Reviews for RWBY: The Worlds of Arc
Guest chapter 13 . 8/29
Can you try The Prince Of Egypt if not in this story then the sequel because i think we all agree that it was amazing. I also want to see the looks on the groups faces when Jaune talks to God [please let it be as himself] and maybe have God interact them.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/29
Jaune as Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer please
Guest chapter 20 . 8/27
Please do Castlevania lords of shadow saga Jaune as Gabriel Belmond and castlevania Netflix Jaune as Dracula and Death battle gonondorf vs Dracula Jaune as Dracula
absa417 chapter 58 . 8/27
basic english, why don't you make them react to starcraft 2 or warhammer40k honestly it would be good if they react to either the zerg or tyranids
wearedeadpool chapter 14 . 8/24
the 2009 Watchmen movie

Jaune as Walter Kovacs/Rorschach
Sun as Daniel Dreiberg/Nite Owl
Ren as Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan
Mercury as Adrian Vedit/Ozymandias
Qrow as Edward Blake/The Comedian
Ruby as Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre
Summer Rose as Sally Jupiter/original Silk Spectre
Ozpin as Bryon Lewis/Mothman
Raven as Ursula Zandt/The Silhouette
Taiyang as Hollis Mason/original Nite Owl
Ironwood as Richard Nixon
Nora as Janey Slater
Weiss as Annie Leibovitz
Torchwick as Edgar Jacobi/Moloch
Glynda as Nelson Gardner/Captain Metropolis
Kali Belladonna as William Brady/Dollar Bill
Adam as Hooded Justice

the Director's Cut of the film please.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/21
Jaune as Loki please from the tv show
Guest chapter 24 . 8/20
Do a few comic books. Superman whatever happened to the man of tommorow. Batman the dark Knight returns. Daredevil born again. Spider-man Kraven's last Annihilation. And Death battle. Iron man vs lex luthor. Samus vs boba fett remastered. Wolverine vs raiden. Metal sonic vs zero. Power rangers vs voltron. Optimus prime vs Gundam. Ultron vs Sigma.
Guest chapter 58 . 8/19
Horus Heresy Cinematic Trailer or Halloween kills Trailer
Josephantom chapter 58 . 8/19
well look like we might see Moon Knight in near chapters. Btw any chances Batman Arkham will appear in one of the story?
MahesvaraST chapter 1 . 8/18
Hope the spiderman continues
Guest chapter 10 . 8/17
Jaune as Dean Winchester please
deadpool2474 chapter 14 . 8/13
I completely believe that Ren would be Johnny Gat lmao
Guest chapter 54 . 8/12
Before you finish this show a few death battle episode's I'm Thinking Iron man vs Batman, Lex Luthor Vs Doctor Doom, Link Vs Cloud, Goku Black vs reverse flash, Dio vs alucard,And Thor Vs Vegeta. And Than Super Mario Bros Z if you never heard of it It's A Fan Made Flash Animation As A crossover between Mario and Sonic but with The Fights and Sound effects being From Dragon ball z. It Got Cancelled Although it got rebooted with Two New episodes. Why do I want you to show because apparently This inspired Monty qum to Animate. That's Right Without Super Mario Bros Z Rwby Never would have existed so if you decide to show Super mario bros z have be a Final chapter before you finish it.
Guest chapter 54 . 8/11
By The Sequel I Recommend Metal Gear Rising And Spider-man Shattered Dimensions And Edge Of Time. Batman Arkham Origins. And Put More effort to it. And By no Means This is not a bad story And You Are A Good Writer from what I've seen in your other works. But clearly you've lost a lot of passion for this story you even said you said so in chapter 57 And it seems like not a lot of effort was put in to these new ones. So If You Ever Make A Sequel I hope you have much more enthusiasm for this. Like Your Story nonetheless.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/8
Can you do Jaune as robin dick Grayson from young justice please
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