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snakeboy33 chapter 58 . 5/12
I also really liked "Moon Knight", and I for would would love to see more. Perhaps we could see the "Moon Knight" persona, and maybe even Khonshu. That would be seriously cool, and probably rather disquieting for Ozpin.
Armsforme chapter 58 . 5/12
definitely want more moon knight jaune!
Armsforme chapter 58 . 5/12
would've been better if they got to see khonsu or his DID if he has any.
triscythe59 chapter 58 . 5/12
Nice chapter! Want expecting you to add that one shot toe your reaction fic. Looking forward to seeing more!
xXwolfsterXx644 chapter 58 . 5/12
Great chapter dude I definitely Can't wait for the next update
SPARTAN-626 chapter 58 . 5/12
Hmm very interesting and yeah it was pretty good here. Didnt watch the show but seen some clips and yeah you did good here. Thou wished we saw his other suit and saw Khonshu here, but hey if another Moon Knight chapter comes we could see them there

As always keep up the good work
sardarhassan503 chapter 58 . 5/12
Can you make a reaction story of Jaune arc kamen rider Please everyone loves KAMEN RIDER STORIES SO PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE A CHAPTER ABOUT IT
team zephyr chapter 58 . 5/12
I definitely want to see more of Mr Knight, whether it be here in the world's of Arc or in it's own story. I'd say I'd like to see the reaction's from Ozpin to Khonshu and the rest of the cast from the fact that Jaune has DID (if that aspect of Moon Knight Carries over to Mr Knight) and the very confusing visions and perceptions of reality as shown expertly in all Moon Knight media that makes you question what is truly real or just delusions.

another aspect that I have to question about Mr Knight is if he does have DID, are the Jaune we know from Canon RWBY and that we see at the end of the chapter the same Mr Knight we saw throughout the entire chapter, or was the Mr Knight we followed for most of the chapter a different Alter of Jaune Arc. the reason I'm asking is because the Mr Knight we saw for most of the chapter transformed acted like a Jaune version of Marc Specter, while the Jaune at the end of the chapter untransformed, while tired, acted more like our canon Jaune speaking of Mr Knight like he was a close friend/Brother explaining their perspective (a very close approximation to if Steven were speaking about Marc and explaining how Marc thinks because they both are each other and can understand each other like brothers.)

so yeah, if Mr Knight does continue, I patiently await to see if this Mr Knight deals with the DID aspect of the character and if there is any major disconnect between Alters like at the beginning of the Moon Knight series. and if its continuation does end up getting reaction segments, I will be sitting in the corner with a bucket of popcorn, a Big Gulp of Cherry Pepsi, and a Slo Mo camera aimed directly at Ozpin's face so I can capture the spit take he gives when he realizes there are more than 2 gods in the world, and that his student might be their avatar in their own reality, so I can savor it in 4K, Ray Traced, Slow Motion Glory. have a nice day.

sincerely, Zephyr.
Warmachine324 chapter 58 . 5/12
Great chapter but for next time could you do a La Noire or a Batman chapter that would be awesome to read.
A Gothic Writer chapter 58 . 5/12
this was a great chapter. I do hope you'll also continue giving us clone wars series. and it's funny to see Pyrrha, velvet and Yang not fighting over Jaune haha
helkil chapter 58 . 5/12
it would have been better if mr knight was a different personality and that he kill the guy and we got to hear the voices in his head
HCMatos chapter 58 . 5/12
Thanks for the chapter, mate
Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1 chapter 58 . 5/12
Great chapter man
Redrick Flamel chapter 58 . 5/12
I hope you do Moon knight or his personalities next but please let their be more
Fmjl101 chapter 58 . 5/12
This needs to be its own story loved every moment of this. Would love more
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