei and Arcueid and take them out on a double date.
scyfly chapter 54 . 5/20
on the small scale the world of fate is interesting but the moment you look at the larger picture i start to wonder what the writer was smoking to come up with it.

the age of gods ended but the types somehow didnt get this message and so stayed.
gaia is scared that humans would outlive it so used her gaia phone to call the types for help.
humans used the planet for all its worth created the second primate species which outlived them and somehow fought the types in something called land of steel.

i mean what the actual fuck. structure of fate: humans get fucked until they dont...

yeah best to ignore all that crap
Marco martinez chapter 54 . 5/20
sorcerer86pt1 chapter 53 . 5/19
welp shirou meet Arc... may Nasu have mercy on him
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