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GuitarBOSS chapter 6 . 12/13
I don't buy that in such a jingoistic place like Konoha it would be seen as a bad thing to date a ninja. A clan jonin, no less. I would buy jealousy, but certainly not ridicule.
geme1 chapter 21 . 12/8
It is a very well developed story, as the change and the blow that this gave them took by surprise, since they do not know what will happen, the strength they have and that they have developed, I hope everything goes well and that the friend I can get rid of the butcher, Danzo I hate him, but here I hate him more, I will look forward to the next chapter, to see what direction he will take now, I like the reactions with the protagonists of the canon, I just need to see the rest (I like shikamaru and shikate), Naruto gave me a lot of sadness but I liked the bond he formed with her ... Thanks again and until next time.
anonnon chapter 10 . 11/17
I am so glad that I happened upon this story — it is my absolute favorite, and the level of detail present in your story makes your world really come alive.

Several things I took away:
1. You can see evidence of Kimari and Kyohei’s past lives influencing them. I feel like Kimari, at least in the earlier chapters, was resigned to her station in life; she never seemed to have grand ambitions, unlike her first. She just seems to… go along with the flow? Make the best of what she has? And the most interesting part is that her attitude makes sense to me given our knowledge of the present situation of the Palestinian people and how growing up in a world like that shapes one’s perspective. (Added side note, I love how you added lasting repercussions of her first lifetime with the panic attack during the invasion; it has been twenty years, and poor Kimari is still, in some way, a little girl named Lamees who remembers the sounds of war.) And then she meets Kyohei, and it seems like her character changes: she realizes that there’s a grander purpose in both of their lives, and Kyohei’s determination to find meaning draws her in.
2. That brings me to my next point: the relationship between Kimari and Kyohei! They’re such different people but I feel like you really flesh out how they complement each other. Kyohei started out irreverent and callous, at times, and then Kimari is able to break that exterior and we, as readers, get to see his fierce devotion to creating a better world and how his upbringing in his first life as Ivan influenced how he is. (And that detail about his alcoholic father… ahhh my heart… )
3. Side note, Kyohei is such a sweetheart! He cares so much about Kimari, and it’s evident in every single thing he does. One detail that stuck out was that he helps her carry water to their house until she gets strong enough to do it on her own; simple gestures like that really reinforce Kimari’s opinion that Kyohei is an action person. (Also, I wonder if Kimari would ever add some of her own culture’s touches to their house? The only kinds of architecture I know of from that general area is the beautiful Persian carpets and the geometric tiling patterns, and those two details have already made that style of design one of my favorites.)
4. I love how you depicted Kimari’s path to becoming a medical professional. She isn’t just hand-waving some magic jutsu around and everything becomes fixed; she has to deal with unpleasant situations and messy clean-ups. Even through that hardship, I still felt her absolute devotion to her job; her work may be difficult and gross, but it is her dream, and I love that you got that noble dreams such as that had a lot of work going into it. I can’t wait to see how she handles working with human patients at her new job.
5. Part of the reason why I fell in love with this story is because of the details about Islamic culture that you intertwine. I had an opportunity to take an introductory Arabic course once, and my teacher brought in baklava for the class. I can see why it’s Lamees’s favorite dessert; it was sticky-sweet and literally the best dessert I ever ate and I cursed the fact that I had eaten earlier, since I could only stuff in two pieces. I’m jealous Kimari was able to eat six!

These are all the thoughts I can articulate for now, but I’ll be back soon because you deserve all the cookies for writing this story
Zoreux chapter 1 . 11/11
Hi author! So I’ve barely started readying and honestly I’m already hyped. I read “Egypt” and “Arabic” and got so excited I literally flopped on my bed. As an Iranian, there aren’t a lot of stories with a character whose ethnicity is close to mine and I almost started crying. Thank you so much! U made my day :,)))
reality deviant chapter 21 . 11/7
this feels like a mix of nazi germany and Soviet Union under Stalin, in konoha now.

And Ivan-if I understood correctly and he died as a soldier in action in Afghanistan, would be from before Soviet Union fell apart. The Russian people have strong feelings about Nazi Germany...
reality deviant chapter 20 . 11/7
This is a strange fic...
i liked the due of reincarnated OC as civilian and Shinobi, and it was well done-the fear of Yamanaka, of discovery... its the kind of thing one rarely sees.

The background of Kimari as a muslim woman, and from Gaza of all places, was not something i ever seen in a fic before.

the constant talks of propaganda and manipulation made me think it might be a theme.

Having read about the list searches Shimura demanded, made me thing those of Suna ancestry will be isolated, and made example of, as traitorous elements, and scapegoats. made me thing of world war 2 and the nazis...
Reige chapter 21 . 10/23
Reading this chapter, it kind of hits what I see, read, and hear about when a leader turns its people against each other out of ignorance, paranoia, and greed. I hope this story can give a better outcome than the one we have to deal with in real life.
Elladoralestrange chapter 21 . 10/19
Fantastic chapter once again
Oblivious IJ chapter 21 . 10/18
Haeil Hydr- I mean all hail Lord Danzo! He who is totally not a FUC- *Deep breath* I gladly look forward to the chapter when Danzo's head rolls, coz he's one of those special people on my list of assholes who should die... woah ok that got dark, but still though I don't like him. I guess you could add a certain snake fetish glasses wearing doctor could join that list... Orochimaru though... he goes in the maybe pile... for now.

IJ the oblivious one
Oblivious IJ chapter 20 . 10/18
Ow ow ow ow!

Tsume: Sit still damnit! Don't make me regret doing this!

Ow- Sorry I- Owie!- don't stop, I can- Oh!- Take it! Ugh!

IJ the oblivious one
Oblivious IJ chapter 9 . 10/18
... does she get a puppy?

IJ the oblivious one
Oblivious IJ chapter 1 . 10/17
A Muslim protagonist... my sister you have my attention! Next chapter!

IJ the oblivious one
Thornbiter chapter 21 . 10/17
I want kimari to kick that lil sh*ts a$$
Majin83 chapter 21 . 10/17
Wow. OK, that was a very intense chapter. Love it! The family atmosphere that has managed to accumulate around our dear protagonists is really heartwarming, given the dark and gloomy situation they find themselves in. I think that little Aoi might have saved both of them in a way, as she is an innocent life who needs their care in order to live. And that has helped them move on with so many things. Part of me really wants to see a scene with Naruto meeting Kimari holding Aoi. His reaction would be so funny :3
I do feel sorry for Hana. And the Konoha residents in general. The military tyranny is even more blatant now...Just have to wait until families start disappearing. I just hope that Hana doesnt die...but this wouldnt be the story it is if there were no tragedy.
Machiko's story is...harrowing. It is also quite interesting to see how a side character (Kenji) has changed through the story. From the pleasant young man to a jaded thug. it really is quite horrifying in a number of ways. You have woven amazing tale with this...and I just hope that this isnt a prelude to her become another corpse from the anti-outisder vibe. Perhaps Kimari could help her? Though, I can see a good scene where she cant or he clan wont, since it would draw attention to them...
I love this! The story, not the situation! Correction there :P
Junyahui chapter 21 . 10/17
You go Machiko!
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