Reviews for RWBY: The Worlds of Arc
TheMexicanAttcker chapter 65 . 4h
You think you can do utltrakill? Jaune be Gabriel and Penny be V1. Or Genshin impact and Jaune is Childe?
dragonslayerajahn chapter 66 . 9/25
hi i got idea for a sequel Drake and josh Jaune as Josh and yang Weiss or Sun as Drake
Guest chapter 66 . 9/24
Castlevania lords of shadow saga Jaune as Dracula
Chuck B. Winanaki chapter 66 . 9/24
Okay no offense to View since i love Ghostfreak as well but i feel he might be a bit biased towards the only ghost alien in the classic series considering how ghostly View is and how many ghosts are in his yugioh deck.

Honestly kind of expected something more from Neptune this chapter but hey maybe he passed out once he realized the whole episode would be focused on water, monsters underwater and fights in the water.

Definitely looking forward to the Spider-Man episode! The prison break fight was brutal! Especially at the end! Though i personally really love the weight of Spider-Man sitting down to rest from his injuries and falling asleep soon after. The guy got attacked from all sides by his strongest villains while getting shocked out of his mind! Heck after that he half floated and half drowned his way to a rescue!

Fantastic chapter! Looking forward to more!
Maximum Rhapsody chapter 66 . 9/23
Could we see the fight between Jaune 10 vs Vilgax or even Jaune vs Vilgax and Kevina before the story ends? Would there be consequences when seeing these alternate realities? Even Ozpin and his group could make new decisions and see the potential of the next generation of Hunters, even wanting them to use magic or evolve their auras to face Salem and her group, it will be interesting how it would affect the world of Remnant with this story in the future.
Alexdel27 chapter 66 . 9/23
Hope Ghostfreak comes out for this October for Halloween, its kinda fitting Ghostfreak appears for that month and give the audiance a good scare.
Kamen Rider Sentry chapter 66 . 9/23
Hope to see more of spiderman and Ben 10 and Luny Tunes show episode but mostly ben 10 vs vilgax and how about you make a Jaune 10 story
Dungeon Wyrm chapter 66 . 9/23
sorry, posted the last one too early. Anyway the second suggestion is a more somber one with Detroit Become Human with Qrow as Hank: Yang(incensedAre you telling me... (clenching her fists, hair starting to flicker on fire, Ruby looking ready to cry) that our little cousin died... because the guy who was SUPPOSED to save him... (eyes blazing red, with angry tears) WAS ON DRUGS?!"
RHatch89 chapter 66 . 9/23
Awesome update :)
SPARTAN-626 chapter 66 . 9/23
Good to see this and I agree with the Ben 10 stuff and yeah dont see Ripjaw enough in the show but then again not a lot of chance for him to be useful in most situations but hey we would see him again another under water episode
mikellconnde chapter 66 . 9/23
What a good chapter. Now comes the next part, from one of the best Spider-Man video games and universes.

Everyone will be surprised to see the power and abilities of Jaune's most loyal enemies in that universe.

And here I have a very good proposal for your story. When each of the members of the Sinister Six appear, you can have View explain their origins and powers of each of them. In addition to telling you that there are three of the six original members in many universes. In addition, he can also explain to others about the other members and the other villains created by Stan Lee. That for me, they were the best villains that Spider-Man faced, for so many years along with Venom, Carnage and the others.
StrongGuy159 chapter 66 . 9/23
Awesome chapter continue please.
Lancastershipper chapter 66 . 9/23
Do Jaune as Danny Phantom
Tmartn2001 chapter 1 . 9/23
Please have them react to ZeroDex The Royal Knights Digimon Trivia
ErwinG'Arc chapter 66 . 9/23
That is not noble, that's just foolish. But I guess they're still kids
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