Reviews for Evangelion: (Never) Alone
Celcees chapter 18 . 10/18
blaming shinji for 3rd impact is like blaming a miner for a mine colapse instead of the mining company... stupid.
Seratar chapter 5 . 10/2
This is a rather enjoyable series so far. I like how you are taking the time to build up the world, rather than throwing us into the action immediately. I am interested to see how it is that the human military of the small enclave which Shinji has found is able to protect themselves from being overrun by NERV's many Evangelion subtypes.

I have spotted some spelling/grammatical mistakes while reading, but will wait until I catch up with your current writing to offer any literary criticisms. Overall, the structure is easy to read and flows well, which is a triumph in and of itself. Excellent work.
Nkemp chapter 23 . 8/17
I like how you have Shinji’s manga backstory with his aunt and uncle also his cousin. It shows that since he was born he only knew suffering and misfortune, and they would keep talking about how his father murdered Yui which he didn’t. But, when I read the manga backstory his relatives didn’t seem to like him at all, but didn’t show it through anger or mistreatment rather making him live in a shed. I believe this is how Shinji thought of “If no one wants me, if no one needs me, then everybody can just die.”

During his fight with Zeruel Shinji wished to save Rei but Shinji might have had that dark thought as a wish as well. (In this fanfic maybe. Not the movie, in the movies and show it was just his uncle.)

Anyway I think going with the manga background makes Shinji more of a tragic character then he already is making his small family with Misato and Asuka much more meaningful.
Because it was the first time he truly happy with himself for a short while, but to know what a family truly felt like was the best thing for him.

Anyway you’re fanfic is the best representation of Evangelion 3.01.0.
Diego the human chapter 1 . 8/12
Even though shinji kinda caused kaworu's death, i doubt he would guilt trip shinji as a jedi ghost. He dieing wish for shinji was to find a place where he belonged and that they'll meet again. But enjoyed the chapter tho.
Nope chapter 23 . 8/11
Giorno and Dio would be proud of him
Guest chapter 23 . 8/10
The Omake it chapter was funny. So I feel you tried a bit too hard.

Maybe it would be more appropriate if an angry mob would be the one to beat downing Itachi.

Blunted to seven muda muda treatment I mean I meant to say something similar to that.

Basically an epic beat down that's worth remembering

1: Shinji Beats his Ass.

2: Angry Mob Beats his Ass

3: He Goes To Prison and Tragically Gets Passed Around Like A Bag Of Chips( Poontah Poontah) It's a small world out there in The Prisoners want take Turns With Him Due To Itachi Killing Their Relatives
Kempn chapter 22 . 8/10
That was quite enjoyed and satisfying, I wonder if he will actually kill a person in the future. Well I think that the balance of power Shinji has right is great.

Also I Have realized that if Shinji gets into unit 01 he will automatically go into God mode (basically and the end of 2.0 when glowing red and is floating in the air with 2 cores in its chest) I discovered this from playing Evangelion Dawn and has the ability to shot energy balls that can be used as a heat seeking missiles that can penetrate A.T. Fields and start and impact at will, pretty OP. It is a pretty funny app. Ether way a hope something like that appears in Evangelion 3.01.0

I am dreading the meeting between Shinji and Misato, mostly because she has kind of been a ***ch through most of this story. She has the illusion that Shinji will automatically forgive her because that who he is, well no this cruel world has changed him which is good for Shinji and bad for WILLE. Because Shinji has Zeruel as his jiminy cricket. In which he will tell Shinji what actions he needs to take and how to get out of a problem. I hope to God he gets a free punch in Misato’s face for putting him through so much of her bull***t.

So that is my prediction of how things might or might not turn out.

Enjoyed the preview and hope to see for of your work.
Glasrevin chapter 23 . 8/10
uh, alright. im confused
suprduprkrkmania chapter 22 . 8/9
Next episode theme intensifies
Guest chapter 22 . 8/9
You know One Small trivial thing Shinji can do Kitchen Duty... Small.. But effective step
Guest chapter 21 . 8/6
Sniff snifff You Gave Neglected To Give The Villian Thr 7 Page Muda Muda Treatment!?...TRAIOTOR!
Kempn chapter 21 . 8/4
Great final chapter, kinda bummed that the mayor wasn’t killed or that Shinji didn’t do it. Maybe in the future he does kill the person, because that be great to see. Shinji not killing him can be taken 2 different ways 1) he doesn’t accept the path of blood that has been set for him 2) or it is because he wants to not give in to the what people say about him being a Murderer or a monster. Unless he had important information which seems unlikely due to Gendo letting him go, he seemed to be another pond in a game.

I don’t know what to expect from him re grouping with WILLE, but I can see anger, hate, fights in the Wunder and dark thoughts. Misato better be prepared for Shinji to just out right hate her (punch to the face or gut is good). Because of 3.0 every time I watch neon genesis I just want her dead. 3.0 makes it seem she never really cared for him, not every mother(figure) wouldn’t just toss their child away. Misato at the end of evangelion seemed to know that Shinji was part of the instrumentality praoject, and knew if Shinji got into the Eva he could save or destroy the world. But she let Shinji make a decision, and he both destroyed and saved the world. (I hope this applied to 3.01.0 or if 4.0 is made.

God I hope he gets to pilot unit 01 because I miss the mother son duo and the badass ness of them. The fact that unit 01 awakend again and because of Shinji means he can have some time of control over it when not inside. Just like kaworu with unit 01.

Shinji and Zeruel will be closer than they ever before and have to depend on each other in order to survive the flying prison.

Cant wait for part 2

Good luck
Malgrath chapter 21 . 8/4
Aw hell yeah now I can start my project, great as always Rollin'!
Battousai530 chapter 21 . 8/4 was it confirmed that Shinji has the same "vurse" as Auska and Mari? It was my assumption that the only reason he didnt age was he was in some kind of suspended animation while in Unit 01.
Huagh chapter 21 . 8/3
Also, I hope there isn’t a romantic relationship with Shinji and anyone from Willie. Their strained relationships, even if they do end up being positive ones, will never be able to be repaired to Romance. Not to mention the fact that none of them are even close to emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship.
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