Reviews for Imperator: Vas Bellicosum
CyberShockwave chapter 1 . 7/6
Dom would be proud of Jason, and probably Lupa too. Who needs Imperial Gold when you've got Family?
TheGirlofManyFloods chapter 12 . 6/18
What is the Black Stone?
TheGirlofManyFloods chapter 8 . 6/18

... what happened to friends and allies?
Necroknight 303 chapter 26 . 6/5
Fantastic story, I’m obsessed. Much better than Son of Neptune, it’s clear that this is how you really wanted to go with this story. All I have to say isand I know Filii Deorum is long completed at the time of this reviewif Preyna doesn’t get that datenight, I’m gonna be pissed!
Jordin Tucker chapter 15 . 6/3
Okay review not on the story but on an AN.

BDE. Had to look it up. Sue me. But seriously

GodOfCommunicating chapter 17 . 6/3
Percy x Reyna x Leila please!
The Lord of Time chapter 23 . 5/20
Ya don't need to worry about Leila. The way you portrayed her was perfect.
colathebear05 chapter 26 . 5/18
Awesome story! This story has been exciting and original; I haven't read anything like it. I can't wait to read the sequel. Keep up the good work.
OkBoomer147 chapter 26 . 5/14
Vinny Smithson chapter 13 . 5/4
I really hope you eventually do the one shot of the Jupiter Neptune conversation.
SneakyRacoon10 chapter 3 . 5/1
The way you right is very poetic and amazing along with the humor your stories are great
hi chapter 25 . 4/22
i cant stress enough how good this is. the way your original events and kind of riordan's flowed smoothly with each other. the characters and their personalities top notch. the anticipation after every chapter. the sense of real satisfaction that comes after reading every chapter. its one of the best ive read. love it.
theeternal09 chapter 20 . 4/17
A masterpeice of a mono a mono. I can learn a lot from this. As a side note, this story has inspired more intrest in Roman History than my latin class has, so thanks.
67mpala chapter 26 . 4/13
codypeterson813 chapter 26 . 4/8
This story is really great, and I do plan on reading the sequel. Thanks for a good story, and keep up the good writing, no matter what story you’re working on.
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