Reviews for Godhood: For Dummies
N7Redwing chapter 1 . 10/6/2018
I think you got something going on here. Never read any story related to StarLord so thats new one for me. I find it interesting and want to know more your story direction. Since, this is a new chapter I find the story interesting for having a half human and celestial protagonist. My concern are where are you taking this story. I mean you've jump started your character into finding the Power stone and heading to Earth. So are you taking part of Marvel Cinematic timeline sequence or in a new approach?
Fat Future Cat chapter 1 . 10/6/2018
i find myself liking this first chapter but i feel like its lacking something. I think a little bit more setup for our oc's life so far would help because right now it feel rushed. The power scaling seems good so far and hopefully will stay that way and everything else seems to fit in well. Looking forward to the next chapter!
animelie chapter 1 . 10/6/2018
this is rather ambitious. I enjoy the insert into the mcu, adjacent. seems rather early for an infinity stone but I love the semi knowledge of the world around him. it's accurate as any of us would not know everything as so many people write their characters to be. I'd like to see him take consideration of Peter. seems reckless to just leave him regardless of the gotg understanding. if he really felt love that deeply for his mother he would at least have mentioned to Peter that he was leaving. a letter or hologram that tells him that even though he is a slapstick goofy pain in the ass, he loves him. just food for thought. also the AI is amazing and a great take on a skill set.
the celestial part is amazing. I wonder how you will address the reserves. I have some theories but reading is the best. I hope he can utilize his ability to look inside the tech and maybe just elevate himself into a helmet like Peters.
I'm glad this story has been created. I've needed something like this. I might not be crazy with critiques but I'll give you some support so you know your story is awesome. thanks.
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