Reviews for A Little Piece of the Sea
god chapter 1 . 11/17/2004
greatly loved it
Hush Puppie chapter 1 . 2/27/2004
Starbrat chapter 1 . 8/29/2003
Ah, I'm always torn on the issue of Tolkien Slash. On the one hand, I am a moderate slash fan, on the other hand, slash (especially with Elves) is not exactly canon. But this was very well done, so I'll ignore the canon-errors, and cheer! Yay! Legolas/Imrahil forever!
Kielle chapter 1 . 8/14/2003
Wow. I mean...WOW. O.O NOw THAT'S a unique pairing - and so beautifully done! (Not that I'm uh, biased towards Imrahil or anything. *cough*) Thank you so much for nailing down that plotbunny!
Lalwen chapter 1 . 5/26/2003
So sorry for the delay in reviewing, but I'm here now!

You know that I do not like slash... as a rule... but this was exquisitely written! It was somehow both subtle and intense - jolly good show! ;-)

Seriously, it is a fine fic and it also gives a lovely reason for Legolas dwelling in Ithilien and the implication that Imrahil soothes his sea-longing is lovely!

"For as long as I have the love of the Prince of Dol Amroth, I will have a tiny part of the Sea to call my own, to assuage the longing to sail West, and for a while I shall find peace again under the trees of Middle Earth."

Great stuff, TC!
S chapter 1 . 5/25/2003
This was a wonderful little story. I absolutely love Legolas and Imrahil together. Thank you for writing this. Your words are beautiful.
TigerLily713 chapter 1 . 4/17/2003
Well done! Beautiful descriptions! Lily
Kit5 chapter 1 . 4/17/2003
How very beautiful, Trinity!

Thank you for posting this, and thank you "Becki" for making certain she did!
AngelMouse5 chapter 1 . 4/17/2003
This is a lovely fic my friend, really well written and beautifully descriped.

Normally i don't go for slash, but you've written this well and thoughtfully. can't wait for the next one.
Eowyn6 chapter 1 . 4/16/2003
*sigh* That was wonderful :) So romantic. I always thought Imrahil to be quite an interesting character ... seems like Legolas thought so, too. -

Love it. Your writing is great :)
Laiqalasse chapter 1 . 4/16/2003
yay! thank you so so so much, Trin! **hugs**

i absolutely adore Legolas and Imrahil as a couple and you've portrayed them perfectly! happy birthday to me!

**hugs again**